When Kings know not what to do, they ought not to do what they know not.

“If you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.”

I have been most of my adult life an avid reader and follower of Sun Tzu’s Art of War. I apply it most to my business life. It is singularly the book that teaches victory and trains the mind against defeat.

Moments before I wrote this post, the above quote hit me hard.

The Kings do not know their enemy for they play to a man onto its territory and by the enemy’s rules of engagement.

The Kings clearly do not know themselves for they have laid down their arms and invited the enemy to pillage.

The general has no answers. No change. No adaptation to the conditions. For him to keep Quick in net was shameful.

The captain is impotent and disinterested.

The leadership is fragmented.

The foot soldiers have no leadership. No direction.

The Sharks are what Sun Tzu would call a clever fighter. When given the road, they do not expend mountains of energy. They use their skill to score with ease. They are not built for a bloody ground war but for flight.

And yet our ground troops fight in the air without wings and wonder why they are shot out of the sky.

Know thy enemy.
Know thyself.
The Kings know neither.

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  1. Well if that’s true, then all is lost.

  2. Thumbs down. Oh and i lived in a Taoist temple and read Sun Tzu on the daily. Try an inspirational poem or something they suit you better. And us.

  3. Either leave the page blank and drink it off like the rest of us or attempt to offer something constructive. I see no rainbow at the end of your shit tirade. Your guys’ fatalistic wit didn’t break our spirits during the STL series last year when we told you we would take 3 and 4 (and then some), so eat these two games and move on.

    • St. Louis of last year and San Jose of this year aren’t remotely comparable. St. Louis didn’t have much serious offensive threat nor a real no. one center. No 40 goal scorer backed up by a lot of 25-30 goal scorers.

      The Kings have too many forwards who are not a threat to even contribute the odd goal in the playoffs. Chicago Sj Boston – even the Rangers and thenDucks get offensive contributions up and down the lineup. If our first and second lines are neutralized then beyond goals from Muzz and Lewis the others at the Very Least need to neutralize the Sharks fourth line!! Not get blistered by them.

      And I still lay a good chunk of the responsibility at Lombardi’s insistence on not being a a bit more elastic in his philosophy (speaking of philosophy).

  4. And Jim Fox pointed out how the Sharks were creating lateral movement and shooting right off the pass …..,,,,, and that’s their Fourth liners. The Kings third and fourth lines seem to be struggling just to maintain a reasonable skill level. Plus too slow on the back end when pressured in certain occasions and the Sharks speed is forcing mistakes, turnovers and creating odd man rushes.
    This is the playoffs, not the regular season and a different version of what I saw last year in the WCF. It just looks a whole lot worse.

    • I wasn’t comparing the competition of last year’s series to this one – I was speaking upon the backbone of the fanbase and in particular, this blog. Any fan is aware of the looming issues, but I do believe we can pull out these next two home wins – and that will restore some semblance of our Kings. I don’t have to remind any of you of the numbers between these two teams when it comes to home ice, and despite the nature of our last two losses, I certainly don’t have to remind you of SJ’s choking hazard. I may be an optimist in a sea of piss, but I don’t even see the usual whimsical line changes or who should sit/play argument – just piss and shit and tears. We hate this team. We beat them consistently on our ice. Consistency. This isn’t the team of 2011, and this series is not over.

      • Pardon me Stephen, but in regards to our supposed fatalism during the St Louis series last year, and I say this in the nicest way I know how you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. :)

        Here are the articles from those two losses.




        All looking towards the positive, none of this fatalism you claim.

        There have been precisely zero positives to draw from the first two games. I suppose Muzzin scoring two is nice. But this wasn’t a case of the Sharks just edging us out with their home ice advantage. We have looked like a team that doesn’t belong in the playoffs for the vast majority of two games.

        There will be more time for the “rah rah, we can do this!” sentiment. Immediately following that abysmal fucking abortion of a hockey game wasn’t it. Anything less than complete and utter disgust would be either disingenuous or ignorant.

        • Apologies, I am embarrassed. I got my blogs from last year mixed up. I still believe that an “I can’t wait for home ice” sentiment is needed from you guys, because I can’t fucking wait for home ice Tuesday… I agree we are all to drunk or sullen immediately following such losses to articulate and address issues, but I walked out of that NorCal bar last night with nothing but Tuesday on my mind. I didn’t expect to take one of the first two games, just as I would have never imagined 7 unanswered goals.
          It seems any non-constructive tirades are forgotten once we start winning, even if aforementioned issues remain without remedy. Perhaps this is the nature of blogging, or the roller coaster of emotions that is our chosen team this season, but I still have game 7 tickets in my pocket, and in the words of Charles Bronson “THIS AIN’T OVER”.

