There is a very good reason we are struggling

In life, I like to think that I have been to the puppet show and seen the strings. I’m not a naive person. I have seen bad and I have seen great and much in between. While I am sure I have not seen it all or close to it, I have learned over the years that 3 things drive men and women more than anything else I have witnessed.

Inspiration, pressure and fear.

You can refer to it as motivation I suppose but just about everything we do in our lives fall into these three categories. Think about your own life and the great things you have achieved or the major fuck-ups that have resulted.

These hockey players are human, just like you. Their theater is simply on a different stage.

When you look at each of these, what do you see with this Los Angeles Kings team at this very moment before the playoffs.

It is hard to get inspired when where we are is where we are going to remain. Yes, they are professionals. However, even professionals understand that inspiration like energy comes in limited supplies. You can only muster so much and it is hard to fake it.

Pressure. Is there any? The pressure to perform is always there. We all like to think that we earn what we get. However, there is a much greater prize coming and the pressure that currently exists is to make sure nothing screws that up. The balls out style that the LA Kings play is not going to show itself until the playoffs. Now is not that time and there’s no pressure to do so now.

Fear. What happens if we lose? Not much. What happens if we don’t play well? Not much. There is very little fear driving these guys. Losing to Calgary or any of the games we have ahead are not going to affect playoff success.

The Anaheim game may be the only one that brings some of this out because it is very likely we will match up against them if we can eliminate San Jose. There will be a motivation to set a tone.

So relax. What you are seeing is human nature. It even happens to professional athletes.

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  1. The boys were playing an exhibition game last night until maybe the 2nd half of the 3rd period and I don’t blame them for it. The game means about as much as dogshit on rye. I just want the entire squad 100% healthy ready to go against SJ.

    The Ducks game…eh maybe since they’re both playoff bound. But I really wouldn’t care one way or the other. Sutter should just even the minutes out.

    By the way I like the way that Campbell kid plays.

    • I agree with you about Campbell. He’s made a few mistakes, but we can expect a little adjusting to the speed of the NHL. I believe that we’ll see more of him. We need another good stay-at-home D-man who is young and durable. He’ll be an asset to the Kings.

      • I don’t know how many more seasons Mitchell has in him. And Greene as well. Both UFA’s this summer.

        • Yes, Hat Trick, they are both big question marks. Let’s just hope they remain healthy for the playoffs.

  2. Great post Bobby, I agree on all points. It’s hard to manufacture that “fight or flight” response with nothing to lose or gain in the outcome. These guys are pros and it’s a regular day at the office for them. Sure they suit up and play their hardest but it’s not until they are thrown into those crucial games that the team will perform like the 2012 Kings did (hopefully).
    As for now they are going through the motions and I know they are thinking about the first round match-up against SJ. Like you said they are human and they gotta be getting mentally ready for them already…I don’t give a shit what they say about “taking it one game at a time”.
    Two games left until the second season.
    Oh yea, I’ve been reading the Sharks blogs and they have Dumbo Joe’s head on the incredible hulks body…..stating that’s how he’s played vs LA.
    It’s actually pretty funny

  3. I like this write-up as well. Perfectly articulated.

    Yeah, for the first time in awhile we can focus on getting as healthy as possible. I have zero problem with the way we’re playing at the moment.

    We need to just keep our legs moving to stay in top shape and the rest will play itself out.

    This is going to be an outstanding series!

  4. Nice post Bobby. However, though we shouldn’t expect the Kings to be playing balls-to-the-wall hockey for these last few games of the regular season, we still must expect them to play with good fundamentals. The glaring mistakes that they’ve been making are inexcusable. They can back it off a couple of notches, and just look for opportunities that present themselves, but they MUST maintain good hockey practice. Missed assignments and being badly out of position is a bad thing. They’re supposed to be making any positive adjustments that they need to in order to have a team that is READY for the 2nd season. I’ll feel better about the post season when I see them play a complete game; even if they don’t give a 100% effort.

  5. I think you have a typo there, where it says, “if we can eliminate San Jose.” It should be “when we can eliminate San Jose”

    • Now, that’s positive thinking!! :-) We can hope that the winning Kings show up at the dance! It’s been back and forth all season, but we DO know that they ARE capable of great things!

  6. Well put sir. I have been feeling way less pissed when we lose. Lost in the shootout I’m all pshhh, so…… Prepost season is the way I’m taking it. Playing around with lines, resting key guys.
    Kinda bummed we won’t meet the Ducks in the first round. Ill hardly be wanting them to get out of that round just so we can play them either. I do get the sense that nobody wants to play us. So we got that going for us. Which is nice. I wanna win the cup this year, of course. But I also feel like it’s totally possible. Fairly certain Boston comes out of the East. None of the teams in the West scare me one on one. It’s just beating them all that’s gonna be tough. Pretty damn proud Kings fan over here. There’s a reason this time of year is called “garbage time”. It’s nice to not have to sprint into the post season for a change. GKG \X/

  7. I can’t tell if we look good or the Oilers just suck real bad.


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