Jonathan Quick Appears On TV, Manages Not To Curse

I think it was fully warranted to walk out, shake the kids hand and say “How ’bout this fucking kid right here?”

Damn that kid can play piano. Hopefully he uses some of his future concert and recording earnings on a good dentist. That’s not the sort of thing that just works itself out.

I really share this only because I have worked at Warner Bros., where they film Ellen, for the last seven years and Jonathan Quick picks a day I’m not there to show up… Not like I would have known he was there had I been. Still, I feel slighted.

Three days without a game is bogus.

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  1. Maybe this long layoff will give them the energy they need to finish the season on a winning streak, and to start the playoffs strong!!

    Go Kings!!

  2. This was JQ a few hours before the taping of the Ellen show.

    Groin problem? Not even!

    I was obviously at their practice today. DD was out there for most of the practice but left early. He didn’t seem like he was injured or bothered by anything in that “upper body”.

    What was the best part of my trip to TSC was getting to tell Jordan Nolan thanks for getting some measure of revenge on Martin Hanzal.

    • Ah Missed You again..I was down there yesterday!
      DD was out early skating D moves (back skating) and stayed through the whole practice til the bulk of the players left the ice. He looked ok to me. So I say coaching staff just being cautious. Why not so some dumbass doesn’t make a run at him in these last few games.
      I was there early..for was interesting watching Daryl come out early on ice..set up his first drill on the chalkboard then come over right by me at the faceoff circle. You could see him thinking through a play..visualizing it..I tried to take an unobtrusive pic but it was too dark :-(
      Really for this game!

  3. Congratulations to Mr. Lewis! You’ve always earned your keep young, man! Glad to have you present for a few more years.

    Great video!


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