Regehr Should Sit, Richards To 4th, Time For Matt Greene

Robyn Regehr sucked. Victimized over and over, he was like Charlie Huddy at Huddy’s worst. HIT HIM WITH YOUR PURSE CHARLIE!

Mike Richards needs to start being a hockey player or stop pretending. He was dog shit yet again. I liked him on the fourth line and that is where he should stay with Clifford and Lewis. The three had chemistry,

Playing Jordan Nolan was stupid. Get Pearson there. Pearson-Carter-Toffoli

Dustin Brown should be with Stoll and King. Do you know I don’t remember seeing Stoll once this game?

How many turnovers did we have? 30? Stupid. I put some of this on the leadership group. Is nobody talking out there? Settling it down?


Sutter takes his share of the blame for those stupid lines.

And have the Kings forgotten how effective they are with quick passes and quick decisions with the puck? That is what opens seams and doesn’t give defensemen time to take away lanes.

We want a split. That’s it. Win Sunday, split.

I am not a “take the positive out of a good third” kind of motor scooter. I am black and white. Win or lose. Give your best or not good enough. The Kings should not forget where they are and what it takes to win a Cup.

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  1. It was bad……it was all bad. They were a step behind SJ most of the game. They took it to LA and made them forget how to play Kings hockey.
    The whole team played piss poor hockey. Fuck it, no use crying over spilt milk. Hoping for the split on Sunday.

  2. Yeah Regehr is not a skillfull dman and his hockey IQ is poor. He’s a dumptruck. He got torched several times, just like against Chicago last year. That 3rd goal was a joke. Either dive on the ice to take away the pass (doughty scuds) or take the guy closest to you totally out of the play so quick can focus on the one guy. Quick makes that save. That was a fucking terrible read. First 3 goals not quicks fault. Hey can we get some fucking D here? 2 sjs forwards outworking 4 of our guys in our zone for 2 periods!! And Toffoli will probably get benched for that turnover and half ass effort to get back on that 3rd goal. Wtf kid? Yeah bring up Pearson, he has good energy and is fast. I like your lines. Sutter’s Wtf?? And if Doughty is still hurt we are fucked. No Mitchell from cup run to bail us out. Voynov gets tossed around, Muzzin young dumb and full of…
    Also Sutter needs to start making adjustments in playoffs. Fuck park and ride, take a look at how they are beating us. I’m sure they’ve studied tape of Chicago skating circles around us and have found the holes. Plug that shit up Sutter and make fucking adjustments or we will get bounced quick. Hard headed cowboy.

  3. Regehr was not good and he could have done more to stop one or two of the goals. However, let’s not be so asinine as to blame them on him. Nearly every goal against was the direct result of a terrible offensive turnover by the forwards and their incompetence at breaking through the neutral zone with the puck, getting it deep and sustaining any meaningful pressure. They got caught cheating and stripped of pucks time and time again. The defense was not great, nor was Quick, but they were under constant assault because the forwards did absolutely nothing to alleviate pressure or put any on the Sharks for 40 minutes.

    • Yes, Surly, it WAS the entire team’s fault. I wouldn’t let up on anyone. The offense was totally out of sink. Yes, they got two decent goals and a lucky bounce goal, but that doesn’t mean that they played well.

  4. Jeff Carter did some pretty terrible back checking too. I agree bring in Greene, and Surly I also agree the forwards turned it ovef way too much and played bad in the neutral zone. Park and ride

  5. We discussed the line changes a few days ago. Some posted that these lines were the best lines to use. I was one of the posters who liked the new four-line arangement that worked. If it works, use it! Forget what, over and over again, didn’t work! As for the defense, that’s a real quandary! The Kings only have what they have. I certainly do hope they can get it in gear! However, Regehr certainly does deserve to be sat down. Give Green a chance to shine!

    The really sad thing about last night is that there weren’t even any good individual efforts! It’s bad enough that there was no coordination among the offensive lines, but when you see stupid individual moves that were embarrassing to each an every one of the fans you just want to scream with frustration!

    This goes back to Sutter. He has proven, to me, that he IS one dimensional. He’s screwed with this team all year, and he did it again last night! If something works, use it!!!!

