Jonathan Quick’s (pbuh) Scorpion Save and the Kings Jettison the Pegs

By the end of the first, this game looked like a royal ass kicking in the making.

Give Winnipeg credit. They activated defenseman, coaches and the equipment guy to create offense. It worked for a while…a short while.


Anze Kopitar’s Selke smooth moves

Marian Gaborik back checking, passing, shooting and making Dean Lombardi look like a genius again.

Carter’s magnetic attraction to the puck and the puck to him.

Tits at the Top with a To to the ffoli.

Jarrett Stoll hitting everything. The possessed fucker had 9 hits tonight.

Trevor Lewis with hands we always knew he had.

That fourth line that is not a fourth line.

Jonathan Quick’s (pbuh)…

I mean…what do you say to that? That wasn’t just throwing his leg up and hoping it hits the puck. That was calculated and he even angled the pad to deflect the puck away from the net.

Watch it again and pay close attention to his eyes, patience and how he times and angles the pad.

Fire we are on and we shall stay from here to June I say.

I say…

Scribe’s 3 Stars:

3. Kyle Clifford

2. Jonathan Quick

1. Anze Kopitar

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  1. Stoll had 9 hits? Jesus Christ. I remember watching him a game or two ago and he looked like he didn’t even show up to play hockey, all he wanted to do was fucking crush people. Erin Andrews must be withholding sex or something.

  2. The Kings still need to smooth some rough edges from their game, but they HAVE been improving with every game, since the break. And this means every single player on the team. I don’t see any exceptions. Yes, some have progressed more than others, but on the whole, their efforts, and their overall improvement, have made me happy to be a Kings fan! And … I love the lines that DS has been staying with. I think the proof of this line arrangement is obvious.

    I’m happy that Toffoli got a goal last night. He’s been working hard, and hasn’t gotten one in awhile. I’m also thrilled for Lewis. I know I’ve complained about his poor hands. However, his improved passing and shot placement shows that he must be spending a lot of time working on those skills. And his efforts have never waivered. He’s always put forth a 100% effort in every game. I can go down the list of players, but I won’t. Absolutely everyone in the lineup is playing better!

    It was incredible to see Quick, when he was unable to maintain position and was forced to his stomach, look at the puck carrier and deliberately lift his right leg in an attempt to stop that shot into what should have been an open net goal! He continues to amaze me!!!!!

    Go Kings!

  3. Went to the game. Fun stuff. We are hunkering down for Showtime.

  4. Still can’t get over that save. Holy fuck!

  5. DVR’d the game and just watched it. Just when you think you’ve seen JQ do the most spectacular saves possible, he pulls the old…..whatever the hell you wanna call that leg save thingy outta his ASS!!!!

    • Scorpion kick has a nice ring to it. Armed with that and a lthe five finger death punch. i say bring on the first round. GKG \X/

  6. I knew it! Quick is really a Jedi.

  7. Kings’ Kopitar earning attention for Selke Trophy
    Monday, 03.31.2014|NHL|home

    Kopitar is awesome!!

    Go Kings!

  8. Glad you’re fired up and ready for June but these aren’t the lines Sutter will roll with in the playoffs. He said (paraphrasing) he needed to give the kids lots of minutes to see how they could handle themselves. Sutter ‘s not dumb enough to keep MR, who leads the entire NHL in playoff scoring (57 pts) since 2010, who has 28 points in 35 Kings playoff games and has been their most consistent (and ‘money’ ) player buried on a 4th line with non scoring wingers. He’s just not that dumb, no coach would be. Not happenin’. He’s also way to smart to keep 2 rookies (and 1 very green) on a top 6 line starting on the road where either the Ducks or SHarks would start their top line against them to take advantage (and that line has been weak in their own end.
    In a Cup run, you top 6 has to be the best, the experienced warriors who know who to win and thrive in pressure. MR performs at a level the few others do and Sutter knows that.

    Its’ the reason Richards was back on the 2nd line vs the Pens (elite team) and will be again vbs the Sharks Sat.

    • It will be interesting to see what Sutter will do, Deirdre. But there is still one inescapable fact that must be considered. When the top players were together they sucked. Since they have been separated, however, the team has been winning. What will happen as they move into the playoffs? We’ll soon see…

      Go Kings!

      • Disagree about the top players sucking recently and the playoffs are not the same as games 40 -60 in the reg. season. Richards played the same game- hustle, drive, on his game, in the 2nd and 3rd periods vs the Caps and the whole game vs the Pens when he was on the 2nd line as he did the prior two on the 4th line vs Flyers and Panthers. That came from inside of him, not his linemates. His game remained the same, his linemates changed. . He didn’t ‘suck’ and the team won. Sutter knows MR better than anyone else and knows what he’ll get come April 17. THe playoffs are a whole different animal , not anything like the reg season.
        The Kings are locked into 3rd place, and that’s why Sutter can move <MR down and give TP and TT more minutes, to see , as he said today, how they faire. But it's also the reason when they played top competition, like the Pens, he didn't do that. He knows how to win, and who to put in the best position in the playoffs to succeed.

  9. The Kings get screwed by the Zebras again! That penalty on Pearson, which gave the Wild a goal, was neither a holding or a hooking penalty!!!

  10. I seriously had to turn the volume down on my tv. Who are these idiots? Like 2 mins of play by play so far after 40 mins. Just endless blathering. Lame.

  11. Wow serious compatability problems with new site upgrade..uugghh
    Tried Sat will not show but a small fraction of comment..tried to edit and correct the autocorrect and erased..twice now.. basically I said for first time all season I Like all the lines. .no matter who is out. .and the D pairs getting time to click…We are jelling!
    Watching game with Minor league AA announcers..:-(
    They were talking about Stollie. .said he was a ‘blue guy’. I took that to mean like a blue collar worker. .does whatever necessary. Is that correct interpretation?
    Any updates on King?
    20 more minutes…. let’s close the door on the Wild.

  12. Ok..only decent thing they have said..talking about
    KINGS winning Lord Stanley. .
    I can listen to that 24/7 :-D

  13. Well … the Wild did play a strong game, BUT that bad penalty against the Kings in the 1st period ended up being the difference in the game! And goal #3 was a soft goal allowed by Quick.

    Next up … Phoenix!

    Go Kings!


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