Kings – Sharks 1:2 – Reset, Renew, Reclaim

I know when I’ve done wrong. I don’t shy away from responsibility. I refuse to let stubbornness disinfect a critical, viral change.

Shit needs to change. The Kings, as myself.

We all know what went wrong in game 1. “Everything” sums it up nicely. Always good to be succinct. Much vitriol has been thrown Robyn Regehr’s way, with Mike Richards and Dustin Brown skulking close behind in the feces gallery. Scapegoats are for losers.

Team failures can not be distilled to rest on the laurels of singular efforts. Individual performances are of course, always a factor. Sure, tell me Regehr was worse than the rest and I’ll tell you that herpes is more noticeable on blondes. I’m as disappointed in Kopitar and Quick as I am with Regehr, Richards or Brown. The former two are expected to be elite but were mediocre. The latter three were not good, but their expectation is to be good. Equally disparate offenses in my eyes.

Am I one to be negative? Belabor yesterday’s mistakes? Momentarily, sure. All things, from your modem to your marriage, at some point, must be reset. So to, the Kings.

Today is a new game. Game one only means as much as we allow game two to reaffirm or invalidate it.

The lines seem to be remaining the same. I find this infuriating. However, again, this speaks to the reflexivity of individual performances. The lines matter only so much as they differentiate themselves from the median of the group. Their import arises inversely to the substance of singular efforts. Combinations are stagnant but this does not preclude renewal of execution.

There isn’t much use in pointing out what the Kings can do better. While I attribute a shade of the Sharks’ game one dominance to their own home-induced hyperactivity, assuredness is the most critical aspect of the Kings’ game they need to reclaim.

For myself and my sins.

Whilst I meant no scorn to be lain at the feet of the gods of puck, a dismissal of ritual rippled across the ice ether nonetheless. Do not blame Kingbot. He is innocent and ready for action.


I, we, must return to roots, lay sacrifice and testament. Absolution of failures via faithfulness of prayer.

So, to the hockey gods, those that came before and those that will come, to those that be, we beseech.

Our Kings, who art in the playoffs,
Hallowed be thy game,
Thy Kingdom come, thy wills be done,
On foreign ice, as it has been before.
Give us this day our defense, and forgive us our reliance upon it,
As we punish those Sharks who trespass against us,
And lead us over these heinous fools,
Over their gilled corpses to victory.


Rev up. It’s game two.

Go nuts.




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49 replies

  1. Amen.GKG \X/

  2. Amen! Nothing says Easter like a hockey blood bath! Got to bring it boys!

  3. Man hockey is so much more relaxing when you don’t give a shit who wins.

    • Lol. My wife bust out laughing when she saw Roenick in his pink suit. Chicks are laughing at you dude. Don Cherry you are not. I wonder what he will cry about this year. GKG\X/

  4. When did the expectations on Mike Richards and Dustin Brown get downgraded to “good”? Sure, Rick isn’t Kopi, and Brown isn’t Carter, but they have to be a hell of a lot better than good for this team to win a championship, as they were in ’12. I would even say that they do need to be elite within their specific roles.

    • Rick in particular has to be in the same conversation with Kopi, Thornton, and Couture, unless we’re fortunate enough that one of their top 2 is out to lunch.

      Good is what I expect from Jarret Stoll.

  5. Yes, our elites were contained by their top defense pairing. That is generally what happens in playoff games. What has to happen is your 3 & 4 lines all have to elevate their game. Guys like Nolan, Lewis and Stoll have to be a factor. A guy like AMart has to catch napping wingers by surprise and be a factor. That’s not saying they all have to score, but they have to draw attention and require the Sharks to spend energy that they would others wise save for neutralizing the likes of Gaborik, Kopitar, Carter and Doughty.
    It’s the relentless rolling of 4 lines that wins playoff games and series. Don’t let your foot off they throats and don’t give them a chance to breathe.

  6. *ahem*

    Hail Kopi, full of grace, the fans are with thee.
    Blessed art thou amongst players and blessed are the fruit of thy skills, goals.
    Holy Kopi, dominant of centers, play for us sinners,
    Now until the hour of our Cup.


    Say it loud and say it proud!

  8. Also, I like this format much better. Thank you for changing it back.

    No prayers, new format…shit was getting out of control.

    Has anyone else had the problem of getting more aggressive the closer the game gets! I’m getting downright nasty in my demeanor. I ready bitches!

