Another Game, Another Win, Another Fuck These NHL Refs Who Cannot Find Their Ass with Both Hands

First, PHEW!

Second, Quick on a back to back? Not smart and it showed. He was not very good.

Third, Mike Richards scored again…Richie (his nickname is Richie, not Rick, fuck Brad Richardson, he doesn’t play here anymore) is getting hot when it matters most.

Fifth, Dwight King is getting to the net. When you’re a gorilla on skates, you better get to the net if you’re going to be successful.

You think I skipped Fourth…I didn’t.

Sixth, My love for Marion Gaborik grows. That first step + the next two, that shot, oh man that release, he is starting to become downright sexy. Hey Dean, amazing what happens when you actually put a second legit sniper on this team, eh?

Seventh, we thought Brown was injured and thus not playing well. Then he gets injured and starts playing great. I think the Captain is fucking with us. That is fine with me as long as he continues to play like this.

Eight, I didn’t forget fourth. Shut up and wait.

Ninth, there is nothing sexy about Alexander Ovechkin. He is like a chick with one really large tit. Like an ina without a vag. One green eye and the other with a patch. One dimensional and overpaid.

A Second Ninth, Halak’s 5 hole…like throwing a hot dog down the hallway.

A Third Ninth, Alec Martinez…I have been preaching his skillset and smarts for some time now…those of you who doubted are all terrible Thomases.

Ten, Ten, Ten, Ten, for everything everything everything everything!

Eleventh, my dog just threw her bone across the room, it landed behind the TV and she doesn’t know what to do…be right back.

Twelfth, yes you mother sutter, fourth is coming.

Thirteenth, Anze Kopitar and Jeff Carter scored in the shootout…stop me if you have heard that one before.

Fourth…fucking fourth…let me tell you about fourth! Mike Richards avait un filet désert. Il a été clairement perturbé. Comment diable ont-ils échoué à appeler cela un objectif? Chaque fois que je pense que ces arbitres ne peuvent pas obtenir plus incompétent, ils obtiennent plus. Je les emmerde! CASSEZ LES TOUS! Devons-nous tolérer cela chaque putain de jeu? Y at-il un seul appel atroce par quota de jeu maintenant? Ces secousses nous a coûté un match éliminatoire et je sérieusement perdre mon esprit!!


Scribe’s 3 Stars:

3. Doughty

2. Gaborik

1. Brown

Go Mother Sutting Kings!

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  1. Fuck yeah Bobby!

  2. I just can’t stop being angry with what the league is making referees do. This isn’t the same wonderful game it used to be. The refs need to back off and let the guys play the game!

    The Kings started slow, but they got their legs in the 2nd! They were awesome!!! :-)

    Quick showed that he wasn’t really with it tonight. That blocker stop that led to a Capital goal shouldn’t have happened. Jones should have played.

    Go Kings!!!!!

    • After seeing it again, maybe it wasn’t a penalty…maybe…but the zebras still blow.

      • It is rather amazing how many bad calls, that have cost us both goals and games, have gone against the Kings this season. Peut-etre un investissement dans la banque karmique? J’espere…

  3. first I tried to give you a thumbs up and a thumbs down but site only allowed to do one or other..will never give you thumbs down so..
    that would be because of the friggin french that my translate would not do..error..were you using bad language ..Richie is
    not even French so I no
    Gabby has been sexy..find a highlight video of him..I have been smiling/giggling since we aquired him..knew he is a special player.
    Captain Brown.that was funny!
    what kind of bones? even beef can careful.
    Scary collision on Hillen..think he was out cold..

    Another game of working Men..don’t give up and get it done.

  4. You can’t keep these Kings down!!! Stanley Cup-mode engaged.

    Down 2-0. No worries. They can come back.
    Yeah yeah they do it all the time.
    Give up a shorty to tie the game in the waning minutes. They can come back.
    Do it all the time.
    Back to back, on the road. No rest for Quick. No worries.
    Yeah yeah they do it all the time.

    And 4 is for my headaches (aka zebras), but the call was correct by the headaches in this case.

    • I would have to agree that this one call was probably correct. The defenseman made contact from the side, and the puck was pushed forward toward the goal at that time. The D-man then made contact again, from behind, but the puck had already gone toward the goal … and it was going wide.

      • Yes. It was interference. If you listen to what the Fox says. He’s just about always right. Unbiased and professional. 5-10 more years he will be the Silver Fox.

  5. Don’t forget to thank Sutter for playing the 3rd sniper!

  6. Crazy ass game! Toffoli and Gabby with some instant chemistry? Let’s just say I was stunned on Gaboriks goal. Off his skate and just buried it top shelf. Just some sick shit.

    Richards is finally coming to life here. Brownie too!

    Time to go hunt down some ice birds.

