Smell That Motherfuckers?

It smells like Gabitar’s jock strap.

It smells like Quick’s glove hand.

It smells like rotting, dead desert dog.

It smells like the playoffs.

Fuck teens and their spirit.

It smells fuckin’ good.

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  1. Smells like team spirit!!!!
    Stay focused, stay sharp, keep it going boys!

  2. I smell the sweet exhaust of a slightly rich running 500hp big block, 10:1 compression with 2 Holly 4 barrel double pumpers idling with a “bwap bwap bwap bwap” waiting to nail the throttle WIDE OPEN into the playoffs.
    This team is running on all 8 cylinders.

    That’s what I fuckin smell!!!

    • The sound of that exhaust really WOULD be nice to hear!!

      The Kings are really looking good, the way they’re now arranged. They look strong, and they’re chomping at the bit to take on anyone in the league!!!

      This team really IS beginning to work together like the pistons of a well oiled engine!!

      Go Kings!!

    • I see we speak the same tongue

  3. I smell gunpowder and sex.

  4. It smells like Gabitar’s jock strap.

    Geezus Surly

  5. What was even sweeter than sending those Mutts back to AZ, neutered with those lamp shades over their heads so they wouldn’t or couldn’t rip out the stitches they just received when they were officially neutered was the following:

    Jordan Nolan hitting that bitch Hanzal, even slightly elevating his shoulder so he got that fucker good as part of payback for that jackoff knocking Richards out 2 times during the past few seasons. Seeing that bitch crying after he got hit by someone a little closer to his size and leaving the ice to have his owie looked at in the training room!

    It was worth the 2 minutes! I was thinking shit Nolan might be getting a call from Shanahammer for that hit but he didn’t.

    Karma was a bitch last night to Hanzal, except that bitch was a few inches shorter, might even be 20lbs lighter, but twice as tough as Hanzal. Funny how when the bully gets an elbow to the back of his head, by someone who can kick 7 shades of shit out of him, he had no response. Didn’t drop the gloves, didn’t go after Nolan because he knew he’d have his ass handed to him.

    One more thing: FUCK YOU NBC or NBCSN for having Randy Hahn butcher the play by play for the Kings. I give Bob Miller a pass if he refers to the wrong player on the Kings occasionally, just because he’s got a few years on Randy and his sight might not be as good.

    Randy Hahn was just horrible with his play by play, screwing up the players names the entire night and now we have to suffer once again with this Bozo because he’s the Sharks play by play guy. Drew Remenda is fine doing color. Anyone not named McGuire standing between the benches is fine.

    Maybe its just me but Drew looks or reminds me of Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees. I pray once the stupid situation where after the Conference Semi-Final is done and the Kings get to the Conference Final, we get Forslund and Joe Micheletti and not Doc and Pierre.

    Lets just hope nobody gets injured during the last 6 games! Someone tell the Mexicutioner its Ceviche and Pescado Taco night up in San Hose B also.

    • Heard the game on 1150 so I didn’t have the “privilege” of hearing the NBC clowns crappy play by play. Wish I could have seen that hit.
      Got a bet on tonight’s game with a friend for drinks…..she’s a sharks fan…and I’m fuckin broke!

    • Good comments, Modcoop!

      I would have to agree with you about Jordan Nolan and Hanzal. I’m happy that there was no additional punishment for Nolan.

      I also have to agree with you about the play by play last night. Randy Hahn sucks. Yes, this season, Bob Miller has been making a lot of mental errors, but he’s still 100 times better than what we heard last night! As for Doc and Pierre, I don’t have a problem with them. And I also like Eddie Olczyk.

      The way the Kings are now coming together, If they can stay healthy, anything is possible!

      On to the Stanley Cup Finals!!! Go Kings!!!

  6. OOOOHHH, NOOOOO! Did I hear Doughty was hurt? Say it ain’t so!

    • So far, there’s no word on what is wrong with Doughty.

      • Shoulder injury, hopefully not serious. They can’t win without him. There’s nobody that comes close to doing the job he does.

        • Oh no! I hope it’s just a minor bruise!

        • I agree, Deirdre, he would be the biggest loss. Damn, lets hope he’s hurt and not injured! Please, don’t be injured! That would SUCK!

          Did anybody see the play in question?

          • Doughty and Kennedy came together shoulder to shoulder (Doughty’s left). Doughty looked like he was uncomfortable immediately after the contact.

  7. The announcers on Kings radio just said that Doughty left the ice after contact with Kennedy.

  8. My goodness, what a game! I’ve been on the edge of my seat the entire 2nd period! My beer is still full…wait, not anymore!

  9. See that big retard go after Voynov? I hope Nolan gets a chance to punch that asshole. He and Couture should both die in a masturbating accident. Fuckin turds.

  10. Joe pulled a Crosby on Voynov! Notice Dumbo was swinging while the ref was between them? What a soft piece of chewed bubblegum that loser is!

    I was hoping when he was chirping the Kings bench, everyone would point to their Stanley Cup Ring fingers like Brad Marchand did or pretend they couldn’t hear him because their Stanley Cup Ring was preventing one of their ears from hearing him!

    2-1 against 5 defensemen and our back up goalie! Wooooooooooo scary!

    SJ once again exit stage left after the 1st round and no more talk about how great SJ is and how great Doug Wilson is and what a great job he has done, doing the same thing over and over and over again……….LOSE!

    • Big Joe…came up real big when his team needed him the most in game 7. Can’t wait for game 1 and a good bloody shark hunt.


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