Every Fighter Has a Plan…Until He Gets Hit.

There are certain adages about fighting engrained in me.

1. Fighting is stupid. Avoid it if you can.

2. If you must fight, never hit a guy just once. All you do is piss him off.

3. Defense first. If you cannot avoid a punch, you may never land a punch.

4. Hit small, miss small. Sternum, ribs and kidney shots can end fights faster than a head shot.

5. Everyone has a plan until they get hit.

On Thursday night, the L.A. Kings went in with a plan…and they were hit. Hard. And it finally took the better fighters that night in San Jose to back off before the Kings were able to land a few.

Tomorrow, it’s a different fight. We are a little bruised, our egos especially, and our opponents come in with confidence that they had their way with us. If you can break the man’s spirit, you can generally break the man and everyone has a breaking point.

The Kings must not enter Sunday’s game with a plan to compete, play well or any other vague, feel-good intention.

Tomorrow is a fight. It cannot be avoided. It must be bloody. Someone must lose and we must defend well first, counter punch second and, when given the opportunity, break ribs, fracture bones and knock San Jose out, not just down. The Kings must be opportunists and relentless when given it. San Jose must not feel the toe end of their skates.

There cannot be an absent Dustin Brown, a milquetoast Mike Richards and every player to the man must treat Sunday’s game like it’s the last game of their career.

Today, I saw the Columbus Blue Jackets win their first playoff game. I was thrilled. I got chills. Watching the highlights, those boys were playing for their hockey identity and manhood. They didn’t ask, they took. They left it all on the ice and won as a team.

Anything less from our Kings and we may kiss our hope of a second round matchup with Anaheim goodbye.

San Jose has not forgotten about last season’s playoff loss, after a 2-0 lead. The wounds are fresh. We must not let them heal. We must open them wide and make them bleed. Those boys think we’re beat up. They think we’re hurt. Hurt we must deliver. Pain we must inflict.

Surly will write the prayer.

Let’s Go Kings!

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  1. If you’ve ever watched game of thrones, Kings can be pretty ruthless too. A bloody contest indeed. We will drink wine and dance and feast on the flesh of Shark. I will have my bed chambers festooned with their guts. (Alright that was gangs of new york). It will take 20 wenches 2 weeks to clean up after the slaughter. GKG\X/ Don’t disappoint me.

  2. Glad you went back to the old (better) format.

  3. I just finished watching a 2 day between work marathon of Game 6 and the Parade and Rally :-)
    (With some Japanase Racing in between).
    May becone my new Playoff tradition.
    My Rose colored Glasses are on..My Representing clothes ready for work tomorrow.
    Happy Easter All..and we know what will make it a GREAT one.

  4. Speaking of blood, I just saw the Seabrook hit on Backes. Big head shot! Chicago might be finished and I’m not sad about it!

    • Chicago hasn’t been playing like the Chicago of old. They’ve been playing like the angry Canucks and Sharks. That isn’t the way to win. I like the way the Blues are playing!

  5. Is Hoven a Ducks fan now?

  6. I’ve been watching some fabulous games … except for the way Tampa and LA have played! I don’t think Tampa will turn it around, BUT I certainly do hope that LA does!

    Go Kings!!

  7. To see,
    To bleed,
    Cannot be taught,
    In turn your making us,



  8. WAY TO START!!!

  9. Yeh! They’re working hard tonight! And Quick is spectacular!


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