  5. Not a drop piss.

  6. Well … I can see that some individuals don’t want to face the reality that the Kings really ARE in trouble. But there are those who DO except this as a reality. The Kings have struggled all year long. They’ve only had short periods of time where they “seemed” to be getting it together. Also, Quick has not shown consistency in goal since his groin injury. He’s not the same man. I don’t know why, but he hasn’t been as good.

    As for comparing this series to last year’s St. Louis series, there is NO comparison at all. The Kings WERE very competitive in that series. Those were one goal wins and losses. What about this series makes anyone think that the Kings have been competitive against the very skilled and hard working Sharks? I don’t like the Sharks, and they’re nasty, but they ARE skilled. They could easily be in the western conference final. And this could be their year to finally hold the Cup. They’re that good. And Niemi has been solid for them.

    I’ve watched every game of the playoffs. And the only series that makes me squirm is this series. I know Tampa is having some difficulties, but they aren’t getting beaten by five goal margins. It’s embarrassing how far this team has fallen in 2013/2014. We’ve discussed the many reasons for this. And it won’t be fixed by Tuesday evening. It IS possible that the Kings could win a low scoring game from the Sharks, but that won’t mean that the Kings have solved their problems. It’ll be very interesting to see what DL will do with the Kings in the off season.

    I love my favorite team. And I most certainly DO hope that positive changes will be made before next season. But pretending that everything will be OK is just wrong.

  7. This goes back to why DL was trying so hard at the deadline to get a Dman. I understand the only reason Greene (on the ice for at least 5 goals last night) was in wsa due to 2 or 3 D playing hurt. But he was brutal to watch. Mitchell and Greene are done and RR will be after next year. DL has his work cut out for him, not many the type of D he is looking for on the FA market. And not sure who is available tradewise, but he has to get at least 1.
    I’d rather then call Campbell up agains (who looked pretty good when he was here) rather than Greene again.
    DD is this teams engine, they go as he goes, and him being hurt pretty much put a dent in their playoff run hopes.

  8. There needs to be a change this offseason with the style of d-men we have paired with Drew Slava and Alec. You don’t necessarily need the big and brutal Matt Greene style d-man anymore. You need mobile d-men who can cover some ground and guys who block shots. Look at SJ’s, St Louis’s and Chicago’s d-core, for example. One of the reasons why our D keeps getting burned with oddman rushes (aside from poor puck management in the neutral zone) is that guys like Regehr and Greene keep losing all the 50/50 pucks because they aren’t agile enough, and in those 50/50s when they try to go recover the puck but the Shart recovers it first and skates passed them, they can’t turn around quick enough and skate back to a safe position. By the time they do that guys like Nieto and Marleau already have built up like 10 feet of distance. The Sharks specifically retooled their team to counter us. Our core is still one of the best in the league, but it needs some tweaking.

    On another note, I’m not worried about Brown as a player. This was just a really bad year for him from the get-go. As a leader, however, I feel like he has been a major disappointment. Kopi should be Captain, in my opinion.
    I am worried about Richards though. Extremely worried.

    • I think everyone agrees that the Kings’ vaunted defense needs work, GKG. And that won’t help the Kings for this playoff series.

      I am also hopeful that Brown will turn his game around for next season.

      And I agree that Kopitar deserves to be Captain, but he seems to be more of a quiet individual. Maybe he’s not outspoken enough to wear the C. A Captain needs to be able to communicate team leadership. He leads by what he does on the ice.

      As for Richards, I don’t have a clue. He isn’t behaving like a top line Center.

    • Agree here as well.
      Good point. Style of D is changing. .esp with my least favorite penality:interference.
      I am a stubborn bitch :-D
      I love big strong board muscling D like Mitchell/Greener/RR..but perhaps they are the D of old..need the new hybrids..more agile..with speed..shot blocking essential these days as if you get too close to your man..Interference!

      • As for comments about d changing….. For fucks sake (apologies to the ladies on here) but I’ve Been Saying For Years that Dean is in to Old Time Hockey.
        They have some real fine old timers games before the outdoor games. As for the real NHL IT CHANGED DRAMATICALLY eight years ago. WAY MORE SPEED NOW. And he drafts that way.