  7. Go Kings Go! You’re totally right about Ovechkin being one-dimensional. He scores a lot because he takes 3 to 4 times as many shots as everyone else on the team. How can a guy who leads the NHL in goals have a +/- rating of -31? F him. GO KINGS!

    Love the Violent Femmes reference Bobby!

  8. It’s become pretty clear to me, that the pace of the game has passed up the refs ability to accurately call the game, or even worse….. It was always too fast and current technology is altogether too good at catching their miscalls. Their are four officials in the ice. I say remove both linesmen and replace them with lasers. Sensors. Whatever. Two less guys in the way BAM, improves game. Also removes human error at the blue line. An important call. Evrything should also be reviewable. If it doesn’t pan out assess a delay of game 2 minute minor. The puck would have cleared the zone on the deflection that hit the linesman in the face last night, instead it stayed in and WSH scored. They are always either making shit calls or non calls, and just getting in the way. Even a penalty should be reviewable after the fact. Challenge and lose get assessed a double minor. Some thoughts. Whatever.

    • Totally agree with the linesman. Get them outta there. They call offsides, drop the puck and help break up fights. Big deal. The other ref can drop the puck. I was saying to put the linesman behind the glass to call offsides but a laser would work somehow.

      The ice is already crowded as it is now and agree they just get in the way.

    • Well, Hamburgular, those are provocative words! :-) I can’t see the elimination of Linesmen. This is a two-way game, not a 100 meter dash. As for the ability to review anything, that WOULD be interesting, but it would make games a lot longer. That’s why the league doesn’t want to do that.

      I do think that all goals should be reviewed. And if the video shows the ref made a bad call, it should be reversed. For example, when that puck dropped down out of the netting onto Jonathan Quick’s back and went into the net it should have been reviewed. The video would have proved that the puck went out of play and then came back into play again. Then, it would would have been easily recognized as a bad goal, and would have been disallowed.

      I still think the worst penalty in hockey is the too often called hooking penalty (where it isn’t hooking at all). Hooking is when a player literally HOOKS an opponent with the stick. It isn’t hooking when you touch the player on the arms/hands with the stick. If the league wants that to be a penalty, they should call it high sticking when a stick is raised to a point where it is parallel with the ice. Of course, if they did that, it WOULD destroy the game of hockey.

  9. Two interesting comments by Hamburgular and Hat Trick.

    Yes, the game has gotten much faster. As I have said before, I’ve watched hockey for many years. Actually, since about 1966, when I was still in High School . The game has always been fabulous, but the players train harder, are stronger, and they skate faster, on the whole, than they did in earlier years.

    Back a few years ago, there was only one ref. The NHL thought that a second ref would help matters. Maybe it did, for awhile, but I’ve seen the trend toward calling many more penalties than ever before. That puts much more pressure of the Refs. The NHL needs to dial back this trend of calling more and more penalties. It’s ruining the game. Those refs aren’t super human. We have a tendency to want to hate them. I don’t really think it’s them. It’s their superiors that are at fault. I can imagine the refs in meetings with their superiors. And they’re being told to call more penalties. It’s like a city ordering their police officers to write more tickets. If they want to remain refs, in the NHL, they have to obey the instructions that have been given to them from above!

    One call that I’m seeing made, on a far too frequent basis, is the hooking penalty. Guys will have their stick horizontal to the ice and will tap the puck carrier on the arm a couple of times. They don’t make a wide swing and slash the player. They’re only letting him know that they’re there. This is a harassment technique, which can cause a loss of concentration by the puck carrier, but it isn’t impeding his play. The refs are now calling that all of the time!! Let the players play hockey!! That penalty should not be called!!

    I agree with the boarding calls (a hit on the numbers), hits to the head, and charging. I also agree that kneeing, clipping, and low hits to the knees should all be called. Many players have left the game much too soon, because of damage that had been done to their knees. I wish the league would pull back a bit from this trend to call more penalties. It’s bad for the game!! My two cents!!

  10. This post was seriously lacking on A-Mart love. MAKE IT AGAIN!

  11. I get bitched at if I use Frog so I have to tone it down:

    Mike Richards had an empty net. It was clearly disturbed. How the hell did they fail to call it a goal? Whenever I think these referees can not get more incompetent, they get more. Fuck them! FUCK THEM ALL! Should we tolerate it every fucking game? Is there a single quota atrocious game now call? These shocks cost us a playoff game and I seriously lose my mind!

    • Believe me … I don’t think that anyone on this blog disagrees with you! With all of these bad calls, it’s very easy to hate the refs. Remember though, they’re being told to clamp down on the game. It’s the assholes who are in control of the refs that should be called bad names. It’s too bad they can hide. And the only faces we see are the refs.

      • Ha Ha: No this is the translation of the French used by Bobby, not really any comment, just people were asking what the fuck his Frog meant since it wasn’t written in our other 3 languages Spanglish, Dude and Spanish.

