We won that Jennings trophy thingie

No team in the NHL has allowed fewer goals this season than the LA Kings.

That is cool.

Missing our best defenseman Drew Doughty the last 4 games has not been cool but it is smart and safe to save him for the playoffs.

Our offense is better too with the addition of Lord Marian.

Jake Muzzin doesn’t scare me this time around. He is better. Not great but better. The player about whom I am most concerned is Mike Richards. I see number 10 out there. Sure looks like him. I find myself missing him a lot.

As bad as he has been, the playoffs are a fresh start and he has earned the benefit of the doubt.

An often unspoken key to playoffs success for our Kings will be…give up? Faceoffs.

Surly is going to write stuff about playoff stuff and one of our readers may write stuff too. As for me, I am working today and this was hammered out during a brief lunch break…

Go Kings!

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  1. Me be toiling in the mines as well :-)
    Besode faceoffs I wpuld say we Really need to decrease the number of penalities!
    Yes a Few are necessary, but we put ourselves in a hole with all the 4 on 5.
    Here’s to Our Boys..May they have an AWESOME and WINNING Playoffs!!!

  2. A few things happening right now which were not happening this time last season:

    1. Kopitar scoring goals and dishing off assists along with winning faceoffs. He went AWOL from the score sheet and the faceoff circle last season.

    2. Willie Mitchell is playing hockey. Last season we had no Willie Mitchell and even with Willie playing at a little less than his usual healthy Willie, I’ll take his experience and defensive play.

    3. Mexicutioner is scoring goals and dishing off assists both full strength and on the power play. While Doughty might be injured, or not 100% having Martinez/Voynov/Doughty and the
    occasional Muzzin contributing goals or assists, this is a good thing.

    4. Marian Gaborik. You can put him on the 1st line, or move him to the 2nd line, but he is going to get his, and if he doesn’t, the other teams still have to back off and focus on him, which means more time and opportunity for others playing when he is on the ice to score goals or set them up.

    5. Quick is Quick regardless of who is out on the ice, Quick doesn’t care! In his mind he owns any player, and challenges them to beat him something which doesn’t happen very often if at all.

    6. San Jose is still San Jose, and if it takes 7 games or 4 games, they are still going to lose. They aren’t as big a threat especially to the Kings now as they were a few seasons ago. San Jose used to own the Kings in the playoffs. Last season Los Angeles got that monkey off their back, beating San Jose in the 2nd round. Each team defended home ice and won all games in their barn. What is different this season is, the Kings didn’t have to go through a physical war with St. Louis before getting the Sharks.

    7. Regardless of which line they are playing on, the Kings centers are much better than the Sharks centers. Kopitar/Carter/Stoll/Richards are better than what San Jose put out.

    I think we are going to see a more composed Kings team, and I think having wound up in the 3 slot is actually a big advantage especially after the 1st round.

    If things work out the way I think they will, this season the road to finals is going to be much easier because of the new playoff seeding format.

  3. Sharks are loose butthole. Kings are tight squeaky butthole.

  4. Since adding a winger from the Blue Jackets this season:

    19 Games
    54 goals for v. 40 goals against
    2.84 GPG v. 2.11 GAA

    Pro-rated over an entire season:
    2.84 GPG would be tied for 8th in the NHL
    2.11 GAA would be third in the NHL
    0.74 difference would be 2nd in the NHL (Boston still firmly in first)

    With both Gaborik & Doughty

    15 Games
    44 goals for v. 30 goals against
    2.93 GPG v. 2.00 GAA

    Pro-rated over an entire season:
    2.93 GPG would be 6th in the NHL
    2.00 GAA would be #1 in the NHL
    0.93 difference would still be 2nd in the NHL (seriously Boston was amazing this year)

    2012 After adding a winger from the Blue Jackets:

    41 Games
    122 goals for v. 74 goals against
    2.98 GPG v. 1.80 GAA

    Pro-rated over an entire season:
    2.98 GPG would have been 4th in the NHL
    1.80 GAA would have been 1st in the NHL
    1.18 difference would been 1st in the NHL

    All that is left now is to win 16 more games this season!

  5. I think with Hockey it is important to go with what is working. And currant. I liked the 4 lines when we played Oilers and Yokes..Think they were same.
    I think the chemistry of each of these lines works.
    I made the comment back then I was happy with any of the lines being out on the ice..they all jelled.
    Hope to see that senario repeated..and the Play that went with.
    T minus 3 days and counting


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