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  1. Well … I’m sure some of the other regulars could do a better job than I can. The bottom line is that the Kings did play well again, but the Wild were really flying tonight.

    I mentioned earlier that the Zebras made another bad call against the Kings, which resulted in the Wild’s first goal. It shouldn’t have happened. The game was fast and it was strongly contested. The second goal for the wild was a hard earned goal. The third goal squeeked by Quick on the short side. I thought it was a stoppable shot. Quick was deep in his net on the shot.

    The King goals were both nice goals. The Kings could have won this. But it wasn’t in the cards.

    I hope you recorded it. It was an entertaining game.

    Go Kings!

  2. Played well through 2. Not that they played bad the third but, they are better than that.

  3. Why the new background!? not a fan, makes it look real cheap.

  4. Martinez scored again, Gaborik is feeling more comfortable, Muzzin was physical, Kopitar played 200ft like usual.
    The Wild played a good game. Moulson scored a great goal after he had Stoll in a headlock pulling his helmet of his coconut in the corner boards. Koivu got the game winner. Oh yea….Parise scored a PP goal.
    That’s 2 games lost leading after 2.

    • That pretty much sums it up, Deadendcruiser.

      I’m frustrated with the Wild’s first goal. It never should have happened, because of the bad call by the Zebras. That was not a holding penalty, or any other kind of penalty. Then, Regehr let Parise get inside position on him, and Parise got an easy tap in.

      The Moulson goal would most likely have been stopped if Martinez had played it correctly. He didn’t immediatly move out to attack Moulson as he came to the net. Instead, he only moved in front of Quick, which caused a screen. He would have been better off if he had stayed at the left side of the net and played goalie!

      It was all topped off by the soft goal that Quick allowed. Quick played strong, but he blew it on that very important go ahead goal. He saw it all the way, but he just missed it.

      I think the Kings are, overall, continuing to improve. If they can cut down on mental errors, they can go a long way in the playoffs.

      Go Kings!

      • Yea Persister, Regehr lost position on Parise. Not to take anything away from Parise, he’s a fantastic player and a tough opponent but that was a defensive mishap……but then again that’s what good players do. They find the inside position or find ways to get open and score.
        Who do you see in the first round? LA/SJ or LA/Ducks?

        • I don’t care who is making this prediction, Deadendcruiser. Whoever they are, they’re just guessing. The Sharks and Ducks are both solid teams. They’re neck and neck heading into the final turn. Maybe we’ll know after they play again at Honda Center, on the 9th. It would be nice to see a freeway series between the Ducks and Kings. The Kings might have outworn their luck against the Sharks. Maybe they’ll have better luck against the Ducks!

          • Freeway series would be something!!! Correct me if I’m wrong but I think Mr. Hamburgular said something about Boudreau’s post season record being HORRIBLE! That’s very interesting to say the least.

          • That’s news to me. I don’t think the past can figure into a first round matchup with the Kings. It’ll be the first one between these two teams. That possible series would be filled with firsts. I believe it could easily go seven games.

            If the Kings can keep them from scoring in abundance, and if the Kings can score enough on them, the Kings will prevail. One thing for certain, the Kings will need to be careful about taking bad penalties. There’ll be enough penalties called simply because the league is now penalty happy. It’s like a drug. They want more and more. They think the Zebras aren’t doing their jobs if they aren’t calling penalties.

  5. Pretty sure Dierde hit it on the head with the lines. Though I like the way Pearson and Toffoli look offensively most nights. Their defensive game needs some help, and Toffoli seriously needs to improve his skating. Richards and Carter will most likely be reunited come playoff time. However I have no interest in seeing MR pushed around by Thornton again. Carter is a better matchup against that big retard. I actually think Pearson would beat out Toffoli for the 2nd line LW spot at this point. It’s his natural wing, and he doesn’t seem as suspect defensively in his own zone. Nolan will be back on the fourth line no doubt to give us some extra grit. As important as DS claims these games are, I definitely get the sense these are pre-post season games. GKG \X/

    • I agree, Hamburgular, about Pearson and Toffoli. Overall, I think Pearson is ahead of Toffoli in the effort to be a strong forward in the NHL. I like them both, however. Toffoli does need to polish his skating skills a bit. And he doesn’t look very comfortable on the left wing.

      As for Richards, he’s a small Center. He should never be deliberately matched up against an opponent’s larger Centers.

      I think King is better than Nolan … who lacks polish. King has really good hands. He lacks speed, but the Kings only need him to work hard in the corners and in front of the net.

      • I haven’t heard specifically why King wasn’t in the lineup, pretty sure it wasn’t a healthy scratch situation. Family maybe. I hope it’s nothing serious.

        • Yes, it appears that it is because of personal issues. I like King and his very obvious improvements he’s made to his game. I hope he’s back for the Phoenix game.

    • Richards vs the big retard is a losing situation for LA. Carter is a better match up against that mongoloid.

  6. Read on nhl.com that King was scratched for a “undisclosed minor injury”
    Sounds like the generic “we aren’t telling you shit” talk to me.

  7. Weak third, second Wild goal of the period was a dagger…

  8. Persister, tremendous insight:”If the Kings can keep them from scoring in abundance, and if the Kings can score enough on them, the Kings will prevail.”

    I’ll go out on a limb here and say whichever team team wins four games first will win the series. A bold prediction, I know


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