I am swooning…

It’s like waking up on Saturday morning at 9 AM to a blow-job.

Like your wife saying she’s bored and wants a threesome with you and one of her friends who happens to be a lingerie model.

Like a great beer with a great hamburger followed by a different great beer.

Like purposely riding your Harley in front of a car with a Ducks sticker and slowing down so they can get a real close look at the LA Kings Stanley Cup on the back of your helmet.

Marian Gaborik makes me swoon.

I love Marian Gaborik.

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  1. I am waiting all night for a Clever Witty S&S and what do I get..
    male smut… oh great..
    In summation -Gaborik.
    and I already asked..
    ‘what took you so long?’ ;-)
    An Elite to play with An Elite..
    Kopi and Gabby..

  2. This life is perfect. Gabba gabba hey

  3. …Like Colorado winning the Central, forcing the Blackhawks and Blues to battle it out in the first round!

    • Oh man that would be afuckingmazing!!!

      • Tomorrow we will know for sure. Colorado plays Anaheim and the Blues play the Red Wings. If Colorado wins they take the Central.

        Let us hope we wear the Foul out and Colorado hands them a woop’n! That would put a huge smile on my face.

  4. Gaborik is so polished and smooth! What a hockey player! :-)

  5. I just read he was captain of the Wild in 2008. I’m more and more impressed with the little things I’m seeing in MGs game. Nothing compares to what he does for Kopi though. If he resigns, and stays healthy, and Kopi stays healthy. I say next year is a career year for Kopi. Maybe Gaborik too. I know it’s just another meaningless game, but a healthy win over the Ducks would be nice for #82. GKG\X/

  6. I want to tongue-smash Gaborik’s fart-box. Love that bastard.

  7. I must be in the minority, because I’d only let Gaborik reach second base! He has much more work to do. When he proves himself in the playoffs, maybe I’ll give it up, but not until then!

  8. Gabby has been a natural fit with kopi since he first arrived. Every game they just get better but there is something to be said for chemistry and why it works with certain players. Carter didn’t have that with Kopi and had to work too hard to try. Yet with Richards he’s more comfortable, they have good chemistry.
    I’ve always liked Gabby’s speed, but what has impressed me with his Kings game is the work he’s putting into his 200 foot game. he’s working hard at getting Sutter’s system. it’s not easy to learn a new system, get used to a new coach, play on the wing and get used to new linemates. He’s been very impressive and Is eager for playoff success.

    Saw this posted on the Mayor’s article about upcoming Kings events;

    “This year’s handful of tune-up games will not see the Kings traveling to AEG-owned buildings in Ontario or Kansas City.

    However, they will be the visiting team at a very special game played Saturday, September 27. Details will likely be announced next week. But, we’ll give you one little hint – it’s a venue they’ve never visited before.”

    The only thing I could think of is a game somewhere up in Canada at t non NHL city. Lke the Hawks are playing in Sep vs the oilers in Saskatoon. I guess the NHL isn’t going back to the Europe thing.

    Hoping for some skewered Duck as an appetizer on the way to feasting on Shark steaks this week.

    • Yes, Deirdre, the fact that Gaborik’s working so hard on his 200 ft. game tells me that he REALLY WANTS to do well with the Kings. He has fabulous hands, and good instincts. His 360 degree awareness is also awesome. That’s why he works well with Kopitar … who has the same good hands and an awareness of what is happening around him. And I also think that Williams, “Mr. Hustle,” is a perfect fit for the supporting player on that line.

      I think people forget that, although Gaborik shoots left, he’s a right winger. This has also been an adjustment for him.

      • That adjustment to the opposite wing is hard, and usually takes some time. He’s looked stable from game 1 and with each game is getting more comfortable. His speed and skillset , and those hands, are incredible. He’s just fun to watch. And I agree, I think he’s shown pretty much in every game how much he likes the4 Kings and wants to be here.

        • Yes, it IS a wonderful thing to see his obvious happiness with playing on the #1 line with Kopitar and Williams! He certainly WILL give maximum effort because of this.

  9. Just got to downtown LA….gettn primed up for the game!

  10. The Ducks’ first goal was luck.

    The Duck’s 2nd goal was definitely kicked in! Smith-Pelly was looking right at the shot and kicked at it for the goal!

