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This is a Sharks fan.


I got this picture from a friend of mine, who had a friend of his pick him up this shirt during the game last night at SAP Center. This shirt says “BEAT LA”.

Beat LA.

That annoying, pain in the ass, basketball-lifted chant that those in the North shout in unison at their Southern counterparts. We’ve spent years despising this chant. It is not a playoff thing, it’s a San Jose thing.

Up until late last night, Kings fans on social media, led by Bailey, were spouting the hashtag “BeatSJ”. Apparently this nonsense was around last year too but I don’t think I noticed. Or I did and purposefully drank those memory cells away. How anyone, team official or fan, thought this was a good idea is completely beyond me. My rage over this is irrationally large and totally justified. Luckily after the 4th or 5th goal against, Bailey decided to stop. Not a moment too soon and good riddance. If people actually try to chant “BeatSJ” or “Beat Jose” at Staples, I may hit the other side of anger and just begin to cry.

Does anyone give a shit about the Jennings trophy?

I know that after the Kings were locked into 3rd place in the division that there wasn’t much to talk about. During the last few games of the season I was reading this endless parade of literature about the Jennings trophy with a confused and furrowed brow.

Sure, trophies of any kind are nice and team defense is something to be proud of but I didn’t care then and I surely don’t care right now. I am not going to blame the Kings’ porous defense in games one and two on the obsession over the Jennings towards the end of the season. However, life has a fairly frequent insistence on throwing things such as this in your face. The NHL awards is the time to get all giddy about the Jennings, the week leading up to the playoffs was not.

Seriously though, does anyone give a shit?

I can’t go to the game tomorrow. I am upset. Luckily, this all but guarantees an exciting win. Don’t be surprised if one of those “once-in-a-lifetime” things happens. That’s my track record with missing playoff games. Last playoff game I missed was the Stunner at Staples.

I knew I didn’t know how to install an electrical outlet. Now I really know I didn’t know.

Not giving Pearson-Vey-Toffoli time to gel as a line in the NHL is the biggest mistake of the season. Bigger than not getting another defenseman at the deadline. I wrote an article called “The Rookie Factor” the November before we won the Cup. We leaned heavily on rookies throughout those playoffs. San Jose has Nieto and Hertl jamming through for them, lending all sorts of energy. The Kings had Toffoli rolling at one point in the season and Pearson was very effective towards the end of the season. Vey had a short but strong streak. I believe that coincided with some of the best hockey the team played all season, though I could be misremembering. I’m not saying that having the three rookies out there would have made a big difference the last two games. Actually, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

I’m angry about everything.

We are going to win tomorrow.

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  1. Yes. But why are we going to win tomorrow? Why specifically will the hockey gods smite San Jose again? Because look at that guy. Look at those fools when they are chomping their gangly hand jaws on the power play. They are a mockery. Anyone who knows anything about almost nothing can see that. A few more reasons are Raffi Torres, Niemi, and a culture that can’t win when it matters to save their shit. There is probably some good to come out of the embarrassing ass handing we received. The Sharks probably think they have seen the best our boys have to offer, I disagree. I hope the confidence they are feeling quickly becomes over confidence and foolhardiness. I will be at the game tomorrow. Section 2 something. I’m gonna leave it all out there. My voice, my pride, every ounce of ridiculous fan energy I can muster. Our boys are gonna need it. Perhaps a special note to Stoll in the pre game prayers, he needs our help more than any other. GKG\X/ GKG\X/ GKG\X/ GO FUCKING KINGS GO!!!

    • Will I get kicked out if I try and start a go Fucking Kings Go chant?

      • Depends on the section. Technically cursing is against the rules, so if you are loud and obnoxious about it, you could have an usher or a redcoat breathing down your neck. Probably not gonna fly in the 200s, but it’s the playoffs, so fuck it and fuck them and fuck everybody!

      • I said “puck,” why what did you hear? What do you mean I can’t mention equipment?