  9. The new #10 commandment: thou shalt play like you give a shit, Mike Richards. The Lord Commands it!!!

  10. Quick in beast mode. Liking what I’m seeing so far. Odd man rushes are a little scary. Up 2-0, feel pretty good.

    • You are so right, Hamburgular! The Kings are playing better, as a whole, but without Quick’s fabulous play, it would be much different! The Sharks are strong, so it’s going to take some great hockey to keep this lead!

      Let’s hope the Refs don’t screw us like they did with Tampa!

  11. I was not wanting to see Thursday nite’s lines..and
    We sure didn’t. .I couldn’t tell you what the lines were. .I think ass coach assigned each player a #..roll the dice 3 times..ok you guys up
    20 min down..40 to Go..
    This IS Our Team!!
    They came to play..and were Ready at the Start of game!!!

  12. Fucksake! Stopped hitting. How in the fuck does Quick make the stops he does in the first and then let in that garbage in the second period. Brown and Richards playing at the ends of their sticks.

    • 2nd goal I still swear Quick needs eye exam..slow reaction!
      3rd goal total screen.
      We stopped the gap control and the stick to stick went where???
      sharks are carnivorous opportunists..We betrer dig down and Want this..Desperate Agression Please!

  13. I’m pretty much speechless…

      after Goal #4 I would Absolutely have pulled Quick!!!!!!!!!
      He is Not RIGHT!!!
      These guys may be Professionals but I still hurt for them.
      I have muted..Will Not rewatch or record Any of this
      Embarassing Shit…damnittohell
      Oh and since when did we rehire mr I am a stupid
      non-budging jackass Murray back to coach???

  14. I regret eating a large dinner! I’m feeling very nauseous!! :-( Five unanswered goals!!!!

  15. Can somebody start a fight or give a shit or something? I miss Simmonds.

  16. I’m sorry but pull #32…….his head isn’t in this series. It’s not about the man it’s about the win.
    Put my aunt Jean in there….I don’t give a fuck!

  17. Sorry! Make that six unanswered goals!!!!

  18. Fuck… heart… pride….no balls….how does it feel getting your ass handed to you two games in a row? 12 mother fucking goals in two games?!?! Take that Jennings trophy and put that fucker in goal……maybe it can stop SJ from scoring. I’m drunk and pissed off. Fuck everything.

  19. Make that seven unanswered goals!!!!

  20. It’s a one and done season.

    Went a little something like this.

  21. Well … I know I was exaggerating, but the game did finally end! Thank goodness! The way it was going, I expected it to be seven goals! I’m not feeling good about this!! :-(

  22. All you can say is FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. AHAHAHAHAHA!!! We suck in this series!!!
    Sharks are tight squeaky buttholes!
    Kings are shitty, loose, can’t stop a leak from my nephews over active bladder….buttholes

  24. The blame for how this team is performing right now can be placed on lombardi. He’s done jack since we won the cup.

  25. The LA KIngs send Mike Richards +______ to the Jets for E. Kane +_____….

  26. What’s sad is that my daughter looked at me and said (she’s 11) I’ve never seen them play like this

  27. 7 dmen? 11 forwards? They’re 4th line killed us. I like Sutter but he blew that shit.

  28. Greene wasn’t what we have seen…

  29. Put in Pearson. Only 6 dmen

  30. Haven’t I posted on here about how important the crowd is, and how SJ’s fans know how to, or are directed how to, cheer for their team way better than the Kings do? It’s like every time anything good happens for the Sharks, even just a nice hit, the crowd goes crazy for the next twenty minutes, the visiting team gets jittery as hell, and the Sharks score two or three quick goals. That home crowd is one of the most effective I’ve ever seen. You will see a totally different game in LA where it’s much more quiet, much more subdued, and you’ll see the result on the ice. Without all that adrenaline, the Sharks won’t look as fast, and the Kings will have more more time to exit the zone and get through the neutral zone. Just watch, it will be night and day. i saw it last year too.

    But the point is that crowd is killing us. Whatever they do in their building, putting up cheers on the scoreboard or whatever whenever the team needs momentum, why don’t we do that? Having Bailey start every cheer isn’t even 10% as effective, and he can only do it mostly during stoppages in play. The key with the Sharks is they start it during the run of play like every couple minutes. I know a lot of people here scoffed at the notion that the crowd was so important when I brought it up earlier in the year, but I was right. I even mentioned it specifically with regards to SJ. It’s one of the biggest advantages they have over us, as crazy as that sounds. That crowd does so much to them.

