Hell Of A Roadie – Kings Come Home 3-0

Admit it, when the Penguins would-be 3rd goal went to video review, you threw your hands up in the air, muttered a slew of curses at the deities that be, chugged the rest of your beer and quietly resolved not to be angry, but rather to just take it out on your significant other later on, like a good sports fan.

I know you, when the Kings took their 7th penalty and 2nd or 3rd bogus call of the game against the league’s best powerplay, you said out loud “screw you Bob, I know you’re gonna say it, that they’re the best in the league, that the Kings had held them scoreless so far, I know they’re gonna score, I hate you all and I need another beer.”

Come on, when you read Matt Barry’s treasonous attempt at jinxing the Kings out of an injury, then saw James Neal on the ice, then remembered the tweetfest Scribe posted about Neal, you knew you were never going to read either one of those asshole fan blogs again.

Turns out you don’t know dick.

The Toronto War Room had to back the fuck off and let the refs make the first right goal call in a Kings game in what feels like years.

The Kings didn’t give up a single powerplay goal, despite a parade to the penalty box.

Neal was meaningless, the Kings came out unscathed.

Love ’em or hate ’em, the Penguins put on a hell of a good hockey show, and the Kings were ready for the dance. This game had everything besides a fight, something that is increasingly uncommon in Los Angeles. Going 3-0 on the road trip is enough to get excited about, but what gets me all giddy and tingly is that the Kings won two games in a row despite their goalie giving up a dumb goal.

Richards was my favorite player this game. He’s been better lately but for my money, tonight was the first truly Mike Richards game that Richards has played in a year. He was making plays left and right and fighting HARD. Someone misses his old East Coast rivalries.

Gaborik continues to insert himself onto the scoresheet.

Alec Martinez is a beast.

Martin Jones made this save and I hit my head on the floor.

http://video.kings.nhl.com/videocenter/console?id=588587 (won’t embed for some reason, or I’m stupid)

The team played as a complete unit. There are still a handful of games left, but it is almost enough to tentatively say they are getting hot at the right time. Again.

Now excuse me while I go take out my excitement on my significant other.

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  1. Alec Martinez is a beast. La Chupacabra?

  2. Saw the last 2 periods and yeah agree that Richards played like Richards. I think he circled this game on his mental calendar several times. Maybe he’s got a deep seated hatred for all things penguins don’t know and don’t really care because he was on top of his game, hustling and making plays.

    I thought for sure we were gonna get fucked once again on that goal. I could almost hear Toronto saying “c’mon it’s LA fuck em…”

    The calls were pretty lopsided but that no goal was worth the bullshit.

    I thought Jones played well enough. How insane was that save on niskanen? That Pyatt goal was flukey. Big deal. The pens had their shot with the goalie pulled but couldn’t convert.

    Didn’t you love the bullet Doughty fired? I’m sure he wasn’t too happy with that tripping call.

    Fuck Matt Barry and his jinx bullshit.

  3. Forget TT, I loving me some Pearson. The kid is getting into a nice flow! I’m really liking his game.

    Gaborik has really surprised me. I think Scribe mentioned he plays a solid 100 foot game, but I’m seeing a solid 175 foot game. His defense and his battle-zone work have been much better than I anticipated. He looked a little battle weary tonight, but after 3 games in 4 nights, I have zero complaints with his effort. I’m rather pleased with Mr. Gaborik.

    It still baffles me why Sutter chose not to play Alec for so long. Lets be honest, if Greene wasn’t having such a hard time with injury’s and sound play, Alec still wouldn’t be playing. Good on you Alec.You’re playing great, son!

    Just like in previous years, the boys are starting to warm up. Getting ready for the real games, are we? Hell yes, we are! Kings hockey, live and well!

    • Gaborik is awesome. His board battles aren’t the strongest but his defensive awareness is quite sound. He is making a difference out there and I’m loving it. Will be interesting to see how Dean tries to fit him in next season.

    • Yes, Kingnation13, Gaborik is a wonderful addition to this team! He’s jelling at a faster rate, in my opinion, than any of the other trades at the trade deadline, although Vanek’s last game for Montreal was really good.

      Despite the bad calls against the Kings, their PK was awesome! That judgment call, on the attempted Penguin goal, was the cherry on top of the sundae for the Kings!! :-)

    • I’ve really liked Gaborik’s play so far with the Kings. He looks really good with Kopitar and Williams. Anyone have a feel for what kind of AAV it would take to resign him? With Gaborik, Lewis, Mitchell, and Greene as UFAs this summer, it would probably be very difficult to fit all four under the cap (estimated at $68M to $71M for 2014-15).

