Winning One More Means the Same and More

Each line’s chemistry has taken hold. There are no holes, no soft spots from 1 to 12. Offensively dangerous. Defensively competent. Sutter seems comfortable with the lines and I don’t expect changes. It isn’t broken. It is thriving.

The sticks and bodies are in lanes. San Jose no longer has the cross seam pass. The trailer is left trailing. This is deliberate. It is the direct result of games 1 and 2. Their predictable offensive strategy has been neutralized. San Jose will keep going back to it. We will continue to stop it.

We are blocking shots.

We are getting shots through.

We’ve discussed these before as important details, as the “cause” to the “effect.”

There is more.

Defense – Home plate becomes a greater challenge to which we must rise. Assume Willie Mitchell is out. He and his stick are a big part of keeping the front clear. Whoever the Kings play in Mitchell’s place must not wander from the front if San Jose gains a forecheck…or, better yet, don’t let them gain the forecheck. It starts at the points and inside the dots, specifically the time and space we take away. You see, pucks get to the front of the net and in the high percentage areas IF they get through, IF forwards have the time to set up there while waiting for a shot. A team defensive effort that pushes the play toward the dots and boards and uses the body and stick to keep opposing forwards and defenseman from “setting up” forces the Sharks to change their game. They forecheck differently than we do. Send them to the boards and we send them to a place they don’t want to go. A place they are not comfortable and ill-equipped.

Offense – We exploded for goals in game 6 but why? Skinny pedal to the right. We didn’t let up. While puck luck and bounces help and we appear to have each on our side, I believe the Kings have been making their luck. Akin to 2012, no lead is a comfortable one that causes the Kings to sit back. The forecheck must not change. The intent to make plays and not just throw the puck away to defend must remain. Home or away, game 1 or game 7, maintaining intensity means maintaining momentum and momentum makes 1 goal leads into 3 and puts games away.

In game 7 we shall play.

Make them pay.

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  1. OMG.. deja-vu I am either having a hockeyOD
    flashback or this has happened before..
    I read this and know have read this before..
    Scribe Must have written similar..during our Cup playoff run???
    ‘Homeplate becomes a bigger challenge’..etc.
    Kings have figured out and adjusted to shark rush and that lateral pass Bobby refers to..
    This made me think.
    In this modern game teams must Constantly tweak and change their game strategy. With all the video available for review a team cannot play the same.
    It is exactly what has happened when King’s PP gets stagnate. Ever important for our coaches to have multiple set plays to rotate into the game.
    Also have talked about what these new lighter, more flexable sticks allow the players different types of shots.
    The flutter shot in game 3 or 4 from the sharks..player did on purpose. He wanted to just lift the puck gently over the Johathan’s prone body. And it worked.
    22 hours to go

  2. Pretty sure I’d rather win the last three games than the first three. Personal preference. I wish I could goto SJ to support our team. My head will be like a mento in soda tomorrow.

  3. Well … what can I say? Before, when the wheels were falling off of the Kings bus, I agreed with what you were saying when you spelled out all of the problems that existed with this team. I felt sad that the situation seemed very bleak. Now that everything’s on track, I have to agree with you again. But this time I’m feeling a lot better about everything!

    I think that the Kings certainly CAN win tomorrow night. All of the pieces are put together the way they should be for maximum success. I’m concerned about Mitchell, but this team IS resilient. I’m sure that they’ll make the right adjustment.

    I hope they not only win tomorrow night; I want them to CRUSH San Jose!! They can’t stop until the last horn sounds!!!

    Go Kings!!!!

  4. This is it. Three straight to even the series. We have the momentum, we have the confidence, we have laid to rest the hideous abortion of games 1 & 2. Planted the seed of doubt in their minds. Watched them lose their composure and unravel like a child throwing a hissy fit. One more game, winner goes to Anaheim. Loser ponders what could have been. 60 more minutes of grind you down, shot blocking, puck possession LA Kings hockey.
    Rally the troops, be loud, be proud.

  5. Will be in Sacramento during game 7. Any LA Kings fans in that city? If so, where’s a good place to go and watch the game?