  11. I think the Kings can hold their heads high. They played a very good game. That kicked in goal by the Ducks turned out to be important. They won by one goal.

    Your ready guys! Go beat the Sharks!!

    • You are an OPTIMIST. I like It. Good for this Blog..esp when I get grumpy :-/
      Just wrong that damn ducks spoiled our last game of season at home. Boys would have been in much better mood to do the Jersey off their Backs with a W.
      Think it happened to us last year as well…ahhh.
      And Quick..Jennings on the Line..he really made some great saves at end of game and OT. Too bad so many strong pushes required. Saw moments of quality play by individuals..but not 60 minute 100%. But perhaps didn’t want to risk injury pre playoff?
      Anderson is a tough goaltender for the Kings.
      Hope everyone gets some TLC next few days.
      an aside..see the Ryan Malone news?

      • I didn’t feel good about this game when I saw the Kings come out with those dumb grey Stadium Jerseys. They got scored on with ease in that game against the Ducks, and they got scored on with ease in this game.

        We can only hope that the Kings, who have been struggling all season to put the correct pieces together, will be able to put the right pieces together for the playoffs.

        It’s now or never!

        Go Kings!

        • Should have been My clue..maybe they were trying to dump those jerseys.
          I didn’t like..didn’t buy..and saved all my pennies for that Outdoor game..Historic…and it was a Great event..All Good for me..
          Until the game started :-/

          • lol. when i got those tix from the mrs for xmas i was pretty stoked. i dont ask for, or recommend games as gifts anymore.

          • Not when your Diehards like Us.
            The Jennings!!!!!
            And we goy our 100 points!
            Today I will be Happy!

          • Yes, Hockeyjockey, I agree with you that the Stadium Series was a good thing for ice hockey. And there were some very good games played. BUT the LA vs. Anaheim game sucked. I hated the jerseys. And soon after the game started, I wondered why the Kings even showed up at the game!! I never want to see those jerseys again!! Those jerseys are like that horrible, and very forgetable, Kings song that was played (it quickly faded into oblivion), which we all hated. The Kings should have a public bonfire to burn those jerseys and every recording of that despicable song, which fortunately, I can’t remember!!

  12. Sr. Kopi es en fuego.

  13. Detroit is taking it to the Blues. What’s even more impressive is they’re physically dominating them. Haven’t seen the Blues’ this soft in awhile.

    Shoot, maybe I want to see Colorado and Chicago play the first round!

    • The Blues have been struggling over the last few weeks, somewhat like Toronto. The Kings, on the other hand, have not been able to find a groove all season, but they seem to be coming together for the playoffs! Let’s hope!

      • I knew they were down a few players, but I didn’t realize the Blues were missing their WHOLE team to injuries. Holy Smokes, they have no chance beating Chicago.

        Also, nobody’s going to be excited about playing Detroit! They are playing their asses off! The Penguins better be ready or they’re going home after the first round again.

        Our series with the Sharks has the making of another classic showdown. I’m 100% excited about the war that’s about to take place. The West is just crazy in talent.

        We’re going to see what Gaborik is made of real quick here in San Jose! Let’s see if he likes the INTENSITY of a Stanley Cup winning team. I hope he passes the test, because we’re going to need him.

        • Yeh, you’re right about what you said. If the Kings can show up in San Jose playing like we know they can, they’ll oust the Sharks again. Then, the … finally on-the-same-page … Kings will show the hockey world that fans of hockey had better include the Kings in with Colorado, Detroit and Dallas as teams that most felt would probably not make it to the playoffs, but are now stronger than ever!

          Will the LA beat San Jose? Yes!
          Will the Colorado beat Minnesota? Yes!
          Will Detroit beat

  14. I think a lot of hockey fans have been counting out LA this season (at times I’ve been very discouraged as well). People often use the expression: “Close only counts in Horse Shoes.” Well … I think the Kings are finally ready to rumble. Everyone will be healthy for the first round of the playoffs! Now, the Kings will be able to show the world that not only Colorado, Detroit and Dallas have come a long way, but the Kings have as well!

    I certainly won’t feel bad when the Kings eliminate San Jose!

    Go Kings!


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