    Surly is correct on the line arrangements. If Sutter doesn’t change the lines back to the ones that worked, with Richards on the 4th line, they deserve to go out in four straight!

  6. I wish Sutter would read Surly & Scribe! But he’s too pig headed. He thinks he’s right about everything. If you disagree, he’ll chastise you with his Sutterisms.

  7. I also blame no prayers to the hockey gods. Bring ‘Em back

  8. Things missing from last nights game:
    1. A clean check that ended Raffi Torres’ season. Preferably by Brown. Actually read some fanboy blog by Ryan Leong about how Mr. Torres is looking for retribution for his unfair suspension last season. Whatever dude. Biased much?
    2. A goal and a crushing check by Doughty.
    3. Regehr? WTF?
    4. Love AMart, but his head went missing in his ass last night.
    5. 1st line
    6. Second line
    7. Team pride
    That last one actually showed up in the 3rd period. Too little too late. I was afraid we were gonna go goalless. That would have been worse. Our defense has never gone missing for more than a couple of games, our offense is another concern. 3 goals is more than enough to win. 1st line has only really gelled with the balance of the 2nd and 4th lines prepost season. Dierdre was right about Sutter. They were both wrong about the lines in my opinion. GKG\X/

  9. Fuck this team and their piss poor play. Whatever it takes, drink a six pack of red bull before and during the game, snort smelling salts, put centipedes or tabasco sauce in their jock, get punched in the face by John Stevens before getting on the ice…something, they need something to wake them the fuck up. They obviously can’t do it on their own because last night proved they are lazy, unmotivated fucknuts that want to go home early and go to bed with their little teddy bears.

    • There’s the Hat trick I remember when I first joined this site :-)
      Not that I agree with you but you did make me smile. Anger I felt in words.
      Read comments. .don’t like to til I have commented so not to influence my thoughts.
      As Surly said pre game ..or maybe it was another pre game read..whatever..Sharks were going to go with speed and stretch passes..where did we see that before. .yeah ..Chicago..and look what they did to us. Our Forecheck So important for this type of team and type of game they play. It was we played their game..very poorly and lost. I think you could fault almost every guy last night.
      Quick was not good..first goal..focus freeze? 4 or 5 th goal..below the blue traffic..catching hand..miss..he is better then that.
      Carter was there for the play. .ineffective. He is not the best
      at defence.

      • They sure did as they took the Kings over their knees and spanked em.

        Just boggles my mind how they could be so unprepared. For the first two periods it looked they’ve never played as a team before. Whatever, I say bag skate em till they puke while flashing images of sharks players as they skate up and down the ice over and over and over again. I think that should get them in the right frame of mind. :)

        • I agree, Hat Trick! I know that Sutter screwing with the lines hasn’t been easy for the players, but I didn’t see quality individual efforts out of anyone. Your idea of punishing the guys works for me. If they don’t want to work hard they can give me their salarys! I hope Sutter smartens up and puts the lines back to the way they were when they were winning. If he doesn’t, we can expect that it will be a waste of our time to even watch them … as they lose the next three games. At least they can go out with a fight … if the lines are changed up. Maybe they can win one or two games. I don’t feel very optimistic. I hope they have a miraculous turn around!!

        • Lol you’re probably joking but just in case you’re serious, let me explain why that’s not a good idea. Toffoli’s legs have been shot the entire second half of the year. Creates no separation anymore. Dude is out of shape. Horrible prospect development as usual. Even when he played pretty well earlier in the year, he was still just the same guy who played pretty well last postseason. No actual improvement which you’re supposed to get from prospects.

          Kopitar also looked slow in game 1, like he had tired legs. Williams’ legs have been tired and declining all year unfortunately. Brown’s legs have been gone all year too. Regehr’s look worse than ever. Mike Richards is in the Dustin Brown boat too. Any speed he once had is gone.

          Basically, we need our players’ legs to improve for game 2, not get tired out by a bag skate. They should all be in the trainers room getting their legs worked on, drinking and eating stuff that helps the lactic acid in their muscles and whatever else helps with that stuff, and resting their legs so they actually work this time when game 2 comes around.