    • There was a bar in Midtown that was a “Kings” hot spot, but it closed down last year. I live in Davis (10 minutes west), and The Grad is a good bar for the game. There will be a lot of Sharks fans, but they have a 15′ screen plus maybe 20 other TVs. If you’re in Sac, San Jose is only 1 1/2 hours away…

  6. hahahahahahaha @ 4:45

    Beat LA… “It’s not even a good chant.” There you have it folks, straight from Doughty. Therefore, beat SJ is even worse. #MakeThemPay

  7. Prove me wrong please. I really thought this team was done, the holes just too deep. I still think the holes on defense and in the bottom six are rabbit holes, but shit, they stuck together and made it happen. Good for them.

    • Yes, the Kings still have problems … mostly on defense. But every King fan should be pleased with how they’ve rallied. This team IS working hard! No one can know what will happen, or how far they can go, but we can be proud of them for giving their best!

      Go Kings!!

      • DD was unbelievably AMAZIMG last game..RR had some legs and was a hitting Machine. Slavdog was solid ..always is technically..know he is off NOT know why..AMart ok game. Muzzin has finally calmed down in his head(matured)and stepped up..totally comfortable with him on ice. Willie..devestated that he went out.
        I am ok with the D we have seen on last couple of games.
        (I am not going to get much of anything done today am I?)

        • Yes, Hockeyjockey, everyone has not only been giving their best, but they have succeeded as well! I believe!! Now that everyone has shown us what they’re really made of, it becomes obvious that this team will only need a few tweaks in the off season. It IS NOT as bad as we thought! And hopefully, we’ll see Mitchell back for round two! This team, along with a reinvigorated Jonathan Quick, CAN go all the way to the Cup final!!

          Cage those Sharks!!!! Go Kings!!!!

  8. So where are we watching the game tonight? Fuck hooters, crappy food, and I’m a little too old and married to be at one of those meat market places, especially when they are playing the NBA/MLB crap.

    Haven’t read if Schultz is playing tonight since Mitchell is questionable or is DS going to ignore Greene’ physical disabilities and piss poor play and give SJ a much better chance of beating the Kings?

    I’m in Simi but not too far for me to hit up a place in the valley or Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks. I would have liked to have been down in Palos Verdes at my moms crib, then I would just head over to Hermosa Beach or Manhattan Beach like the North End Bar and Grill or Patrick Molloys.

    I read something pretty funny on Facebook yesterday, maybe its not new, but I haven’t seen this one: “I don’t want to shave off my playoff facial hair just yet, would really like to keep it growing until the Kings win another cup. My wife is also participating, except she isn’t growing facial hair and a No No or waxing won’t do anything. I hate to have to go and buy her a weed wacker, but if it means the Kings win a cup, then I don’t mind getting a weed wacker.”

    • Green, as much as everyone has liked him … and his quality defensive play … has shown us that he’s finally unable to keep up. He’s finished. It’s not a knock on him. Everyone reaches a point where they can no longer keep up with younger, faster players. As for Mitchell, if he can stay healthy, he’s probably only good for one more year. Both of these men deserve kudos for being outstanding defensemen. They HAVE given their all for the Kings. I don’t believe Green can help the Kings now. If Mitchell feels good, he CAN help the Kings. But if he’s less than 100%, he would only hurt the Kings’ defense. I think the Kings need one more D-man if they’re going to continue on in these playoffs. But is there anyone who is dependable enough to step in and get it done? Campbell is an up and comer, but is he ready to stand tall against the tough opponents that the Kings are now facing?

    • Barney’s Beanery in Burbank is an Good King Hangout..Fans take over :-)
      food.. meh..but lot’s of TVs

  9. Heard..Willie M is out..
    Neimi is in..hmmm
    all I know right now

    • I’ve been thinking that they would go with Neimi again. It will be interesting to see if the Kings can get many pucks past Neimi. If they do, we’ll see Stalock again. And I think, if that happens, the Sharks will come apart at the seams.

  10. We now hear that Matt Greene will be playing tonight. We’ve all seen how this season has not been a good one for him. We all know about his injury issues. If there is something else, we don’t know what that would be, other than the fact that he is in the twilight of a good career. Let’s hope he can dig deep, and help the Kings win tonight, and then help the Kings in whatever match-ups come in the weeks ahead! All the best, Matt!

