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  1. Busy is good..pouting is not..Glad former not later..
    Been a tough emotional week..
    I Love My Kings as well through good and bad.
    They are My Team!.GOKINGSGO!!!

  2. A win tomorrow is almost as certain as me being pretty drunk come game time. I promise to do my part. I’ve been going with hats and jerseys that have been really lucky up until now, tomorrow I’m gonna switch it up a little. Gonna go with the purple and black Lion in sunglasses jersey and my Western Conference Champions hat. Which i only wear like never cause its white and I dont like white hats. I’m probably gonna go freeballing too. It should be a night to remember. GFKG \X/

  3. Congratulations Kopi! The award should be yours this year. Good article at Hold The Point for specifically why Kopi deserves the honor. GFKG \X/

  4. I find it interesting that Sutter has changed his lines, this morning, to accord with the way he set up the lines previously, which had resulted in much better play … overall. I, for one, liked that arrangement. I hope he stays with these lines tonight. Maybe it will give them a win!


  5. I’m going to my first Stanley Cup playoff game tonight (in great seats no less). I think our boys will put up a big fight tonight.

  6. Haha! I guess the responsibility of teabagg’n (forehead) every Shark fan seen tonight hangs on you. It could into an epic night!

    Swing us home a victory, Mr. Hamburgular!

  7. This is the game, this is the one that they must look at themselves in the mirror and ask
    “Who am I?”
    “I am a man”
    “I am a professional”
    “I am the master of my own destiny”
    “I am a Stanley Cup Champion”
    This is it….lace em up and play your hearts out.
    Leave it all out on the ice boys.
    Good luck


  8. I hope their season comes to an abrupt end tonight. I don’t say this because I am disappointed, angry, or negative and spiteful, I say this because I think its time for change.

    I live, breath, love hockey. As I say to anyone who knows me, Kings fan first, NHL fan second, hockey fan third. I don’t just follow the Kings, I follow or at least try to follow all teams in the NHL with one exception Pittsburgh.

    I rancor Pittsburgh! I have such acerbity for NBC and the NHL because of this predilection to Sidney Crosby and the Penguins. I think you get my point. I am sick of what I believe to be the agenda of the NHL in terms of making a player bigger than the league itself. Sid might be the “best” ice hockey player in the world, however the Penguins are not a dynasty like Montreal, Edmonton, NY Islanders were, and until then, they are not deserving of the amount of hype they receive from NBC and the NHL.

    I really miss the NHL on ESPN and ABC, even Fox and the puck tracker thingy.

    I am not an optimist, or pessimist, but I do consider myself a realist. I have been somewhat disappointed and baffled by some of the decisions within this organization for about 5 years. I appreciate what Dean Lombardi has done to get the Kings a Stanley Cup, and get people excited about the Kings once again.

    I have tried to understand or make sense of some of the dealings regarding building this team, from the draft , trades and free agency. I have tried to understand Dean Lombardi and his somewhat brazen and evasive explanation of why he drafted this player, or why he signed that player ,or traded player(s)/picks.

    For the most part, Lombardi has done a great job in rebuilding this organization. When he was hired to be the the GM, he shared his vision and philosophy with Kings fans. He had a 5 year plan to turn this team/organization into a contender. He went about 3 years past the 5 year plan, but he did put together a cup winning team.

    All good things come to an end, and in the case of the coaches, perhaps it might be a good idea to make some changes.

    Teams now know what to expect with the Kings and Sutter’ system. Its pretty clear some changes need to happen if this team wants to remain competitive. On paper the Kings Top 6 along with some of their other players such as Doughty, Voynov, Martinez, Lewis, Stoll, Toffoli should not struggle to score goals. When you are consistently one of the bottom teams in goals scored, changes need to be made.

    Only having two 20 goal scorers this season is not good enough with the talent the Kings have.

    The Kings lack a good agitator like a Steve Ott. Ott is great on faceoffs and also defensively responsible, even has some decent hands. Maybe they have one in Andy Andreoff, but time will tell. The Kings need a new hybrid type of forward one that can fight, but also play a 200ft game and puts up points. What I wouldn’t give for a Chris Neil, Milan Lucic even a Brandon Prust.

    Defense has been the trademark of the Kings since Terry Murray, and going forward it should be the core of their identity. However, age, speed and skill have become an issue in terms of defense. Players such as Greene, Mitchell are questions that need to be discussed this off season. Regehr has 1 year left on his contract, and if Greene and Mitchell are UFA’s which the Kings choose not to resign, then more than likely they will have to add what is lacking with the Kings defensive core.

    I don’t know what Brayden McNabb’ skill level is, and if he is even ready or good enough to make the Kings 23 man roster next season. I read his slap shot has been clocked into triple digits, and that he can be used on the power play, along with his love of throwing punishing checks. I have also read that his skating needs to improve and that he has worked on it and is showing improvement. I read about why Buffalo decided to send McNabb down to the AHL referencing the amount of minutes he would get in the AHL vs the NHL and that he is still young and it was best for his development and confidence to play another year in the AHL. The only thing I haven’t read is how he is defensively.