  10. I agree with this I said a few times last night..
    one exception..RR..if he sits it should Not be for lack of anything…He is a good D for us.
    I think pairing DD with a vetran..better idea then with JM..but a lot of us have said that all year..esp important in the playoffs.
    Going to read Insider now..with clearer and calmer head.
    This is a all encompassing sport for us Fans no?

  11. Ha ha! I find it amusing when the entire team sucks as a whole, how each fan picks out the guys they like least and proceed with a tongue lashing.

    I do agree with Perister regarding the lines we employed with some success shortly before the season ended with Carter manning the 2nd line center position and Richards manning the 4th line.

    I get what TM was doing giving experience priority on top but experience didn’t get it done last night, nor for most of the year. I usually think the same way but Richards has been consistently bad, and didn’t do anything last night to change my mind.

    I seriously don’t know why Pearson is on the bench while TT plays. If you ask me, Pearson has been the better overall greenhorn. Do you put the both greenhorns with Carter on the 2nd line in the playoffs against a good damn team? 98% of the time I would say no, but after last nights results, I would seriously consider it.

    Just for the record, I have purposely watched TT during all our tough and dirty games and I’m not fully on board with this young man at the moment. Not saying he’s worthless, just saying his value is much lower on my scale than most other fans. And in my mind it has nothing to do with how he’s been moved around, it’s his responsibility to be productive no matter where he plays just like everyone else.

    I’m not worried, we’ll be fine. Everyone will rebound, including us fans, and we’ll have a splendid second game.

    • I wish I could be as optimistic as you, Kingnation13. The Kings have only had short periods of success this season … where they have looked like they were gelling. For the most part, however, they’ve been very inconsistent.

      As for Toffoli, I believe that the only way he’s going to find success, in the near term, is to play on the right side. He also needs to be with a skilled Left Winger and Center. A coach can teach him to play the left wing later … after he’s made his adjustment to the NHL.

      • I agree whole heartedly, Persister! He needs to stay on the right side. It is extremely tough to find your way in the big boys league while playing out of position. I don’t care what line he plays on, but the right side is definitely preferable.

        Aslo, regarding my last post, I don’t think TM is coaching our beloved team anymore. I meant Sutter. :)

  12. I don’t think Greene in Regehr out improves anything honestly. Same problems with both guys, big and slow. AMart may sit and Greene play, now that AMart isn’t scoring, and floating the puck right on opposing players sticks in our zone. Doesn’t help how slow we are on the left side either way. Just wide open on that side. Practically every breakdown came from there.

    • Good observation, Hamburgular! The left side, indeed, had many problems last night.

    • AMaet is the favotite scapegoat isn’t he? That is BS.
      We are slower…that is why
      FORECHECK leading to

      • No, no, jockey, I’m not blaming Alec. I just agreed with Hamburgular regarding the left side last night. Alec plays on the right side. He’s safe! :)

        All our D had problems last night because the Sharks had full ice press all night, while all our forwards were playing peek-a-boo! LOL

        Everything went wrong last night. I’m telling you, we’ll regroup and have a much better game Sunday. There’s too much pride and experience in out locker room to get outplayed like that again.

        • I know you were not picking on Alex..just Mother Sutter’s deal.
          Yes I do think the Room will regroup..I was pleading that last one listened!
 Important word for Proud Athletes..I believe thay is True.

          • I think we can all agree that the Kings have a lot of talent, Hockeyjockey. The two big problems, as I see it, is:

            1. The King’s solid defense hasn’t been so solid lately
            2. Sutter’s insistence on putting those lines back together when they hadn’t been working

            The time for experimenting is over. If Sutter doesn’t know what works by now, it isn’t going to get done!

            I don’t know why he won’t put those lines back together. Who cares how young the players are. If they produce, that’s a good thing. Look at Detroit and Colorado! They have a lot of young players!

          • Agree!
            on both counts..

      • Hardly scapegoating anyone. He turned the puck over like 4x without pressure. Team sports aren’t lost by one player who is only on the ice for 18 mins. Plus I’ve never bad mouthed AMart. You must be confusing me with someone who doesn’t know shit.

