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  1. Sweet baby mothersutting Jesus…..game 7
    I still don’t know if I’m gonna shit, go blind or stoke out…..maybe just code

  2. For everyone that has ever bitched about Williams during the regular season (not just the most recent one) or commented on how he is expendable: kindly go fuck yourselves. Dude is a fucking warrior. GKG!

    Also, goddamn Pearson. <3

    • You ARE correct about Williams. There are so many different elements to his game that one has to admit that he’s an important cog in the King’s machine. When he isn’t scoring, it seems that he is naturally going to be included when people discuss the need for more scoring. However, he DOES do a lot for the Kings. I always think of him as “Mr. Hustle.”

  3. Game 7 is for Wizards.

  4. I’ve gotta there’s something to be said about that Corsi shit. I never really believed, but Justin Williams is the proof. He’s the Corsi/heart and soul wet dream. I love that guy. And consistent to boot! Thanks buddy..

  5. Fantastic job by the boys tonight.
    I will say…If Willie can’t go tomorrow I really hope they play Campbell instead of Greene. I’ve fuckin’ had enough of Greene and I’d just about throw in the Beer League’s B Team #4 D-Man in his place at this point.

  6. Kings won, now do it again. Fuck Thornton (dirty bitch). Park & Ride. GKG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Stalock is the only Shark that thinks the 2nd goal was good. For their team to even try and blame the officials for that loss is ridiculous. Put both of those high sticks together and you don’t get one playoff penalty. Then the non call interference on Carter, followed by the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty? I almost lost my shit. Half Staples center was giving the zebras the finger. One of the loudest ref u suck chants I’ve ever heard. One win. That’s all I need.

    • So true! And the Kings won despite all of the negatives!!! :-)

      It’s somewhat like a fairy tale! Just to get to game seven is a victory in itself! Now, if the Kings can maintain their quality play, and stay away from bad penalties, they can go on to the second round!

      Stuff those Sharks in the grinder, and feed them to the dolphins!!

      Go Kings!!! :-)

  8. Fanboy Ryan Leong hasn’t posted his blog yet. He is usually right out of the gate with those things, after a win of course. Maybe he is lighting candles in a cave somewhere. Nuzzling his stuffed shark. Thornton and Couture had their binkys on the plane ride home too I bet. If I’m Joe Thornton I have to wonder why the hockey gods hate me so much. I’d be willing to break it all down for him as I’m sure many fans on this site would be skilled in doing so too. So come on over Joe, we’ll talk hockey. I just wanna ask him if he is ready to take his place in hockey history? I bet his answer isn’t,” you mean as Capt of a Stanley Cup winning team”. He would probably try and spear or knee me, which is also ironically(I think) the same reason the hockey gods hate him. GFKG\X/

  9. After reading so many comments, on other NHL blogs, about the controversial Williams goal, I must say that I am not surprised that the Sharks fans are upset about it. They’re wrong, of course, but I can understand that they’re trying to rationalize their third loss in a row to those nasty Kings! :-) The fact remains that the puck DID get through Stalock. The Referee saw it lying in the clear … behind Stalock … and just shy of the goal line. That’s why, after he started to blow the whistle … he didn’t! Then, he rapidly moved toward the net as he watched to see what would happen with the LOOSE PUCK. Yes, Stalock WAS pushed into the goalpost, which bumped the puck across the line, but HE WAS NOT PUSHED INTO THE NET. And he WAS NOT PUSHED INTO THE NET WITH THE PUCK.

    We would be disappointed too, if this happened to Quick. But the fact remains that THE PUCK WAS LOOSE. And the whistle should NOT have been blown. It was a heads up call by that Referee. I know the Refs have made many bad calls; and many of them have been against the Kings. But this one WAS CORRECT!!!!!

    Now, let’s go beat the Sharks in game 7! Go Kings!!!!!!

  10. Man you guys may just win a Red Smith award for your coverage of this playoffs! ;-)

  11. I think this quote says it best. Note the CAPS part!

    Logan Couture on LA’s second goal:

    “I’ve seen it a couple times and don’t think it should’ve counted. Things like that happen. It’s up to the team, the leaders and coaching staff to regroup after a goal like that, which we didn’t. THEY’RE A GREAT TEAM; WE’RE A GOOD TEAM. I think all the outsiders picked this one to go to seven games and it is so here we go.”

  12. Hahahahahahahahaha!

    I’m going to say one thing only. the crowd was loud last night. When we killed the two man advantage the place went crraaaaaazy! The loudest I’ve heard Staples in quite some time…it was outstanding!

  13. Somehow I hope Willie Mitchell’s leg injury is ‘cured’ by tomorrow. Because Jeff Schultz being called up leaves me as queasy as Greene coming back in. I thought Campbell played well when he was here, but Sutter will go to a ‘vet’ for a game 7.

    • Yes, that IS a concern for the Kings!

    • And quite often, Greene playing equals a penalty (or penalties) which they can not afford to continue to take. It’s not only the issue of a goal against, but what the goal against can do on their home ice to get the crowd buzzing.

  14. Game 7 in san Jose = ww3

    Thornton and especially penis breath Torres need to get fucking Drilled. Thornton with the cheap ass cross check to Doughty was dirty low level shit. So stoked Quick got up in his ugly grill.

    Never seen Schultz play.

    Wanted: D man with relatively good speed, higher than average hockey IQ, excellent puck handling and skating skills and the ability to level the opposition at will and not afraid to block shots.

    Go Kings!!!

  15. DD was truly AWESOME last night…
    I was SO impressed with him..
    He Was our 3 on 5 Penalty Kill!
    Pray Willie ok..So Solid..
    And Muzzie has come of age..Realized I am no longer nervous when he is on ice..he found his confidence. .Happy for Him.
    Pearson. .makes me smile..knew he would be our type of player..just took a season for him to learn system/mature.
    Kopi..ok. do Not Piss him off! We are Lucky Fans that he is a King.
    Quickie. another Good game from him..He gets fiesty..I laugh..I look forward to the day he gets into a fist a cuffs..he will clean whomever’s clock.
    Kudos to Richards..and all the guys standing up for each other and not taking any dirty crap from the sore heads.
    Just now rewatching game..
    The beginning..locker rooms..huh? showed a player in
    jock strap. .yes only a female would notice that. .it was
    Dan Boyle..haha Fox Sports West LA getting a little dig in

    • On your comment about Kopitar, I can’t remember the last time I saw him so fired up! Absolutely nothing was going to stop that man! We all know how strong he is, so seeing him use his strength the way he did was really special! I expect to see him just as fired up in game seven!!

  16. Kopi was a BEAST. Beautiful to see especially compared to his last year’s MIA fiasco. He took over in that 3rd period. And yeah, McClellan is a total fool for crying about that goal. The puck was LOOSE, you jackass…and then your team unraveled. DEAL WITH IT. Killing all those penalties in that 2nd lousy period was EPIC! Pearson (yeah!), Quickie mauling Big Retard (yeah!), Cliffy with the great right (yeah!), DD’s pass to Willy (yeah!), sucking the life outta SJ and their fans (yeah!). LET’S GO GET ITT!!!!


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