Video: Hockey Bench Clearing Brawl Between NY Firefighters and Police Department…

File this under, what the fuck? I won’t share any of it with you…you have to watch it to enjoy it.

I am guessing the truth of these videos finally caused the cops to snap…

Stick tap to our reader, Michelle for the head’s up on this incident.

Second stick tap to my good friend Tyler…who happens to be a firefighter and a pretty not bad hockey player. Hope you enjoyed this post, buddy.


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3 replies

  1. Islander fans finally have something to cheer for…

  2. Puppet show! Is it pudding time yet? I just tea bagged a Ducks fan. Be a good neighbor.

  3. I was kind of hoping for another moral victory for the Canucks today. Expecting anything other than total disappointment from that team is just dumb. We can still get the Ducks in the first round I guess. Pshhh. At least Vancouvers playoff hopes are crushed. So I got that goin for me….. Which is nice. GKG \X/


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