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  1. Is it me? Or is this game totally insignificant?

  2. Well let’s get the F going!
    Some gap control ok?

  3. It seems that the Kings plan on closing the season with another losing streak!

    • I was hoping for 100 pts for the season..too much to ask???
      ..this is one boring game..
      Practice at El Segundo Tues was a lot more entertaining :-/

  4. They are going to blow getting the Jennings Award

  5. Stoll’s goal was beautiful!

    Kopitar’s goal was beautiful!

    There’s hope!

  6. Got a game now at least.

  7. Who is everyone rooting for between the Quacks and the Sharks? I’m personally hoping we play San Jose in the first round.

    • I was hoping to get Anaheim in the first round. A series vs SJ is gonna be brutal. On the other hand if LA beats SJ they might get Anaheim in round 2, that’s if they make it past the first round.
      Totally thinking ahead but if that were to happen it would be very little travel for LA

  8. The Kings have been a completely different team for the second half of this game!

    It’s nice to see King in front of the net again! And … he got a nice tip in goal!!!

  9. Ramo continues to show that he wants to be the #1 goaltender for Calgary. He’s played yet another solid game.

    I hope the Kings can finish this come back in OT! Go Kings!!

  10. Wicked tip by Kinger.

  11. Fuck it. Down 3-0, got a point on the road. Came out flat. Williams had a bad game the first 2 periods.

  12. I really don’t understand the psychology of this team. They speak often of remaining steady and not getting excited. They want to remain on an even keel. Well … this team has gone back and forth from winning streaks to losing streaks. They continue to play their game, whatever that is. They’re non-emotional approach to the game is – oh well, we’ll just play the game and see what happens. Then, if they lose, we’ll see what happens the next time out. We have seen that they DO have talent. They have shown us that they CAN score goals. Quick has shown us that he CAN make awesome stops. However, this season, he’s showing us that he is, indeed, human. Why can’t they play with more consistency? This kind of approach isn’t going to take them past the first round. If they can’t get it together, and finally FIND their game, they’ll soon be playing golf. They didn’t even begin to play until near the end of the second period! You can’t spot a hard working team, like Calgary, a three goal lead and expect to get a win! The Kings didn’t deserve to get a point last night. They should be kicking themselves this morning!


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