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  1. I just stepped in Shark poop.

  2. I just stoked I get to see my Kings live at least one more time this year

  3. Vlasic not expected to play game 6. I’m never happy when a player gets hurt, but I can’t help but see that as good for the Kings and bad for the Sharks and be happy. Stoll with the hit. Of course. Hockey Gods weaving the fabric that will ultimately decide the fate of these two teams. Vlasic for Stoll would have been more of a fair trade last year for sure. Good chance I’ll be at the game tomorrow. Everyone should be in strict jinx rule adherence. Haven’t heard anybody talking about discipline except McClellan and douchey Sharks fans. If it is what the hockey gods want, we will acquiesce, but we shall persevere, accepting the challenges ahead of us. GKG GKG GKG GKG GKG GFKG\X/ never say die, all or nothing, kicking ass and name taking. This is the team I love. One win at home is all I ask thee oh beneficent hockey gods who hath granted us the sacred chalice of champions. GFKG \X/ \X/ \C/ \10/ \77/ \73/ \32/ \11/.


  5. If it wasn’t already evident… it’s now written in stone as to what shitty fans the sharks have…all I heard was BOOOOOO pretty much the entire game. Pretty confident they were booing their own team.

  6. That was a beautiful %$#@*! game to see. Right from the opening face off our boys looked disciplined and in control. Considering the two previous games in SJ, I kept bracing for the “unraveling” but (to their well deserved credit) it never came. That WAS L.A. Kings hockey for 60 minutes. Toffoli’s goal was pure sniper. Wicked drag & pull laser. Good to see Kopi bury one and we were DUE for a lucky bounce (Carter)! Our old “D” guys got it done all day and the Forwards were solid in the neutral zone. We need to blow the %$#*! roof off at Staples tomorrow night. One shift at a time gentlemen. Can it be done? F… YES!!!!!!!

  7. oh SOB
    First the Blues lost their battle..
    now I just saw the stickin suckducks beat Dallas in OT to advance..and Dallas had them at 4-2 end of second..
    park and rise..what can ya do..


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