        • Ha, ha! Good one Hamburgular! :-)

        • ahhh I didn’t mean You!
          He just gets put on the hot seat by Sutter et al when I see our marquee players have numerous errors if not leading to an opponent goal being the play that led to the play that led to the goal.
          (run on opps)
          You know your shit :-)
          I think the only player that did his job last night was Kopi…his line was decent. And of couse I Love Kopi, how can you not..but I have other guys I like better
          None of them gets star from me for that game. We are jusy better then that.
          I am watching our game 6 of
          THE YEAR..remembering what we can do.

  13. Well fuck you! I am a motor scooter guy I have 5 of them 4 Vespas’ and one Gilera Runner.
    Unlike the team that was wearing that white sweaters last night, my bikes are fast, and dependable. I take those fuckers onto the 118/405/210/5 I don’t give a shit, they go, I pass cars in most of the lanes, even split lanes.
    My bikes are tuned, unlike those white sweaters on the ice last night. 2-stroke bikes with Malossi kits, larger carbs, loud ass expansion chambers that jack them up from being 125cc to 171cc or from 150cc to 177cc. Hell even my Gilera which is a automatic or as we like to call them “Twist n Go’s” are kitted. Ever ridden a 180cc 2 stroke automatic scooter? Its fast, I liken it to an asphalt Jetski except with 2 disk brakes front and rear on 13in wheels.
    But enough about my hobby that I have been participating in for 34 years, and yes The Who and Quadrophenia did change my life, but so did Punk Rock, the Mod Revival, Ska and New Wave.
    Last night was embarrassing and I hope these guys are embarrassed for not showing up and forgetting its the playoffs. WTF it was a complete clusterfuck with the only sign of life occurring after the plug was pulled on Quick to live to fight another day, but that was too late for that move.
    A period in hockey is 20 minutes, someone should remind the guys in the white sweaters that its 20 minutes not 18 or 15 but 20 minutes.
    If they had been awake, they could have come out of the 1st period down 1-0 but no they forgot 20 minutes, that last 60 seconds was an abortion should have never happened.
    The 1st goal was luck, even if Quick didn’t see that Burns got lucky, and Pavelski was right there waiting. If Thornton isn’t there that puck hits Quicks pad and doesn’t go in the net. Thornton barely changed the path the puck was going on when little Joe shanked it, and caused it to go right by Quick’s left pad.
    1-0 so what!
    Now as for Mike Richards, this is supposed to be his time, or at least that is what we keep hearing. Honestly Mike Richards isn’t the same player he was a few seasons ago, and I think he is done in terms of being an above average hockey player. He took one too many head shots and has never been the same.
    Drew Doughty might not be 100%, but enough with the pull and drag shit, SJ was not falling for it and every time he tired that move, the Sharks player was sprawled out on the ice and causing Doughty to lose his shot lane.
    As for the rest of the team, what is so fucking hard about shooting the god damn puck stick side on a goalie who has been torched multiple times stick side high, stick side mid? He isn’t going to be beat on many glove side shots that he sees, so either get traffic in front of him or shoot the puck stick side high.
    For some reason they also looked like the Josef Stumpel and Ziggy Palffy passing show last night. Look, you don’t get points for how the goal is scored, you get points when you shoot the puck and the puck goes in the net. Stop trying to be cute and forget about getting a little closer to the net.
    The Sharks kicked the shit out of the Kings last night because the Kings allowed them to pretty much have their way with them.
    Mike Brown the uber Hebrew well I didn’t see much of a response from his shoving of the rag doll that got in his way. He’s a tough MF but someone needs to step up from that 3rd or 4th line.
    Dwight King is too nice! I wish he had more DJ in him, same with Kopitar dude needs to seriously stop letting teams take cheap shots at him. Dude has to stick up for himself and stop being nice.
    Dustin Brown well he’s been missing like most of the teeth, and even with a mediocre return after the Olympics, he’s not exactly lighting the lamp behind the goal and his checking might be registering a hit, but its not a shot that causes the opposition to blow snot bubbles, or get rubber legs and seeing those little birdies flying around like we see in cartoons.
    Jake Muzzin might have scored a goal but I am sorry, the Kings need someone who is more consistent or physical or just better than Muzzin.
    The Kings need to dress 7 defensemen but who is the odd man out on offense? Pearson does deserve to get some time, but the Kings also need Nolan just because Clifford can’t be the only guy out on the ice to try to exact some revenge.
    There was no GAP control last night, none this is another thing that caused the Kings all sorts of problems.
    I just hope Sutter bag skates these pussies, but wake the fuck up, you got your asses handed to you last night. You need to win game 2 otherwise start packing your bags for a long summer.
    If they bow out, Lombardi better figure out how to upgrade a few positions over the summer because the old men playing defense, are old, and slow and the Kings don’t have anyone to really just step up and take over one of the possible 2 spots opening up for next season.
    Brayden McNab? We’ll see but Forbort nope, and Gravel well dude just finished his time with St. Cloud so I don’t expect to see him up next year unless something changes over the summer and into next season.
    San Jose is blowing by the Kings, much the same way Chicago did, so that should serve as a warning to DL that his 1970’s Broad St Bullies mentality has become extinct, especially in a league where speed is no longer neutralized by clutching, and grabbing, hooking and interfering.

