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  1. Damn that was a dirty hit. As much as I like to see a good solid check, I never want to see any NHL player getting injured like that. I wonder if Rinaldo hopped the wall with no stick, bee lined it and beat the shit outta him. I think it would be worth a game misconduct.

    They’re all pretty funny but the one about which is harder on his knees of going down on Crosby and Kunitz or kneeing people in the teeth is pretty damn funny.

  2. Wow, those were absolutely hilarious. Good job, twitter people. :-)

  3. Lol. I especially liked if you could have any super power, would you use it to hit people in the head? And if you opened a bar, how cheap would your shots be?

  4. Awesome stuff, thanks for the Depends warning.

    And that website, CrossingBroad posts is very irreverent, they post some really off the wall stuff , and take submissions(photos) from anyone who snaps an athlete doing something naughty. A couple years back, they had an article about Danny B supposedly texted a photo of his ‘Briere’ to a porn star. The into came from the porn’s ex husband. They post some pretty funny stuff and no subject or athlete is safe from their keyboard. If you use the search box on the top right, you can type in a player or owner or GM and get the articles /photos or GIF’s.
    And there are some good ones taking pot shots (rightfully so ) at Ed ‘we don’t need a culture change’ Snider.
    Like this one of Ed pleasuring his water bottle… This was from the same press conf where he and a new reporter in town, went toe to toe when the reporter dared to question the Flyers need for a culture change. That article has the dialogue, but hearing it and the arrogant tone Snider used was priceless.


    Kyle Scott, the guy that runs Crossing Broad is HUGE fan of both Carter and Richards and drives the blogger nuts by posting articles pro Richie and Carts.
    He posted this last June, to rub salt in the wound of some of the players SNider threw away over the years and how well they were all faring in the playoffs while the Flyers were playing golf again


  5. There’s absolutely no doubt that the Neal hit was a serious infraction. Isn’t he going to face judgment by the NHL?

  6. I got on this bandwagon and was disapointed he didn’t respond to my tweet.

    I asked
    How long did you train to get your hair like justin beiber and your fighting style like tonya harding#askneal

    pretty awesome stuff
    I also enjoyed “if your going into the boards and theres 3 players but you only have 2 elbows how do you decide who gets knee’d?”

  7. Another solid game by the Kings! And we got a Referee call in our favor for a change!!! :-)

    • The referee owed us that, half of those 7 penalties were questionable. And the #1 star of this game was every King PK’er…killing off the leagues #1 PP 7-7. Major swag….Jones was solid…This Kings teams is fueling up and driving the A train right down the NHL tracks mowing down everyone in it’s path. 8 straight road wins is impressive. And how good is A Mart? He’s becoming quite a blue line lion.
      Great block by Richie with about 20 seconds left.

      • Yes, there were two more bad calls against the Kings tonight. Fortunately, The Kings were strong on their penalty kills!!!


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