Drew, Campbell, Kings, Canucks, Nails and Coffin

Writing this bad boy on the run, hungry and distracted.

Drew is out. No news other than it’s not serious which is seriously a relief.

Andrew Campbell whose name I have been hearing since before the Terry Murray days (I think) is up. And from what I read from the Monarchs’ captain, he is way, way up. Hope the kid can relax because this game may get chippy.

Our Kings are in. 3rd in the West and facing either Jose or the other team down the interstate. I want the other team and perhaps they wish to oblige after last night’s loss. As a wise Kings fan said to me yesterday, it could be the first time in NHL history a team could play 7 home games in a playoff round. The fuckers have had our number this season. Either of the imps, north or south, will be a good challenge and fun to boot.

The Canucks are what we have seen. No identity. Still the same assholes we are used to, except they allegedly dive less and suck more. Hopefully our boys take care of the BC boys and don’t take their opponents lightly.

Darryl Sutter was particularly surly (not to be confused with Surly) today:

From Jon,

On Drew Doughty’s status:
He’s day-to-day. We have lots of guys who are day-to-day. [Reporter: So does that make him a game-time decision for tonight?] That makes it none of your business. That’s a fact. Why do you want to ask that question in April? You could ask it in October and you’d get the same answer. So why would you ask it in April?

Who asked that question? Heh.

If the Kings win, are the Canucks eliminated? It feels like they have been eliminated since they fired AV.

Marian Gaborik will have a big game.

Not a bad pregame considering I wrote it on my phone between bites of sushi during a late lunch, work break.


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  1. I say rest the Doty..so no a.hole canucklehead tries a kamikaze just to injure/keep him out of our run.
    Yes Campbell is seasoned enough..and our room will be a calming influence on him..that room is Magical you know :-)

  2. Bob and Jim will sound like a symphony tonight. I missed them a lot. Makes me worried about the future. How many season does Bob have left? We should win the cup every year just in case Bob retires. That way we can send him off right, right!? GKG\X/ watch your asses too! Heads up tonight. These fuckers are golfing in a week or so. Suspensions likely don’t mean shit to them.

  3. Ahhhh…..got my Kettel One w/a splash of pineapple, munchies ready, kids are with their mom & Bob n Jim up next. What more do I need? Oh yea…..a solid Kings game! Henrik being carried off the ice sounds good to me too Bobby.

  4. I swear I hate Bieksa….that dumb SOB can feltch a fart outta his own ass.

    • and don’t forget Burrows!
      R.Kessler..he would play well with KINGS!
      Time for goal!
      loyal Kings fans..in hospital. .in labor.. watching game..cool

  5. Booya! Awesome. VV! How many times do you think Bob. Miller has said the words “Brown falls down”? Must be at least twice a game. A Dustin Brown weeble would fall down I bet.

  6. If we play like this in the playoffs we stand no chance of making it out of the first round

    • I thought
      1) the lines were all herky herky
      2) the canadian refs were given cart Blanche
      3) vanucjs were in Prime Diving form..
      I feel blah
      Greener’s ankle was pretty gory
      yay Richerson..danit

      • I see you have been drinking

        • not me..it was my phone ;-/

          I am a Firm believer in Line Chemistry..they were skewed..not to King’s Advantage.
          Green’s ankle Was gory.
          Richards is looking like old self.
          Am happy for Richardson..but not not King’s expense.
          Soupy held his own for first NHL..too bad could not be a W.
          Polluck has been on my
          refs who suck list
          for a long time..he Is Canadian. .and the Nuckleheads are theatrical Divers..
          my phone was Right :-D

  7. 3 loses when leading after 2.
    We lose, fucktards win.
    Now I’m watching the sharks lose……that will make me feel better, just a little anyways

  8. The only thing I can say is that the Kings made the Canucks look like champions tonight. And what about that non-call for the interference against the Kings in the 3rd? This game sucked!

  9. I just don’t understand how a team with Kopitar, Gaborik, Carter, Richards, Doughty etc. can only score 1 goal. Blah

  10. The Kings didn’t win, and winning wouldn’t have changed their 3rd place status. The Canucks got another ‘moral’ victory? Good for them, all these ‘moral victories’ will add up to a number that will slot them into a good Tee time 2 weeks from now when the Kings are working their way through the first round of the playoffs. The Kings lost in the waning minutes of a game that meant nothing and have already moved on. It’s hard to be motivated in an 82 game season , for every game in a compressed schedule when they’ve played more ga,mes in a shorter number of days. , they’re not robots, they are human, it happens. The fact they are 15-6 since the Olypmic break is the best record of any team not named Boston. They’ve played well foir the most part and last night were flat. It’s not a playoff game and not anything to get upset at. The blow call sucks, but it didn’t cost them as much as Brown’s penalty at the top of the 3rd. They’re fine, they put it behind them the minute it ended and moved on.
    Bright spot- I thought Souper had a pretty good NHL debut.

    • Campbell wanted to come into this game and be a solid, stay-at-home defenseman. And he accomplished that. That WAS funny, at the beginning of the game, when the team hung back at let Campbell take a couple of laps alone! :-)

      The Kings are supposed to be establishing a winning flow to their game as they go into the playoffs. This effort looked more like the way they were playing during their losing streaks.

  11. I’m going with the term pre-post season. I wasn’t surprised we lost with Campbell on the ice in the last frame there. He had a solid game. But it was his mistake that kept us out of OT. Which is fine. Cause the game didn’t matter to anyone nearly as much as him. Chalking things up to experience requires experience. Thankfully we have a few games to burn and train the youngsters. If we weren’t clinched I bet Doughty would have returned to that game in SJ favored his good shoulder and definitely played in VAN. Instead we rested Doughty and trained a kid who may be on the cusp of a Scuderi level career in the NHL. This breathing room we have will allow us to rest key guys. Regehr, Mitchell, Greene, Doughty, King. Managing players energy level and intensity is probably one of Sutter’s strongest suits. Nothing to worry about come playoffs these games. Nothing compared to your players operating below 100%.

    • Hi Hamburgular. What was the mistake that Campbell did that prevented the Kings from getting into OT? I don’t recall that play. If you know, I won’t have to spend time replaying a game that I don’t want to see again! :-)

      • Put the puck right on Richardsons stick in the clearing attempt. Should have put it in the corner. Or actually cleared it. There was a scramble but he could have moved the puck better with the time he had.

        • Oh no! I wasn’t really paying much attention to the game. I was so frustrated with the play, overall, of the Kings that my attention sometimes wondered to other activities!

          I know that players are often under pressure by opposition players, and they need to get rid of the puck quickly. What gets me are the plays where they have sufficient time and they just throw the puck away. From what you just said, Campbell did just that. That will not help him to get into the NHL. I’m sure Campbell is chastising himself for doing that. It’s my understanding that he a good young defenseman. Maybe we will see more of him in the future. The Kings could use a solid stay-at-home left handed defenseman.

        • Or Booths stick. one of those cowardly liver dicked losers.


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