        • Just blame a Sharks fan when in doubt. “It was that guy”, he was saying ” no fucking kings no”. “Really upsetting the little kids in this area. Can you move him somewhere else?””He also said he hates America and freedom!”

  2. I hope the Kings hear you!!! :-)

  3. Noticed we are bringing up Fraser. I like this move.
    I think he will bring some fresh energy to the 4th line and get in their kitchen the way sj’s 4th has been doing to us. SJ has a bunch of guys with something to prove. We had a lot of guys playing like that when we won the cup. Now we have several guys who have gotten too comfortable. I wouldn’t stop with Fraser though, I’d sit a few guys and bring up Vey or Pearson. Probably Pearson. As far as D Green can sit out. Not playing him enough towards the end of season has hurt his game/timing. I love Green and what hes done for this franchise but he’s slow and rusty as shit. Fuck maybe we could get Blake out there
    but put him in Green’s jersey? Get him a Green mask too
    Get on it Deano

  4. Defenseman buddy. D-Fence. I stressed it for very long while being put down and ridiculed. “Hey Dumbass, were #1 in defense”, they would say. And I would say “you’ll see”. Now you see what I’m talking about. No one on the back end is a great defender. Even Mike Brown is scoring because they can’t stop shit down low or stop quicker forwards. It’s an abomination. With the Kings forwards trying to play a little more offensively they have had to rely on a defence that is too slow or just too weak and out of shape. I’m not ready to call it a year though. I’d like to see Jones get in the next game just for a fresh start.

    • Boy… if this is what our forwards look like trying to play more offensively…

      I agree about the defense… said it before the deadline, a defenseman was the #1 priority.

      However, I think the forwards have been absolutely hanging the D out to dry the first two games. The D has not held up well at all, but the forwards are playing an irresponsible game, and even when we had a healthy Mitchell and Doughty, a kicking as Greene, a stud Scuderi and blossoming Martinez and Voynov during the Cup run, the forwards never did this kind of crap to the defense. Their neutral zone play and turnovers up the ice are what is causing all the speed off the rush that our D is having trouble with. Stop letting the pressure at the Sharks blue line lead to mismanaged pucks by the forwards and the D will suddenly start looking much better. Notice that almost none of the Shark’s goals have come off of sustained pressure. It’s all been off the rush as a direct result of bad turnovers where the forwards can’t get back.

      • You expressed the situation very well, Surly! It IS the entire team. Even Quick hasn’t been as solid as he usually is. Although he did have an astounding first period in the last game. If it weren’t for his fabulous first period, the game probably would have been 10 to 2.

      • That’s a good point Surly. One reason why a bit more skill- especially on the lower lines might help with puck management.

        • And to clarify the ‘skill’ thing…. I’m not saying guys who have amazing hands…… But at least guys who can make and receive a pass and stick handle enough to manage pressure and get pucks in deep.

  5. I’d have to be passed out to let any butter face from SJ give me a handy. Fuck those guys.

  6. I totally agree with you about needing to pick up a defenseman at the deadline, and I think Dean Lombardi probably agreed with you. However, I don’t think much was available. Really good stay-at-home defenseman are hard to come by, and teams usually hold on to them. Probably why DL was willing to trade both Fasching and Deslaurier to get Brayden McNabb. DL is probably hoping that one or two of McNabb, Forbort, and Dowd are NHL ready in the next season or two.

  7. Look at that clown…..what a tool. Prolly has on his Sharkie tighty whities too.
    I want mayhem on the ice.
    I want them to pick apart the sharks and leave them broken.
    I want sharks blood.

  8. All you have to do is yell “FUCK THE BAY!!!” once with all your might and air whence the Beat LA chant dies.

  9. Go Kings Go! Go to the golf course. Over. Done. There’s always next year. Suck it up you Hollywood ass clowns.

  10. Gay Area.


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