    I mean what happened tonight? We were winning 2-0. Then Mike Brown scored. Guess what, we were still winning, 2-1. Everything was fine. But what happened? It got the crowd into the game and they didn’t stop. We were up 2-1, but the crowd made it feel like the Sharks were all of a sudden winning, and soon enough they were winning. The crowd probably got in Quick’s head, too. They frustrate you, amp you up, make you impatient, make the goalie swat at pucks and forget his form, make the players try to get it all back immediately and stickhandle up the ice turning the puck over the offensive blueline, leading to odd man rushes. We saw this all. I wrote about this on this very blog during the regular season. How am I aware of this but the Kings aren’t?

  31. And Willie Mitchell has been atrocious. I think he needs to sit. If I was Sutter, this is what I would do, crazy as it sounds.

    Gaborik – Kopitar – Brown (We need Brown, and while he’s a pretty ordinary player, he still has pretty good speed, pretty good hands, a pretty good shot, and he gets in on the forecheck. He doesn’t have enough talent to do much on his own, but playing with Kopitar opens everything up. Williams is a step slower than Brown and hasn’t worked well with Kopitar lately, plus I think his hands will add a different dynamic to the third line than Brown did)

    Pearson – Richards – Carter (Yes Richards is a mess but with two bigger wingers who can skate on his wing, I think it fits perfectly with his game

    Toffoli – Stoll – Williams (This is tricky because all three of these guys have had dead legs all series, but as third lines go it’s still stacked on paper with “the best third line center ever” in Jarret Stoll… which is total bullshit… but if Williams and Toffoli can’t even be effective top 9 forwards, let alone the top 6 forward they’re supposed to be, then we’re pretty much screwed anyway.

    King – Lewis – Nolan (two power forwards with Lewis, but at least they’re the two with hands, relatively speaking, rather than Clifford who, when paired with Lewis, means 2/3 of the line can’t handle the puck at all, which is a recipe for disaster)

    Martinez – Doughty
    Forbort – Voynov
    Muzzin – Colin Miller

    I don’t even know… I worry about an undersized third pairing like that, and I worry about having Voynov as the experienced defensive stalwart on a pair with Forbort, but everyone else has just been so bad. You have to be able to skate vs this team, so automatically Regehr, Greene, and Mitchell are all out.

    But I’ve been right about Regehr and everything else Dean has been wrong about so far, so I have to go with my gut: Colin Miller is a gem. And Forbort is brimming with talent as well. This will make our defense about twice as fast, and maintain some of its size with Forbort, but it will actually be mobile size which makes a huge difference.

    Anyway, the lines are actually pretty interchangeable. The truth is I don’t really have any ideas. This team needed Vanek at the deadline and much more. Why did we let Cammalleri not get traded without offering up a 2nd round pick or whatever? It’s not like he’s great or anything but he would be our third or fourth best forward at this point. Might even be better than Gaborik at this point actually, the more I see of Gaborik. And he has a knack for playoff goals. He, Plekanec, and Briere have the je ne sais quoi in the playoffs.

    So I don’t know what to do. Im not sure we have the horses to keep up with SJ now that they have all these new weapons. But Colin Miller was so impressive to me in preseason, looked like a bigger, faster Voynov with very similar offensive skills. I wont say better offensively than Voynov just because Voynov has a little more dangle, but overall, potentially better than Voynov. And Forbort… I mean is he retarded? Because for a 6’5″ defenseman who can skate and has decent hands to not be a good player in the NHL, he would have to be retarded. I’ve said it so many times, Forbort is the 2nd or 3rd most talented defenseman on our team. THE NHL TEAM. RIGHT NOW. So why didn’t he get his chance? Why didn’t the team at least do ITS DUE DILIGENCE during the regular season, when our playoff position was stuck in place, to at least see what we had in all these guys going into the playoffs, just in case a situation like this took place and we needed to change things up? And who knows, maybe, like Martin Jones, some of them would have surpassed all expectations and earned roster spots and made our team much better for games 1 and 2 and maybe helped us win one of those games to avoid this situation altogether?

    Coming from my business background I’m just constantly perplexed at how this organization looks past so many common sense measures just all the time. It’s like the organization is run not by intelligent, experienced, proven business people, but by kids playing fantasy hockey or something for fun, putting no thought into it. I will never understand it. You’re locked into a playoff position, you have a great opportunity to see if you have anything that can help you in the AHL and also a great opportunity to rest some of your key players who clearly needed it (Brown, Toffoli, Stoll, Williams, etc), but you don’t even give guys like Forbort, Miller, and Andreoff a single game? It completely blows my mind. Do these guys even come into work in the morning? I just don’t understand it at all. I just don’t. And it’s really frustrating.


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