Our Prized Scout Mike Futa Heading to the Maple Leafs and FUCK Tim Leiweke

I loved Tim Leiweke for about 30 minutes after we won the Cup. Then he went to Toronto, talked shit about our fan base and I knew it was only a matter of time before he tried to raid our full cupboard.

Fuck Tim Leiweke.

While it is not official and Lombardi has given the Maple Leafs “permission” to talk to Futa, this article makes it sound like it’s a done deal. I guess this is a prelude to Dave Nonis looking for a job soon. This sucks.

Here is the article from the Globe and mail.

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  1. sucks BIG time..what they got that we don’t? Why would he want to leave?

  2. April fools

  3. Fuck you Scribe! I went all day catching people trying to fuck with me and then in the waning hours of 4/1 you slipped one through the 5 hole.

  4. I always get fooled!!! :-) I’m a sucker for it!!!

  5. Oh F me….and F you too..just because..I almost got through the whole day without being a fool..
    But I’d rather be punked and punked again then for this to have been true…
    next time I should try reading the link eh…

    ( my pathetic defense. there was a lot of bad news sent my
    way today..nothing personal…but I was in the oh great more crap frame of mind..)

  6. Who’s Dave Nonis?

  7. What a train wreck Toronto is.

  8. Ha ha ha!

    If I wasn’t so tired, you would have had me…I read the responses before going to the link!

  9. You got me. Just when I thought my day couldn’t get shittier. Good one.

    • Glad to see I am not the only one that got punked.
      Life is full of Hits. hitman.
      I know I put too much pressure on our Boys to make everything ok..guess that is why they get paid the Big Bucks.
      Yokes..we battle tonight!
      and once again have to suffer through NBCSHD …keast it is HD..that’s a positive :-)

      • keast=least… hateful..

      • I feel ya…..listening to the NBCSHD team made me feel awkwardly uncomfortable….almost dirty, like I needed to take a shower after. They are no Bob n Jim that’s for damn sure

        • Oh man..replaying Jet game and we have those duncel announcers for TWO more games..tonight and Tomorrow vs .the Sharks..would be So much better to have our guys calling..all the inside info..crap..
          well Tonight a W and we clinch as Kingnation 13 said.

    Just got email notification of Pending Class Action Lawsuit against Dish..for 2010 month of Oct FSW contract dispute…I remember. .I bailed and went to Direct..and the next year it happened with Direct but they settled pre Hockey start.
    It is too bad they don’t pay compensatory (right word?) damages for the stress I felt thinking I would not be able to watch the Kings!
    Now Dodger fans are going through same shit..greedy a.hole highrups in Programing.

  11. I was so pissed when I read this post. Despite being totally taken by your April Fools joke, I breathed a huge sigh of relief after following the link.

  12. We win we’re in!

    Let’s get this over with so I can relax a little.

    I really dislike the desert dogs so what better way to solidify our place in the big dance.

  13. I just wanna dominate everybody, is that so wrong?

  14. Surly! What section do you all sit in?

    I’m getting tickets tomorrow and would love to sit near the die-hards, if possible.

    • Isn’t tonight a road game?

      • Shoot, I was talking about the playoffs! I got my tickets in section 303. I’m pretty sure you guys are on the other side. Maybe next time!

        Damn, speaking of tickets, inflation has skyrocketed the last couple years! Haha! The price of being good, eh? I’ll take it, though!

      • Road Trip!
        Actually one of these years to AZ would be fun :-D
        I think he might be talking playoffs?
        I would like a reoeat preformance of last night Please.


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