    • Hmm. Almost what I meant to write.

  12. Any sport…all zebras can’t get the job done with a high rate of success. I don’t want to they suck because we got slow-mo replays on the jumbo tron or at home, but ALL zebras fucking suck!

  13. Gaborik’s hockey sense, release, etc have been a good fit with Kopitar. it almost looks like a second, skinnier, less physical, less defensively responsible, slightly faster Kopitar is out there sometimes.

    But it’s been fun to watch. Love the length, the hockey sense, the effortless skating. He reminds me so much of Patrick Marleau actually. He doesn’t take over games or dominate usually, but he’s an effortless complimentary player to the real stud that is Kopitar. Of course Marleau has more in the tank, is faster than Gaborik at this point in their careers. Bobby said he was in love with Gaborik’s stride here, which is just crazy considering it’s only half as good as it used to be. That’s how crazy it was in the past.

    Good pickup for sure. Wish we had done more but hopefully it will be enough. Watching how good both Giordano and Macdonald have played post deadline makes me wish we’d been able to get one of them. Giordano especially, I was always fan in the past but he seemed to take a big step back last year, but maybe he was just injured or out of shape. He looks back to top form now with Brian Burke probably putting the pressure on everyone there to always be at their best physically, and his skating has reached another level. Giordano’s always been known as a pretty mobile D who was physical and had pretty good hands and was just a solid #2 type of guy, but now he’s starting to look like he’s actually developing elite speed for a defenseman.

    And Macdonald has always been super underrated with the Islanders. Never put up a lot of points because Streit was in front of him on the PP, and Hamonic too. But he’s super mobile, has good size, solid hands, good poise and hockey sense. The Flyers have improved ten-fold since the trade deadline and he’s a big reason for it. Maybe he’s someone we could try to sign in the offseason although I expect the Flyers will throw around another 8 year contract.

    PEARSON! Time will tell if he can really develop his offensive game enough to where he was a worthwhile 1st round pick, but just judging his play right now as a role player, a complimentary player, he’s actually outplaying Toffoli (who has disappeared… has always been undersized and not the best skater, but his speed was just enough to make up for the lack of size at the beginning of the year. Not so anymore. Those legs look tired and he’s not getting any separation at this point. I’d probably rest him for the playoffs if I Daryl). But Tanner is the opposite. By no means an elite skater either, but he’s taller and has longer legs, and he’s been getting them going better lately than earlier in the year. Actually getting around some defensemen to the outside, taking the puck to the net. The way he makes those tight turns, going for wraparounds etc, actually reminds me a little of Ryan Smyth. I know Dean always liked Smyth, so I wonder if that’s what they saw in Pearson and if that’s why they took him.

    In the long run, I want true top-six forwards out of my 1st round picks (or top-3 D), with complete skill sets. So far Pearson basically has one move which is skating to the outside and throwing the puck at the net, or making tight turns around the net and just jamming it. He jams it a lot because he’s creating just enough space to jam it to the net, but he doesn’t have enough of an elite skill set to create enough space to really take it there cleanly and create clear shots at the net. So if he can’t improve that as he continues to develop, it still won’t be a good 1st round pick. But I’m liking his potential, and his play obviously, a lot more now than I did a few months ago.

    And he’s protecting pucks well along the boards, unlike Toffoli, and keeping possession alive well, which is so important to the Kings puck possession game. He and Carter together have been really good because they’re both big bodies who are driving the wing with some speed (much more in Carter’s case but Pearson is improving there like I’ve said), and who are protecting the puck well along the boards below the goal line.

    I really think it gives Daryl more options. In the past Carter has really had to carry Mike Richards and Richards has dragged him down a bit as his center ice man, but with another bigger body with better length on Mike’s wing in Pearson, a line of Pearson – Richards – Carter could really compliment everyone’s strengths better, and Carter and Pearson’s puck protection abilities would give Richards more opportunities to get the puck in space in the offensive zone where he can use his strengths (passing, making plays when he can actually get space against bigger, faster opposition, which he can’t often anymore on his own. He needs help, which Carter and Pearson could give him).

    I’m also very curious what a Gaborik – Richards – Carter line would look like. Less physical along the boards, but that line could work to Richards strengths and become a pure rush line for the Kings. Richards likes to make more pretty plays than Kopitar and might be more equipped to feed Gaborik and Carter in transition than Kopitar, even though Kopitar has him beat everywhere else.

    There was another combo I wanted Daryl to try with Pearson but I can’t remember it now. It involved either Williams or Brown. Anyway, I think Pearson is a key depth piece with this team. The King – Richards – Carter line had some success a few seasons ago for the same reason, that it took two big wingers to help make up for Richards struggles with size and puck protection along the boards, and I think Pearson offers those same strengths just with a higher level of skill.


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