What the Mother Sutting Hell?

I just read the practice lines were the same as the lines for game one. I am no doctor…actually I am a doctor…but what is the thought process that keeps the goofy, chemistry-devoid 2nd through 4th together?

Nobody is advocating the Terry Murray Line Blender 2.0 but come on!

We previously had a good four sets and ran four solid lines…


No matter what lines ultimately play, I know we’ll get a great defensive effort from the boys. San Jose can be shut down. The question is whether the leadership group can elevate to playoff mode.

The Kings go as Brown goes and when he plays that dominant game where he is a beast of a wrecking ball and is looking to score each time out there, we can’t be stopped.

Dustin Brown remains our engine.

We need all 12 that he has under the hood.

Come on Captain.

O’ Captain, my Captain, light thy fire…

…and leave the Sharks amidst a funeral pyre.

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  1. I blame surly. No pregame sac religious prayer to the hockey gods

  2. Well … if he keeps the same lines, I don’t have any hope for winning the series. I hope I’m wrong.

  3. I’d like to dedicate this little ditty to SJ. Let tonight be the beginning of the end of these dirtbags. Plus the chick is a little hottie.

  4. not shocked. disappointed. lines may change in LA. unless we win tomorrow. lame.

  5. There is one element that I don’t think was mentioned. In the third period, the Sharks played more of a prevent defense. They didn’t consistently pressure the Kings like they did in the first 40 minutes. This gave the Kings a bit more room to work. So, no one should be too excited about the Kings playing so much better in the 3rd. I’ve seen this happen countless times. The team that has scored many goals will ease up on the losing team, because they don’t want to look like they’re stomping on the losers.

    I certainly hope the Kings can find a way to play better. If they can match the intensity of the Sharks, they just might have a chance. It certainly won’t be an easy task.

  6. Well F.*.*.*!!!
    Guess us Fans know nothing..are clueless..etc.
    I am baffled..no words..
    ahhhh ..crap.

  7. Come on Brownie light my Fire ;-D

  8. Richards needs to be back on the 2nd line. A combination of toffoli, brown, king or pearson needs to be in that left wing spot until something works. The top line is ok. We need to go back to what works. Richards on the 4th is a wasted roster space.


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