        Was talking to a knowledgeable season seat holder friend the other day. We said ‘we love Trevor Lewis but you don’t need four or five of them on a team’.

        They get zilch in terms of offensive threat from a big group of forwards whose sole job seems to be to forecheck, kill time, and keep the other team off the scoreboard. Until several elements change it’s much less likely that we’d see a Cup.

        That’s my opinion. I don’t say DL should change his philosophy, but it sure as he’ll needs to be more flexible. Assuming TT is in the top six, he would be the Only Top Six forward that the team has developed. Simmonds wasn’t top6 here and Schenn was the only other who would have been. Seven years now. Other teams in the west have managed to integrate several 20 goal home grown scorers in in only the last Three years or so.

        • Sorry for typos (iPad) and when I said Dean drafts that way I clearly didn’t mean for speed and skill. How the hell does Detroit get Tatar in the 2nd round and Nyquist in the third round. Different philosophy ok, but also respect for skill, And they’re players who still play with massive determination.

  9. Once this season is done, I would like to see Lombardi go, I would like to see Sutter/Stevens/Payne gone. There needs to be a new perspective and philosophy to take this team from the 70’s and 80’s Flyers blueprint that Lombardi refuses to deviate from and replaced by a new more current understanding of today’s NHL.

    Lombardi has traded away too many 1st or high 2nd round draft picks, and has drafted mediocre except for the few times he had an early 1st round pick, but 2 are gone Bernier and Schenn while Doughty still remains. Sure some of his picks in the 2nd round and later rounds have worked out, but he has made some questionable selections. Lombardi still has not been able to attract a quality UFA.

    For right now, Sutter has run out of options in terms of playing the 7 defensemen, since that didn’t work last night and when he insists on playing Richards and Brown who have done pretty much nothing and leaves Pearson sitting, I just don’t understand it.

    Dwight King can walk as far as I am concerned. He appeared to have finally shown signs of potential beginning this season, but has since been pretty much a big body and nothing else. I honestly wished there was more DJ King in him, but he’s just not mean enough.

    Jeff Schultz, should be brought up because he had plenty of experience with Washington and can’t be any worse than Matt Greene.

    Richards needs to be bought out once the season is complete. He isn’t worth 5.75 a season and neither is Dustin Brown who will be getting 5.8 starting next season but I don’t think Lombardi will do anything with Brown unless he does not bounce back next season.

    The Kings Top 6 have been absent in terms of goals and this is pretty troublesome IMO. We all know the Kings struggle to score goals, another reason why Lombardi and Sutter need to go, but when you have world class centers and wings who can’t score goals when it counts then there is only a coach or GM to blame.

    I wonder if Lombardi is going to blame the players for this like he did when he had to fire Terry Murray.

    I know I have said this and others have also seen this but the Kings defense is average at best and has been for sometime. A good goaltender can cover up these issues, but when Quick starts to play shaky it only magnifies the problem. Greene and Mitchell are warriors who are just not effective anymore. Regehr had to be brought in because Greene and Mitchell were both gone last season and even coming into this season there were still questions about both of them, so one more year of Regehr is fine.

    Save the Jennings Trophy propaganda it means dick right now when you have given up 13 goals in 2 games.

    There is no grit on this team. Their isn’t really much hitting of any significance being done by the Kings either. The Kings have no really nasty Top 6 forward, even bottom 6 forward type who can also contribute. By nasty I mean a Chris Neil, or even a Milan Lucic who not only fight, but also contribute offensively.

    When you look at the prospects in this organization, they are years away. I look at how young Colorado is or how St. Louis has built themselves into not only being able to score, but also able to wear you out physically. Chicago another team who can be physical, but also have skill and speed.

    The Kings aren’t even physical anymore and speed what speed?

    Getting beat by San Jose in game one is understandable. Getting beat by San Jose in game two is pathetic! They let San Jose back in be it goaltending or defense or lack of offense, but Sutter not pulling Quick was obviously a message to him. Sure Quick had a bad game, but the score could have realistically been 11-2 on the other breakdowns which saw Quick having to stop a Shark player coming in one on one because the Kings were caught too deep up ice or the forwards or defenseman were not getting back to prevent this from happening.

    If Dustin Brown is really Captain material, I would hope they have a closed door player only meeting after giving up 13 goals in 2 games.

