My Demons Are Not Drew Doughty’s

I have a concern about Drew Doughty.

I know, we are all concerned about Drew Doughty. He’s injured and that sucks. The timing sucks. But he’s practicing, which doesn’t suck. But he’s not speaking to reporters and everyone is being particularly vague. That’s expected. Teams are generally vague when it comes to injuries and more so near and in the post season, this neither sucks nor doesn’t suck.

I think Drew is more hurt than we are being led to believe, but not so hurt as to keep him from playing. My feeling is that the team has decided he will be OK enough to play in the post season, but not exactly “healthy” in the way we would want to define the term.

Hockey players always play through injuries in the postseason. This is no surprise, but the nervous nelly in me (who just won’t leave regardless of how many times I try to kill her with scotch, beer and head injuries sustained after saying something stupid to the Surly Woman and being too slow to avoid a flying shoe), insists that we will be told Drew is ready for game action when he is simply going to be shot full of pain killers and grimace his way into the playoffs.

I want to know about this kind of stuff after the post season, not be fretting about it before.

I shouldn’t worry. Drew Doughty is amazing. Drew Doughty is a beast. Drew Doughty doesn’t need to be told yes, the answer is always yes. Drew Doughty is a legend. I just hope come next week, Drew Doughty is Drew Doughty.

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  1. I feel your sentiments. Not knowing can drive someone batshit crazy. LA’s been pretty healthy this year for the most part (not sure of the # of man games lost) but rest assured he’s getting the best treatment and with any luck be ready for the first round.
    DD’s 80% is better than most peoples 100%….and that’s a fuckin fact!


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