    Go Kings!!!!

    • IF his Heart can will his body then we will be fine!
      I just hope he does not take any unnecessary penalities due to the fact he is out of
      position due to the fact he is too slow.
      Here is to
      NO Penalities
      Keys to KINGS Success

      • We have discussed how slow Greene has been this season. He’s been playing in slow motion. I DO understand why he’s in tonight. I understand why Sutter wants to play a veteran instead of a rookie in a game seven. On the other hand, Greene hasn’t shown even a glimpse of his former abilities this season. And this certainly makes me nervous. It would be awesome to see him play strong and fast in tonight’s game. We can only hope that he won’t be the reason for the Sharks getting an extra one or two goals. Tonight’s game will most likely be decided by one goal. Let’s hope that extra goal doesn’t happen, because that could be the difference in the Kings winning or losing this series.

  11. Take Bobby’s advice, read Art of War. It will help you come to terms with adversity.

  12. an aside..
    Tronto really is a mess…
    the Mayor Rob Ford taking a break from duties to
    check himself into Rehab..ahhh


  13. I can’t think of a better team to ice for a game 7. Pretty incredible stats at LAKI if you ask me. The only players on the team to lose game 7s were Regehr Stoll and Greene. All 3 were in a finals game too. Regehr had others with either Buffalo or Calgary, but I am expecting a good game from all involved. GKG\X/ I believe!!!!! I believe!!!!! I believe!!!!!!

  14. LETS ROCK!!!!

  15. Good lord I’m gonna puke

  16. False Panic..he’s back

  17. Gaborik needs to get into the game. He’s floating everywhere!

  18. Penalities are going to make me Puke!!!

  19. If I hear one more Kings fan say trade Williams, I’m going to cyber slap you with no explanation or remorse!

    No matter the result, Kopitar has finally fully blossomed! I fricking love it!

    • And Muzzie!!!
      DD to yet another level..OMG
      Welcome Tanner Pearson!!!
      I could go on and on and on and..

    • And Muzzie!!!
      DD to yet another level..OMG
      Welcome Tanner Pearson!!!
      I could go on and on and on and..

      and nice song to wrap it up
      I would go to the airport..but have been celebrating :-/

      • I was just telling a friend, the thing that makes me the happiest is watching Muzzin, A-Mart, Voynov and Doughty harden throughout the playoff the last few years. They are HARDENED playoff veterans, just getting better and better each year. It’s wonderful to watch.

        • Well Slawdog…He is just So solid..Russians are ALWAYS fundamentally sound players..instilled in them from day one..
          this is not his best year..I think ..don’t know we are Never told..but he is one of my favorite players.
          DD..because he is an Elite..I am always more crirical of him..I expect is the matter with me…
          But OMG.the last two games..ok..he got me..I am a disciple.
          Muzzie..seriously have not been a fan..til these playoffs.
          New level..solid..I apologoze for not having faith..He might be my #1 star this game.. (oh. except Quick)
          RR did what I love him for..
          AMart..he is one of our core 6 D men. period.
          Green did not disappoint. He has my ♡ as he has taught the youngins, and got us a Cup (was watching Wild fame of 11/11 prior to game)
          time foe more Champanye..

  20. Me n my girl are representing in sharks territory………….and loving it

  21. Na na na na….hey hey hey….good bye!!!
    Yeeeeeeaaaahhh!!!! Kings win!!!! Kings win!!!

  22. Awesome!!!! The Sharks are dead fish!!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-)

  23. Hahahahahaha!

    I’m not even going to talk smack, I’m just sitting here with my daughter smiling from ear to ear!

  24. McClellan is a decent Guy..not many out there.
    I do wish him the best

    • Agreed! I have a ton of respect for that guy.

      • oh. and who would have thought that Minny would take
        the Avs.. so impressed wirh Roy..who I adored as a player..
        one of my top Fives..
        So can they knock off Chi..that would be so cool..
        And m’fer..5:00 start on Saturday. .the first Satirday in May..
        also known as the
        why do they F*** with me???
        but we WON!!!

  25. Warriors till the end! Damn what a series!

  26. Holy shit, mother fucking, titty sucking, two balled bitch this win is A-fucking-mazing!!!!


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