Kings Lose More Than A Game. Oh Doughty, To Thine Own Healing Be True

I already wrote one curse in to a thread title, I wasn’t going to do that twice in a row, but now that we’re all gathered here in this safe place…

Mother fuck shit fuck hellish dick lick suck fuck anal cavity pussy prick goddamn ass face where the fuck is the tylenol.

Phew. I feel better. No I don’t.

Doughty played just under half of the first period before this innocuous check happened:

Matt Barry says it’s his collarbone. That’s not good. But we will wait to hear if that’s true… and we will wait a long time because with the playoffs around the corner “upper body” is about as specific as we’re likely to get from official sources. Regardless, if Doughty misses time in the playoffs… well… we’ll cross that miserable fucking road if we come to it.

As for the game, the big likely round 1 playoff preview; meh. I found it a bit lackluster all-in-all. The most interesting thing about it was how angry the Sharks seemed. Joe Thornton getting all up in Voynov’s ass, Jason Demers trying to beat on Stoll like an ex-fiancé, it was clear to me that the Sharks were fondly reminiscing last year’s bitter second round defeat. Good, let them get their little bay-sweat-soaked panties in a bunch. Though the Kings couldn’t capitalize on ample power play opportunities tonight, those lame numbers won’t last. I was very impressed with how the Kings kept their cool and didn’t get caught up taking a bunch of senseless penalties.

The game-winning goal by resident snatch face, Couture, was pronouncedly awful on Martin Jones’ part, but Jones won’t be starting games in a week and a half, so I find myself ambivalent. He made several other clutch saves to keep the Kings in the game.

All the team really did tonight was make a first round match-up against the Ducks a little more likely to happen. Well… aside from nullifying any chance of moving up into second place, but we knew that wasn’t going to happen.

However, the points still matter. Home ice may not be possible in the first round, but it is possible beyond.

I’ve officially forgotten about this game and until my rage is reintroduced as a part of my homeostasis when I look at millions of pixels malformed into the shape of Vancouver Canuck faces, I’m simply sending all my mojo Doughty’s way. If I could lend him white blood cells, I would.

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  1. Fuck Matt Barry and his Kings injury Jinx!

  2. Why must the J word or the I word even be mentioned so close to the playoffs or all season for that matter? Good news is that we’ve got a playoff spot locked up and there’s no need of killing the boys because they ain’t gonna pass Anaheim or San Jose. If it means Double D to miss a few games to heal up that’s fine by me. Better he comes in 100% or close to it when the playoffs start then to push it now and things get more fucked up down the road.

    The squad had these assholes by the throat. If Doughty woulda played the boys woulda taken it. That call on Brown? I forgot what he got called for but I just remember thinking the bullshit just never ends with these blind idiots.

    First round match up? Can’t wait to see RR put a drilling on this team especially Thornton and couture.

    I don’t know what happened on that last PP with Gabby missing back door but I thought it was a sure slam dunk goal.

    Did Jones fuck up a little on that wrap around? Yeah maybe a little. He should had it gloved better. Don’t matter the boys are playoff bound. Just need Doty back healthy again.

  3. Barry’s a fool. The new guy at Hockeybuzz Jason Lewis is better. Didn’t look to bad in the replay. Impact was hard, maybe cause of his position he tweaked his shoulder. If he broke his collar bone on the play, unless it’s just a hairline, I think he would have been in more pain visibly. He’s traveling to Vancouver. So unless there’s a specialist up there he’s going to I say he misses the remainder and is suited up for game 1 against whoever. Go Sharks! I’ve honestly never said that before. I’m just in the mood for Duck.

  4. That pretty much sums up that game last night, Surly. All though they didn’t play their best game, on the second half of a back to back, they hung in there and made it close. But for not finishing in front of the net, and making several mistakes, they did OK.

    Any Goalie can lose control of a bouncing puck in their crease for a soft goal. Tonight, it happened to Jones. Other than that, he was solid.

    Gaborik wasn’t on last night. He had several shots that never hit the net. And that missed open netter was a heart breaker!

    Doughty was lost to the Kings in the first period. It was a freak injury. Hopefully, he’ll recover quickly. The Kings will need him to go deep into the playoffs.

    I did find it interesting that San Jose came into the game with a very big chip on their shoulders. They’re certainly holding a lot of anger toward the Kings. The Kings kept their cool. That’s a good thing.

    Go Kings!!

  5. Not totally upset we lost, I mean I’m not happy we lost, but it was close for a bit. The team seemed “off” their game. Mitchell, King, Quick and Doughty out of the line up and it ended 2-1….hey whatevs. DD’s injury is a real fucking bummer. Cross your fingers and hope it’s nothing too serious.
    I seriously loved the fact that SJ was so irritated last night. They wanted to start some shit and LA kept Kool. That plays into the Kings hands come playoff time.
    Let em take stupid penalty’s, instigator penalty’s, game misconducts….who cares! Just as long as they are so consumed with “getting even” they will fall apart in the playoffs….again


  6. Something that warmed this Philly girl on a chilly, damp night

    Jon Rosen ‏@lakingsinsider · 50m
    “He might play tomorrow.” Sutter, on Doughty.

    I don’t think they need to play him, the rest wouldn’t hurt But just the idea that he ddn’t even see a doctor in Vancouver is good.

    The playoffs with DD is one very very dark place…

    And nice of Big Joe go pick on somebody his own size when he went after Voynov. I can’t wait for Game 1…

    • I’m wondering if it wasn’t a spear to the ribs/chest on the follow through from Kennedy.

      I can’t really see but that shouldn’t be a serious shoulder injury, if in fact, it’s the shoulder. It would have to be one of those perfect angle-freak accident- types. I’m thinking he’ll be fine.

      But for goodness sake, take a few days off and make sure you’re ready for the playoffs, Drew! We don’t need you till you’re ready.

      • Absolutely! There’s no reason for him to be in the game on Saturday! Even if it’s only a severe bruising of the deltoid muscle, let the inflamation go down with daily icing. Their next game won’t be until Wednesday.

    • That is promising news!
      And furthermore fuck Dumbo Joe!!! What a huge twat waffle!!! That guy is trying to fight Voynov & throws punches around the refs head hoping to land one on Voynov’s milk dud…..Really?!?!?

  7. I’m going to predict a vicious attempt from Vancouver players to injure our players and hurt our playoff chances tonight. I hope I’m wrong. But if San Jose and the Blues hates us, imagine how sour the taste of defeat is for a team that we sent to rebuild mode. That’s right. I said it. Mr. Hamburgular if your nasty. GKG \X/

    • I certainly do hope that you’re wrong, Hamburgular. I can’t stand Vancouver, San Jose and Anaheim. Anaheim hasn’t been as bad as the other two, but they still suck. It seems that Vancouver and San Jose don’t just dislike LA they hate us. LA can take care of themselves. If those assholes want to play dirty, LA will need to set them straight!

      Go Kings!!!

    • Nice Janet Jackson reference!!!
      Mr. Hamburgular you fuckin rock!!!


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