    You can reference the Kings getting down 0-2 against St. Louis only to come back and win the series. You can reference the Kings winning a cup 2 seasons ago as an 8th seed. All of this is true, but all of this is in the past and this team, this “core” group isn’t working anymore and going from a Stanley Cup, to a Conference Final and possibly an early exit in the 1st round should set the wheels of change in motion once the season is done.

    In closing I have to look at the what is no longer a characteristic of this current team. No Pride, No Passion and No Fire!

    • So basically according to you the Kings and Buffalo (before the Nolan hiring) are the same? Since the front office and coaches all need to go, and half the team needs to as well.

      You say, “I wonder if Lombardi is going to blame the players for this like he did when he had to fire Terry Murray” FUCK it is the players fault! Look at the roster. 7 unaswered goals in a playoff game is on the FUCKING PLAYERS!!! And a little on the coach for not pulling Quick, but its not like that would have made a difference.

      Is the sky fallin gon this season? FUCK YEAH! But can the team still turn it around? WHY THE FUCK NOT?!

      Take care of business at home and steal one on the road. That is it! The team can still do that. So before you and so many others douse the entire organization in gasoline and light a match, lets try some perspective.

      Lets be honest, the Kings have struggled to control the pace of the game for more than 30 seconds at a time, but they still have the talent and ability to win. This Kings team can win 4 of 5 from San Jose. Now they just need to do it. Yes they made the road much harder for themselves. However, they still have path to victory, it is just a lot more narrow than it was.

      So to summarize, Fuck Sun Tzu! Instead: “Know your enemy…Compromise, conformity, assimilation, submission.” Sweep at home, steal one on the road. PARK & RIDE!

      • Where you get me comparing the Kings to Buffalo I don’t know. If you want to use that fine, but then you can use Colorado or Columbus also if you are going to make comparisons.

        I digress, if Hextall didn’t go to Philly, he would be GM next season. Rob Blake has 1 season as an assistant, I’m not sure you can ask him to come in and start to make some changes to the makeup of this roster or its prospects.

        The Kings are now in a “must win” situation, when it could have easily been a split up in San Jose. For reasons we don’t know they forgot about a period being 20 minutes in game 1 of the 1st period which then saw them down 3-0 which isn’t exactly the way you want to be after 1 period.

        Game 2 they were better scoring 2 goals from guys who aren’t usually scoring them, but then a errant pass by Greene behind the net leads to Mike Brown scoring a goal, then Torres scores and then Braun scores and the Kings are now down 3-2. 4 more goals later someone finally shows some form of fight, but it was 4 goals too late by then.

        San Jose’ 4th line beat the Kings, their 4th line?

        I have witnessed this team collapse before, not like this but even worse when I was at game 3 vs San Jose at Staples 3 seasons ago when the Kings were up 4-0 early in the 2nd period, only to see San Jose come back tie the score then each team scores one more and go into overtime and Setoguchi scores in OT and the Sharks win 6-5.

        San Jose isn’t that much better than the Kings on paper, and I expected the Kings to at least get a split to start this series off. If the Kings lost these two games by 1 goal, then I wouldn’t be so upset or critical. I wouldn’t be so negative because at least they would have shown they are playing for each other if not for the fans.

        Now after 13 goals scored on them in 2 games and the Top 6 forwards not scoring goals, turning this around would be nothing short of miraculous and unless Sutter becomes Herb Brooks and Al Michaels and Ken Dryden join Bob and JIm in the booth I don’t believe in miracles.

        I hope I am wrong!

        • My point with the Buffalo comp was that it seems like you feel that almost every player and member of the organization from the GM to the ticket takers needs to be re-evaluated and sent packing.

    • I like the way you think, Modcoop. I would, however, like to mention that King played much better when he was playing with skilled players. When Sutter moved all of the players back to the original “non-productive” lines, which he favors, King’s productivity suffered.

    • I do like your thoughts..you keep it real..and although I don’t like what you say it is the truth.
      You reminded me..I was so pleased last night that fir Once the Kings came into a game awake and ready to play. And then after 20 we collapsed. Do we not have 60 min staminia needed for a game?
      This baffles me.

  10. Jones in net Game 3. period.

  11. I say its the fans fault. Way to lock it up guys. Fucksake! There we’ve blamed everybody.

    • Everyone deserves some of the blame, except us! They won’t listen to us! :-)

    • Best/most accurate comment yet! Seriously, who gives a fuck why or how the Kings are down 2-0? They need to win 4 of 5, so come Tuesday it starts.

