Why we won and must do to win again

I wrote about the passing lanes, the Sharks’ predictable love for the trailing, lateral pass, one timer and how we must close gaps and take those away.

We did.

Forcing that team to forecheck the traditional way neutered them.

Goodness knows we have harped on the importance of the 70’s Line and their chemistry. Proven again.

I don’t expect Sutter to change a thing. I think Sutter gets it and will keep them together with Cartsy at center.

The forwards are where they belong. Mike Richards included.

Now come two other things I noticed have been a difference maker.

Blocked shots by our Kings against their forwards and D.

Getting our shots through.

We are blocking more shots, which in turn causes more transition plays by us against them. I bet if you look at games 1 and 2, they blocked more shots. And the last two games, opposite. I haven’t looked at the stats. Total guess but it looked like the Kings were sacrificing bodies to keep shots from getting to Quickie.

Our shots were also getting through. We were releasing the puck faster, building traffic quicker and keeping shots low. Brown’s shot from the short side to the long side pad caused a rebound to an open Kopitar. In game one, Brown tries to roof that shot and misses the net or it’s an easy save.

The trend of taking away their space, lanes, getting low shots through and blocking theirs are the subtle nuances that have us on our toes and them holding their vaginas open and ready for our fists.

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  1. Excellent points, Bobby. It’s obvious that the Kings have spent a lot of time analyzing there first two games against the Sharks. Sutter has seen the error of his ways! He could see what the Kings needed to do. The Kings should have had game three. I know. It’s water under the bridge. Now that they’re on track, and the lines are working, they just need to continue with their hard work and play the same way. No team can out work the Kings, when they are focused. And I believe they ARE focused. They CAN do this … if the Sharks don’t get another game where they get three goals off of lucky bounces.

    And Quick is playing like Quick!!! :-)

    The Kings are going to take this game at LA!!
    Go Kings!!!

  2. F.O.R.E.C.H.E.C.K

  3. Sharks are loose fishy butthole. Kings are golden tight Royal butthole.

  4. Sharks fans booed their team at the end of last game. lol

  5. Toffoli with 2 game winning goals this post season. How bout them apples?!?!

  6. Is that two already?? Well goddam!
    Keep it up Top Titty!

  7. The team that we thought we had, seems to have come back from the bowels they had been kept hostage, and has taken a huge dump on the Sharks the past 2 games. Puck luck has decided to accompany the Kings now after helping the Sharks out in a few games

    Nice work boys! While I was happy to see the Kings finally beat San Jose in their own barn there is one more game they need to win, and that game is tonight at Staples.

    The Kings have to be disciplined & composed. They have to just walk away when San Jose attempts to bait them into taking a penalty. At the same time, there can’t be any lazy penalties taken by the Kings. The only time you should take a penalty is when you are trying to prevent San Jose from scoring.

    Hooking, holding,tripping are to be avoided. San Jose is now starting to let those seeds of doubt into their minds. The old Mind Fuck has arrived so the boys need to jump on the Sharks early and often.

    The Sharks will be trying every trick in the book to get the Kings to take penalties. Don’t take the bait!

    You should only be thinking about the task at hand, beating San Jose tonight. I will guarantee that if you beat San Jose tonight, you get to take a roadie by jet up to San Jose with the opportunity of ending San Jose’ season.

    Sutter better keep the same lines together along with the defensive pairings. Lines 1 & 2 need to be better than they were in game 5. Lines 3 and 4 need to be better tonight.

    The pressure is on San Jose to win tonight. Our barn, our team, our fans. Remember that Doug Wilson felt the Sharks didn’t need to add any deadline players, feeling the team they have is playing well enough to win the Stanley Cup this season

    Beat San Jose tonight, hop on a plane to get up to San Jose for a game 7.Eliminate the Sharks in game 7 and Doug Wilson will get his cup, a Dixie Cup that he can use to collect some spare change because losing again, something San Jose have mastered will probably start the process of changes which will most likely beTodd Mc and I could easily see Doug Wilson also being replaced.

    Get er done! Beat SJ and you then get to start the proper freeway series which will finally see the Kings vs Ducks in a winner gets bragging rights series not to mention a trip to the Western Conference Finals.

    Please prove me wrong for feeling you were done and how it might be time for a change or changes to be made in the off season.

    • Harrumph!

    • If Sutter is Preaching One thing today it should be
      No Penalities!
      Seems like this has been a Season Record for Us.
      We must rank near the Top.
      Kings can do It!!!

    • Yes, Modcoop, this IS a pleasant surprise! You made some good points!

      When the Kings began to turn things around, late in the season, largely because of the new lines, we saw a glimmer of what could be. Then, Sutter changed the lines to put Carter and Richards together again. And again, under Sutter’s brilliant leadership, the team foundered. I still think that the changes we discussed, with the defense, will need to be done, but we won’t worry about that now. Thankfully, they’re working hard again. The 70s line is back! I was worried that Toffoli and Pearson were psychologically damaged by Sutter, but it appears that those young men have strong hearts and plenty of guts. The Kings DO have the ability to take this series!