      • I don’t think anyone even wants to think about all of the juggling that the Kings will need to do in the off season. We will certainly need to look at this from the aspect of priority. Gaborik will be at the top of the list. The Kings will want to keep him. Now that Lewis is playing a complete game, it will be difficult to consider losing him. With Mitchell and Greene, however, we need to look at their age, health, and how they’ve played this year. Mitchell has been up and down this season. He IS beginning to show the wear and tear of playing many tough seasons of defense in the NHL. With Greene, I think the party’s over. He’s had too many injuries, and he is also at the end of his career.

        • I agree that Mitchell and Greene haven’t looked great this season. Wear and tear are catching up them. However, I think you have to keep at least one of them. Unless you think both Brayden McNabb and Derek Forbort are ready for the show.

          • Of course, you’re correct. Everyone was discussing the addition of another strong stay-at-home D-man to play with Doughty. But that costs money. I don’t envy Dean’s position this off season. While the players will be able to rest up and heal, DL will be making some very serious decisions. Mitchell will probably stay, and Greene will probably go.

  4. Martinez for the Norris!!! n_n

    Hey is 870 am going To be the new radio station for the game?
    Tickets for Saturdays game are expensice damn. I’m just glad we’re winning though ! :)

  5. I think a few games ago I saw a S&S banner flying on the post game show lol

  6. you have a significant other?

  7. The penalty thing. I heard some dude at the bar saying the penalties were bullshit. Thanks fox sports for showing the replay tonight forr a dodgers angels expo game?

  8. You are correct! I finished off the Double Bastard I was drinking and opened another while waiting for the Refs to come back and screw the Kings again. To my delight, they didn’t….and to my delight I also now had a full beer to continue chugging as the refs called more mystery penalties (and you’re right there too, I muttered under my breath every time the Kings’ great D had to give up one eventually). I may be the eternal pessimist but I’ve been a Kings’ fan since 1985…..

    • Keenerthanyou1 – Yes, it’s been disturbing that so many bad calls have gone against the Kings. And they won’t be able to kill them all off. But we got a favorable call last night, which made the difference in the game.

      I moved to CA in 1976. I felt lost without the fabulous hockey coverage that I had in upstate NY. And it took time for me to warm up to the Kings. But I was sold on the Kings when they decided to bring Wayne Gretzky to LA. I knew then that they were serious about wanting to be a good team in the NHL. Since that time, hockey has exploded in southern California!!

      • Hey Persister,
        I would actually take it one step further and say there is little chance the NHL would have expanded into San Jose, Phoenix, Anaheim, Dallas, Nashville, FL, or NC. The Great One did a lot for hockey in traditionally non-hockey markets.

        • There’s no denying that Gretzky didn’t only change the Kings, and the NHL, he most certainly changed ice hockey around the nation and the world. I know, that IS saying alot, but he definitely deserves that statue of himself that is in front of the Staples Center!

          Thank you Wayne Gretzky!

  9. FYI – LeBrun has tabbed Kopitar as his Selke pick. He also puts Doughty in the top five for Norris but says it’s kind of a crapshoot this year with such a crowded field – gives the benefit of the doubt to Weber or Keith.

  10. Yeah, man. Bob is getting out of hand with references to shutouts and, well, every thing else he can jinx. He’s a keeper, though.

    • Has anyone else noticed how many mistakes Bob Miller has been making this season? I’ve always liked him, and being teamed with Jim Fox has been fabulous, but either his eyes are failing or his mind is. I don’t know which. I hope it’s just his inability to see fast moving playmaking. Maybe he needs corrective lens work done.

  11. Yeah I’ve noticed, but just like with Chick Hearn and Vin Scully, Bob has earned the right to “mature” and slow down a bit. The alternative is still not even close….. But yes, I’ve noticed. Nothing crazy though.

    • I know, as far as my vision is concerned, I have difficulty, sometimes, picking up the puck or seeing where it went into the net. When I was younger, I certainly had much sharper vision. The one thing that I’ve really noticed more this year, with Bob Miller, is how he calls out the wrong players on the ice. I know that it IS sometimes difficult to pick up a jersey number, but he does it a lot now.


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