  12. I’m not into all this doom and gloom stuff.

    I’m not naive and I see what’s going on but what’s missing from us fans is the credit SJ deserves. They are a good damn team who is extremely balanced and playing with cohesion. They are getting the bounces as well. I know you make your own luck, but when you’re playing great and also getting the bounces, you’re impossible to beat. Sound familiar? That’s how we won the Cup a few years ago.

    There was a few things I was worried about before the season ended and they’re blossoming before my eyes.

    I wasn’t fully confident in Gaborik. I’ve seen his movie over and over again. When the games get tough and there’s no space…there’s no Gaborik. He hasn’t played horribly, but have you seen him do anything to match his skill? To be fair, the whole team has been discombobulated. I would however, like to see him back for one more year to see if he can fully integrate himself with Kopitar and Williams.

    If things don’t change with Tyler, he’s going to be Gaboik 2.0 with no speed. Hopefully when he matures and gains experience he’ll be a better asset. He is nowhere near ready to be a difference maker. He did get a few shots on goal last night unlike many others. I have to give him credit for that.

    In my book Richards has to go. Someone said buy him out and I’m find with that, but I’d rather trade him. Something like Richards, a prospect and a pick for Kesssler. I’ll take that diving SOB on my team any day. I know it won’t happen because we’re in the same division, but that’s the route I’d like to travel. I’m talking about Pearson-Kessler-Carter. Fuck Yeah!

    Why isn’t Pearson playing? As I said a few days ago, this is a bit confusing to me! Hopefully at home Sutter injects him into the lineup.

    Brown?! (Sigh!!) He has a free pass this year, but if he plays similar next year, I don’t know what we’re going to do. I hate to think about it.

    Defense is top priority going into the off season without question. Second line center and a D-man that can play with Doughty are crucial for next season.

    Just a few tweaks is all we need. Nothing Major in my view.

    Game three is all about defense. All forwards and all d-man will play strictly defense! Haha! We will win 1-0 in overtime with Carter going 5 hole from center ice! Haha! That’s how we’re going to win game three.

    • We aren’t going to feel very positive about the Kings when they haven’t shown us that they have the ability to keep it together. They’ve struggled all season long. I don’t think we need to get depressed about the Kings, but we DO need to be honest about what is happening with them.

      And you did a pretty good job being honest and objective in your comment, Kingnation13!

  13. Fraser? I hope that move is just to send Vey to Manchester and not to insert him in the lineup. I may laugh my balls off if that’s Sutter’s answer to our situation.

    • Fraser would be a welcome improvement over Richards right now. I don’t care if Fraser can’t score, at least he’ll get in the face of Brown/Torres. Tanner Pearson should go in and Toffoli should be sat since Sutter wants a LW and Pearson can move up or down as a 2nd line or 3rd line LW who can score. Sutter won’t sit King so might as well let Pearson have a game. I still don’t understand why Jeff Schultz isn’t being brought up to play defense. He’s not that bad and if Greene is slow and a liability Schultz can’t be any worse right now.

      If the Kings wanted to add some grit they can call up Andreoff, or if they just want a guy who can bring some fisticuffs might as well call up Sabourin. He could take out a Brown or a Torres.

      Watching Colorado vs Minnesota and see both teams getting into a brawl and there is no score. Columbus is still up 2 on Pittsburgh and despite Pittsburgh having been on the powerplay most of the 1st period. Watching C-BUS pissing off Neal and Jokinen and watching BOB rub it in right now is very entertaining.

      I only wish Pierre would just shut the fuck up how and why they use this guy is beyond me.

    • I’m not against Fraser playing. He’s not a beauty queen but he always does his job and that’s all we can ask at the moment.

  14. I put myself on a 24 hour timeout..geez I was angry last night! After goal #3 I saw Red. Now I understand the meaning of those words. I still feel the same way regarding the game. I was absolutely disgusted!
    only one thing I now gleen..or not ..depending on why 7 D were used. Original thought was Kings needed a punishing demanding bruising game vs sharks. If we ended up taking penalities esp the D that we would need the extra for the many Penalty kills. Not that we have guys that might not make it through the game.
    Whomever said look at Muzzin with 2 goals..Would be a highlight if the team had won or not been slaughtered. Hard to talk positives in game like that.
    Slava..saying his name made me smile..he is playing playoff warrior hockey..if we only had 22 others playing the same…
    Still think Quick not right..still say vision..my guess..but? not himself regardless of lack of support.
    Still too much of an optimist with rose colored glasses and terribly biased towards Kings.
    Not going to endlesly repeat other thoughts.
    Love the Kings no matter what..