      To do this…

      They MUST NOT take bad penalties (we know they CAN do this)!
      They MUST protect the net … and Quick!
      They MUST move the puck quickly with crisp passes!
      They MUST keep the puck in the offensive zone as much as possible!
      They MUST get players in front of the Shark’s net!
      They MUST NOT pass the puck through the center of the defensive zone!
      They MUST make sure that the puck gets cleared out of the defensive zone!
      They MUST not get cross-checking penalties in front of Quick!

      We hate the Sharks, but we can’t deny that they ARE a good hockey team. So, the Kings need to slow them down, and take away scoring opportunities!

      One more thing. I would like to see more of Brown, King and Nolan standing in front of the net. They’re big and strong. Why haven’t we seen much of this? I don’t know. And I don’t want to see “fly bys!” When they go to the net, stop in front! Get busy! Work hard! Look for a possible tip in!

      The Kings CAN do this! They CAN play disciplined hockey!

      Go Kings!!!!

  8. Well, well, well, the two people who were throwing dirt on our team a short time ago are now giving tips and pep talks on how we move forward. Haha! Thanks a friendly laugh, by the way!

    Glad we got you two Sutter’s back! I’m high-fiving you both! Now let’s continue this ass whoop’n!

    Does anyone know when warmups start so I can take some pictures?

    • Yes, Kingnation13, I’m very happy that the team has rallied for two strong wins … and the 3rd game that they should have won! We do love the Kings. It was very frustrating when Sutter was causing so many troubles for the Kings, by constantly changing the lines. And he did this all season long! This team IS a solid team. It has its problems, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be happy when they get positive results. It does take this team working together, and giving a 60 minute effort, for them to to take on strong teams and win. They’ve shown us that they CAN do it. If they can do it again, despite the Sharks wanting desperately to take this game tonight, they can most certainly take the next one too!

      Go Kings!!!!

    • They usually take ice for warm up 30 min prior to game start time.
      I would go in early..get your drink..snack..etc.
      Then maky your way down to glass..end we defend twice for your Pics.
      I think it is very nice that we are allowed to do this.
      For people who do not have seats in the 100’s it is tgeir chance to see players up close.
      Couple years ago I went with girl friend and had her go down for warm ups… she says..who is that guy..Wow..I laughed..Davis Drewiski..easy on the the Eyes him (and hope he gets picked up next year..bad luck to get season long injury then get put on waivers then see his team advance in playoffs).

      • I didn’t know that! That’s good for the fans!

      • Thank you, HJ!

        My daughter has been begging me for years to enter early and take pictures. This year, I’m going to do my best to grant her wishes!

        The place should be rocking tonight! I’m starting to get pumped!

        • Welcome..I love roaming around ..I have explored most of Staples by now. It is all Great except seeing the enemy in Our Building..that just pisses me off..Intruders.
          (and the morons who get out of seats during the game..for God sake pee pre and then wait til intermissions..and pace yourself ..down one pre game and take one to seat..it is very simple..because it is
          All About The Game!!!)

          • I had season tickets for 4 years and have been taking my daughter for 12 and I’ve never seen a warm-up skate! Haha!

            I can tell you where McDonald’s and the team store is located, but that’s about it. :)

          • 1) lucky you have those seats :-)
            2) hope you went in to see the exibition of our Run to the Cup they had the following season..It was Very Cool!

          • It is going to be very busy down at LA Live and Staples tonight. I suggest you get there, meaning standing at the doors at about 6PM. Make sure if you have what they consider a “professional” camera, meaning a SLR or DSLR your lens is 3in long or smaller. They say 3.5 inches, but they will give you a hassle if it is 3.5 inches.

            If they tell you, the lens you have on the camera is too large, then tell them you would like to drop off the lens at Guest Services. Use the excuse you took the Metro and the other people with you are enjoying the stuff going on outside. They accompany you to Guest Services, then walk back to their post. Make it look like you are going to give them your lens that they tell you is to large and then just bail, walk down to the glass and use whatever lens you want.

            I usually will wedge myself next to the Kings penalty box, that way nobody is going to bump you or a bunch of people start to bang on the glass, begging for a puck or whatever. You insulate yourself.

            If some dickheads decide to sit in their seats that you are in front of taking pictures, they can bitch and complain all they want, you are allowed to be there, and fuck them if they don’t like it.

            Make sure you have a polarizer for your lense(s). Set your ISO setting to 6400 or higher if your camera allows it. I have found it best to set your camera to take a burst of 5-10 shots when shooting action and warm-ups. Hopefully they clean the glass, because at times its got a lot of stick tape and puck streaks which if you are stuck in a space where its crowded.

            As for your reference to what I previously had posted when this team getting blown out, even losing a home game, my opinion is still the same. Right now there isn’t much they can do, other than continue to play the way they did.

