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  1. Next game indeed.

  2. Dustin Brown and Mike Richards were reported seen playing hockey yesterday.

    • Was nice to get them both back off LTIR for the same game. Made a huge difference replacing the plugs that had been filling their spots on the roster. Just wish we could have gotten them back a few games ago. If they had been available earlier, this series could be tied right now.

  3. As angry as I have been, at Sutter, with all of the line changes and moving the kid line back and forth all season, I was really happy to see that line arrangement that gave the Kings a nice winning streak a few weeks ago. Well … he did it again, and having the players in those lines got them a win last night! Actually, even though Sutter screwed with the lines again in game three, the players played very hard and almost had a win anyway! It was only those three fluky goals that beat the Kings. I hope Sutter keeps this lineup for game five.

    Go Kings!!!

  4. I could watch that hit on Thornton all day.

    • The Kings can hold their heads up high. They all played well … and tough. Pearson and Toffoli are going to be good for this team!!


    Last night was one of the best Kings game I’ve been to n_n

  6. Was good to finally see this team play the way we all know they can. Further up, Further in!

    • Somebody tell me, in their own way, why Sutter has messed with the lines so much this season! This basic setup was used a few weeks ago during their last winning streak. Why has that crazy man been doing this? Look at how well they played, again, with these lines! I want to strangle Sutter!

      • In his younger days Richards was known to be a money player in the playoffs. But even in the last few weeks of the season when the Kings were playing better with the newer lines they still weren’t playing great. They may have started scoring more goals but at the same time their goals against went up.

        • We all love the Kings or we wouldn’t be reading this blog, but speaking honestly, they do have problems that need to be addressed. Sutter constantly changing the lines and bouncing the kids back and for from Manchester have been decisions that have been irritating the hell out of me. Then, when you add the inconsistent play of the regulars on this team, you see why this team has been inconsistent at best this season. It’s really amazing that they even made it into the playoffs. Now that they’re in, it would be a treat to see them pull together and beat San Jose … especially after they’ve proved to us, again, that the entire team is filled with assholes.

          Spear those Sharks on Saturday!!! Go Kings!!!

        • IN his younger days??? From 2010 thru June 2013 Richards was 2nd in NHL playoff scoring with 57 pts in 69 games, 2nd only to Krecji with 60.
          He is a money player, when he’s healthy , and put in a position to contribute, which this playoff year isn’t the case.

  7. Remember Mr. Hamburgular.
    White hat & no skivvies for game 5

  8. Monarchs start their playoff run tonight- right now, actually- does anyone know if there’s a way to watch the game?

    • I haven’t done this, but here’s a link:


      • Thanks, Persister!

        How come you haven’t used the link? Now I’m scared! lol

        • I just haven’t gotten around to watching any of their games. I’ve been focused on all of the NHL games I can see. It looks like it is something you should investigate. Treat it like any other website. Do some research maybe you can get more input from some other blogs. I don’t know if it’s free or if they want people to pay for a membership. If you feel uncomfortable, you shouldn’t do it.

  9. Pretty damn wierd seeing JQ at the bottom of a list of 16 goalies with a GAA of 5.04. I sure hope that’s a statistic that we get a chance to see regress. One game. GFKG \X/

  10. One game! We win tonight game 7 is almost a guarentee. We win tonight the waters flood with Shark shit. GFKG \X/


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