    From a organizational standpoint, McNabb should be considered most likely to come into next season as a 3rd line pairing, which leaves one or two more slots up for competition. There is also the possibility of the Kings making a trade for a defensive d-man since the UFA market will not be very robust in terms of quality.

    Regardless, if the Kings lose tonight or in this series, the one positive that can be taken is that there is a glaring need for change both in terms of speed and skill, defense. If Lombardi was not convinced after last seasons loss to Chicago in the Conference Finals, then this series with San Jose should confirm the need for change.

    The system and the players just don’t work together.

    • Quoth the Raven.

    • Hi Modcoop! As usual, you make very good points. Indeed, as much as I would like to see the Kings mount a stronger response to the Shark’s quality play, I must admit that since the King’s had some problems last year, and those problems have only multiplied this year, maybe getting swept is just what the doctor ordered. Teams can sometimes play above their skill level for a game or two, but all that will do is cover over the problems that exist. The Kings need change. You can paint over a rotting wooden fence, but that will not keep that fence from rotting.

      • Just so I’m clear, you guys want the Sharks to win? The Kings should lose to the Sharks, and get swept. That would be better than winning at least one game. Thats what you’re saying right?! Because hypothetically that would force ownership to do something?

      • Yeah, I’m a little shocked in my fellow brethren!

        Throwing in the towel or wishing a defeat just hours before confrontation is disappointing.

        I’m almost positive changes can be made without being swept. I’m pretty sure DL is aware standing pat throughout the offseason would be detrimental to his security and our success. And if he’s not aware of our shortcomings then he shall be dealt with accordingly.

        Good points aside, now is not a good time for such horse-pucky! We have asses to kick! Asses to kick, I say!

        Now go find that King mojo I know exists in all of you and bring it back with vengeance. We will be victorious!

    • This Blog and YOU dont work together!
      what a loser

      • Maybe there will be the beginning of a miracle tonight! They’ll win four straight, and go on and win the Cup! Then, next year, with a changed Sutter, and all of the grinders scoring like crazy, they’ll win the Cup again! This will be the beginning of the Kings’ dynasty that will last for a dozen years!!!

        Go Kings!!!!

  9. GKG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. In ten years when we’re swept in the first round we’ll all be talking about how we won the cup back in 2012 and all of our troubles will be assuaged.

  11. If it all ends tonight I will he okay with it. Never did think this team had what it takes. Back in 2012, even though they were the 8th seed, you could still fell the magic. Now, all season you just feel like they are a bunch of quitters. Maybe all season they felt it too. That the team was lacking, and they had too many nuts and bolts missing or not in place, and they played like that. So many guys had a down year that it may as well been the whole fucking group. Not counting Martin Jones, who on the Kings has had a career year? A year that they can look fondly back on. Anze had a great year, but nothing more extraordinary than many of the others years that he has been a top 2 way center. Anywayz, I’m out.

  12. So far … the Kings can hold their heads up high! Everyone is working hard! We have the lead for the third time in the game! Keep up the good work and push toward victory!!

    Go Kings!!

  13. Bababababababababababababababa

  14. Well … the Kings still aren’t the 2012 Kings, but they HAVE been playing their hearts out in games three and four. I can’t stop thinking about how hard the Kings played in game three, but the the Sharks got 3 fluky goals to take the game. This series should be tied at two games apiece!!

    Go Kings!!!

  15. Shit yea :)

  16. Wow…left it all out on the table tonight and deserved that win. Is it possible to hate San Jose even more than tonight as they goon it up like two cent prison bitches?

    Williams turned into Stick and Stick did not disappoint.

    Gabby…I was feeling for him last game as he rang it off the post. That shit was haunting him and he buried that fucker tonight top shelf as well placed a shot as can be. Redemption was his tonight with two.

    Brown played with heart and soul and fitting for the empty netter. He was an absolute wrecking ball that was vintage Brownie.

    How bout our fucking goalie? Mike Brown getting a little too close? How bout a face full of stinky leather?

    Richards played like Richards.

    Gotta love Pearson’s play. The kids a natural power forward and he don’t take no shit.

    The boys came to play and talk they did they definitely walked the walked.

    If the squad can somehow pull off a game seven winner so cal may just go postal.

    Hopefully force game six.

  17. I think the Fraser call up was Richards wake up call. Do what you gotta do to stay alive.

  18. KingofRedlands..
    How did You dig that performance:-D
    Do We start a Collection to get you to San Jose Sat nite?
    You could be the Lucky Charm
    Wonderful night of Memories!

  19. I find it very interesting that sj lost their composure…


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