            I am not sure if Sutter had some sort of vision or some fairy came to him in his sleep and said “Hey Bitter Beer Face, use the kids, use Pearson and Toffoli, but use them where they have a better chance of contributing. Sit old man Greene down, as painful as it might be, he’s a liabiltiy Ok, back to your regularly scheduled programming of Farmers Only dot com.

            Anyway I am not a flopper, my opinion is still the same for the Kings, even if they dispatch of SJ.

            Now for my friend “Hockeyjockey”: I was caught off guard by your comment about a post I made a few days ago, even calling me a “loser”? Well, the person who called me a “loser” seems to be a different person than the man behind the curtain in OZ. I know “Hockeyjockey” on facebook, but I don’t think Michelle realized who exactly “Modcoop” is.

            You see Michelle had a Lokomotiv Yaroslavl jersey of I think Pavol Demitra and she asked me if I could translate the Cyrillic on the jersey which was a bunch of advertisements. Remember Michelle?

            Its all good, I don’t take it personally, I just never thought I would get that kind of a response from Michelle. See I am an open book, no secrets, maybe a little too honest and opinionated when I am passionate about something, and hockey is one of those things that I am passionate about, just like my wife and kids and dogs.

            By now Michelle you should realize who I am on facebook:
            (Нейл Эллис Шафтон)
            Neil Ellis Shafton


          • You Neil are one GOOD guy…Excellent advice..this professional camera stuff is so unnecessary..I can see if you bri g in an Enormous lens..it could block someone’s view duribg game or cause an injury..not that a bonk in the head of the enemy wouldn’t be cheered..
            One day when I see you in person will tell you of incident at Toyota Center..
            Getting Close now..

          • ah Neil!
            Just had a moment to read blog and your entire reply
            was too close to game time yesterday only did quick read regarding cameras and lens….missed part just for me.
            So had to go back and find my slam.
            I saw what I was responding to..ahhh..I did not read the complete post..I just saw the first line..you saying you hope the season ends tonite. . (PLEASE Forgive because I thought you were the one blogger I really have no respect for and do not read). I read no further. .I responded to that.
            Now You I would Not call a loser. I would still be pissed to see you say something like that. .but also know you would have had a well thought out reason. I have not read the comment..and will not til Playoffs are done. I did see name McNabb. I am excited about this kid because the scout report looked good.
            Also I was friends of the McNabb family..Max McNabb and his boys. They went to school with me. Peter was older. His brother and I were very close. .he did not play hockey but we hung out all the time. Been trying to see if a family connection but no luck..yet.
            Again please forgive..you no loser..You re the oppisite from what I have seen. I will try to be more careful in future that I don’t mix names up.

  9. per Elliotte Friedman:

    “Reporters covering SJs morning skate indicating no locker stall for Vlasic and Stalock first off ice.”

  10. I may have to start the tradition of throwing chum on the ice. Nevermind. Like I need to add hate crimes to my resumee.

    • I like it!! :-) The Red Wings have thrown octopuses, and the Panthers have thrown rats!


      • No..chum would be for shark fans to throw..
        KING Fans have to throw something appropriate to
        Our Team.

        • Well … it never was about an animal matching a particular team’s crest. Detroit’s and Florida’s were both random choices. I guess it could be just about anything. However, the NHL has gotten really rigid about throwing ANYTHING on the ice. I know they don’t even like the idea of fans throwing hats for a hat trick. If fans were going to throw anything, it would need to be soft and easily removed from the ice. It could be something related to the Los Angeles basin … maybe something from the environment or something that has a tradition in the LA area. In this modern era of ever stricter NHL rules, I don’t know if anything could be accepted.

          • Just something fun to think about..
            my friend in CT Hates Avacados. .can you even Imagine???
            but too much like a puck..could injure.
            Flip Flops?
            We are a Beach City after all

  11. Damn this fucking game is gonna make me vomit my nerves are shot….I don’t know if I’m gonna shit, go blind or stroke out

  12. I am entering the Numb zone..
    KINGS played Too well on the Kill not to be ahead!!!
    AlrIghty..I now down..
    Pearson..talk about crooks!
    Refs destroying the game of Hockey

  13. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!!!:!,&:$47:$:73733373747374737474747484;&;&;&,!,&,&;&;!,!.’wisjsisk&usususudud

  14. Thank You KINGS!!!
    Thank You Hockey Gods

  15. Amen!!! On to San Jose for a game 7!!!!!!!! :-)

  16. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!!!! Shdhehdhdhdhdhebsshddhshsjsjwjshdhxjdjsnsjdudhdhdhhhhs

  17. Totally Worn Out..Sore Throat..No Voice..
    All Worth It..
    So Proud!!!
    Are we the Luckiest Fans or What!!!

  18. Already seen somebody ask if the Shark on someone’s jersey was choking on a hockey stick.LMFAO


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