  15. The Fraser thing. Shit at least he has nuts. I’m starting to question weather he is the only one.

  16. I can almost hear Bob Miller now,” down goes Fraser, down goes Fraser.”

  17. I’d really like to believe that our Kings are gonna come back and win this series and go deep. Hey maybe it’s possible I don’t know. But this I do know…7 unanswered fucking goals. 7. When was the last time some team scored 7 goals against this team all unanswered?

    Could it have been in the 90’s when Roman Checkmanek was our goalie? I seriously cannot remember a game when a team launched so gnarly an attack and the squad soiled their panties so badly that they gave up 7 fucking goals with nothing to answer for it.

    I missed about 15 minutes of the first. Tuned in…fuck yeah we’re up 2-0. It’s gonna be a beautiful day in the neighborhood for sure as Kings hockey is ready to take a shit on San Jose to even the series.

    Then disaster struck. If you guys watched the whole game I’ve got mad props for you. After goal 7 what was the point?

    7 straight fucking goals and the Kings do nothing but jack shit about it.

    I don’t doubt they have the will and I don’t think their competitiveness is lacking. As much shit on Richards and Brown and others I don’t think they purposely want to lose. That’s where my problem is. As much as the entire team wants to compete they simply can’t.

    They can’t skate with them, they have major issues getting out of their own zone, neutral zone turnovers, PP is dogshit.

    Do you even wanna talk about the defensive break downs?

    If the games were lost by 1 maybe 2 goals because of an empty netter at the end then hey…fuck…the boys battled hard, left it all out on the ice and they just didn’t get the bounces that home ice provides. Hey rack em up for the home stand right?

    The games weren’t even close to that. 7 fucking unanswered goals! 7! I hate to be the guy betting the Don’t Come bet but damn I don’t really see much light at the end of the tunnel here.

    • You know, Hat Trick, the Kings were never in either of those games. That they were fortunate to get those two early goals doesn’t change the fact that the Sharks were outplaying the Kings from the drop of the puck. Quick was able to stop all of those shots in the first. He had some problems later, but he was solid in the first.

  18. The obvious: Our D is too damn slow and Quickie’s gettin screened on way too many shots. We need to clear those bastards out of the crease. Where’s the passion? The pride?? The %$&*! hard hits??!! Damn, they’re making this WAY too easy and SJ can taste blood. The only thing wrong with Quick is the band of “fat merry men” in front of him. I think this team DOES need an overhaul, you’d have to be blind not to see that. But please..PLEEEEASE!…don’t get swept!!! And can anybody (ANYBODY!) please! smash Brown’s &%$#*! face?? He’s been punkin us since Game 1!!!! &%$#&!!!

    • It’s good to see so many different names posting on Surly & Scribe!

      Yes, the consensus is that a few things most certainly DO need to be done with this team. Just what that will be is anyone’s guess. I would love to see some youth brought up. It was mentioned by a few, and I agree with that view, that the Pearson, Vey, Toffoli line should have been given more time to gel with the faster tempo of the NHL. It could have made a big difference in the forward lines. TT was playing well on the right side, and Pearson was doing well on the left! Defense wise, they haven’t been getting it done for awhile now. We need to see some new faces there too. Come on Sutter! Do something for a change except continue with the losing combinations that you seem to like so much!!

  19. @modcoop

    If you check my comment about Lombardi you’ll see I share your sentiments. If I’d read your thread first it would have saved the trouble.
    On another blog I comment on, they say (some say) the draft is a crapshoot.

    It may not be an exact science but it sure as hell isn’t a crapshoot.

    I’d be absolutely fine letting him go, and wonder if Blake might not actually be more suited than Hextall anyway as Hextall is also oriented it seems towards the 80’s.

    But many of your points are spit on. With teams like the Avs having an unbelievable first line and then Mackinnon on a 2nd live, how exactly do they count on handling those guys moving forward 2-3 yrs from now? Cause I’m not seeing much high end skill I the Kings system at this point.

    A shame too bout Richards. Can not imagine the problem unless it’s concussion related as Deirdre suspects. Hope she’s right.


  1. It appears that a couple of defensemen are banged up more than we know

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