    Oh and no I don’t have those lights and mirrors on my scooters! Its a scooter not a Christmas parade float. I grew up, I’ll take performance over looking like a spaceship that can’t split lanes because all those mirrors and lights make your bike 10ft wide. You don’t use them anyway so why bother?

    • Well, Modcoop, I don’t know anything about scooters, but I agree with everything you said about the Kings. That game was truly embarrassing!! I don’t see this getting much better. The Sharks are playing better than they have in a long time, and the Kings haven’t been right all season long. Anything is possible, but that doesn’t mean it is probable.

    • My black, 1600 cc window rattling Softtail thinks your scooters are cute

      • See the difference between “cute” and Softtail is easy! You call AAA when your bike which you only take out on occasion to ride and pretend like you are cool breaks down, while I can fix mine on the side of the road and not have to look like an eejit sitting there waiting for the tow truck to come tow me home.

      • Real motors are measured in cubic inches, and foot pounds of torque. Silly bikers.

    • What is an uber Hebrew?

  14. I hope you guys are recording the Detroit/Boston game! This is original six hockey at its best!! This is going to be an awesome series!!!

  15. This game was the best thing that could have happened to them. A good ass kicking to wake them the fuck up and make em realize to quit living off 2012. They are not gonna sneak up on anybody anymore. The whole league knows they are an elite team so they gotta take their game to the next level. Richards and Brown need to stop being fucking pussies and man up. We win 4-2 on Sunday.

  16. Great comments …I agree but see things a bit different ….The kings were off about a second because their tempo is the same as the last 5 reg season games ( which sucked) and the sharks where just that split second faster hungrier they are in playoff tempo and just flat out played us. Sure we can jumble the lines a bit but.. I dont put as much into that.. because we have a team system and when we have the tempo down! it doesn’t matter who’s playing with who ( except one on one match ups here or there ) . To be positive Im glad this happened now rather than later. I think last year was more about being stingy playing strong D and not getting rattled. If you ask me our “Kings super defensive team” came right out of the gate trying to be “Mr individual” “offensive team” and got burned …thats not us! so snap out of it… pick up the tempo hit some mo fos (so you dont have to be one on one so much) and let Qwick close the door and win games.

    • Yes, CPP, you’re correct that the Kings were, consistently, a couple of steps slower than the Sharks. Yes, the Kings were most certainly flat. And they’ve been flat a lot this season. Look at those long losing streaks that we fans had to suffer through.

      They did, however, have a significant change in their attitudes and performances when Sutter put the lines together in a significantly different way. This arrangement puts Richards on the 4th line. We saw Richards playing better, and he even scored, for a change! Toffoli was back on the right side. And Carter centered the second line.

      If this team has any chance of beating the Sharks, and moving on to the second round, this needs to happen again.

      Is there hope? I hope so.

  17. RR was bad, but both Carter and Mike Richards were invisible. No idea what happened to MR this year, but he has been consistent…bad!


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