Winners Write History

When I started the #MakeThemPay hashtag on Twitter, there was no tongue in cheek.

I believed as you believed.

Faith was strong because there was precedent and that which is self-evident does not necessitate blind faith.

Our eyes were open to possibilities.

Possibility became probability

Probability became reality.

Reality became history.

Be proud but do not lose focus.

This was a playoff round and nothing more.

16 wins.

4 down.

12 to go…

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  1. Happy to the MC squared. .forgot the symbol..
    And that is All

    Anyone go to airport?
    there in ♡

  2. We can still go 16-3!

  3. This is the 2nd time I’ve lived thru the 0-3 comeback stress and euphoria. I feel the same way about the kings as I did he Flyers on that Friday night when they beat the BRuins in game 7 (and had to overcome being down 3-0 in the last game).
    Same thought occurred to me tonight. It takes a HUGE amount of mental toughness to play every shift with your back to the wall for 4 straight games and come out on top. It’s why Williams and Brown in recent days have spoken to how important it is to have so many players from that Cup team and how much faith they have in each other and how much of that faith is responsible for their never day die attitude. That’s a lot of leadership that carries a lot of weight.

    Every player left it all on the ice tonight. And Mike Richards (helluva game …we could have used him in Philly, Flyers w/o leadership yet again and playing golf next week) and Justin Williams are now each 5-0 in game 7’s.
    And having seen a lot of world class defensemen in my multiple decade hockey obsession , Drew Doughty is something very special. It’s hare to believe he’s ‘that’ good in just about every area of the game and he just turned 24. Unreal.

    What a game. What a team. To a man, every one of them embraces and embodies the concept of a true TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More)

    I can’t believe it’s almost 3 am and I get up fo work in 3 hours. The pain of being an East Coast fan.

    Go Kings

    • You’re a trooper. Great comment. Much love! On to the the next, whomever they may be (yes, we all know).

  4. So happy for the boys!

  5. Thorton looked defeated 2 games ago. He is your captain?0

  6. That was unreal. I just hope they’ve got 12 more performances in them like they had in game 4. That game was the best hockey the team has played since the cup run.
    It was literally perfect. Every defensive play, every pass, every possesion. They looked unbeatable.
    Gonna need Mitchell. That play he went down on did not look good. Looked like knee sprain, right knee

  7. Saturday is going to be insane! Who’s going??

  8. Oh yea of little faith. I told you all that the Kings were going to do it. Im dee cmart.

  9. When are the kings scheduled to arrive at LAX tonight. And at what terminal?

    • That was over and done with an hour and a half ago. Sorry buddy. For the next one – WCF ;) – follow Bailey on twitter. He gives out the airport info.

  10. Was there anything better than that yelp that Jim Fox let out when Quick stoned Marleau??? I think I’m gonna sample that and make it my ring tone for a while…..and also flash it every time my shithead Sharks fan son wants to flap his gums. For once my son put himself to sleep early without prompting! Please Sharks keep sucking. It helps my parenting….and to all my Norcal Shark fan neighbors who were coming out of the woodwork with their bandwagon texts after Aberrations 1 and 2……SUCK MY BIG KING COCK AND SWALLOW THESE FOUR LOADS WE JUST SHOT DOWN YOUR THROAT YOU CHOKERS!!!!! NEEEEEEXT……….

  11. And where is Mr. Bay Area? With his shit talking Kings are going golfing after we sweep them.
    That’s right buddy boy……eat my ass

  12. Don’t think all them sharks fans appreciated me chanting “BEAT LA!!!” Every time the Kings scored.
    Oh well :)

  13. We all owe tribute to my younger brother who not only attended Games 4 and 6, but drove to San Jose to attend Game 7 after I told him, “You need to go to San Jose. You’re good luck”.

    Kid is winning at life.

    Now…to schedule a doc’s appt to get some blood pressure meds for this next series…

  14. Ducks are loose butthole.

  15. Totally getting a Williams jersey!

  16. There isn’t really a thing that I could add to all of these comments! But I will also say that if there were errors made by the Kings, I didn’t see them. I was too excited to be critical! I will say that it seemed that every King was highly focused on their game. Everyone seemed to be in the right place at the right time. I am so proud of each and every one of them. They most certainly deserve to sit back and soak in this win!! But for only one day! There will be another very important series to focus on! And it will be “The Freeway Series!” It will be awesome!!

    Go Kings!!!

  17. First thing first. I called my shot before this series started, before the Kings decided to see just how far they get behind in a playoff series in games 1-3 before they and come back.

    I have no problem admitting after the blowouts to the Sharks in games 1 and 2, even losing a game on home ice, I thought shit, this team is done, no fight, no professional pride.

    I am glad they proved to myself and many others they can never be counted out regardless, unless they were the team who only won 3 games and the other team won 4 games in a seven game series.

    A reminder “modcoop

    April 3, 2014 • 10:37 pm
    Joe pulled a Crosby on Voynov! Notice Dumbo was swinging while the ref was between them? What a soft piece of chewed bubblegum that loser is!

    I was hoping when he was chirping the Kings bench, everyone would point to their Stanley Cup Ring fingers like Brad Marchand did or pretend they couldn’t hear him because their Stanley Cup Ring was preventing one of their ears from hearing him!

    2-1 against 5 defensemen and our back up goalie! Wooooooooooo scary!

    SJ once again exit stage left after the 1st round and no more talk about how great SJ is and how great Doug Wilson is and what a great job he has done, doing the same thing over and over and over again……….LOSE!”

    I was foolish to go to a few playoff games back in 2010 and 2011. I watched the Kings lose to Vancouver and then San Jose. I was 4 rows from the glass next to the visitor bench for the Kings epic collapse and choke in game 3 against the Sharks in the 2011 playoffs. You remember that game, the Kings score 3 in the 1st period, get another one to make it 4-0 about 6 minutes into the 2nd period and then San Jose came back with 4 straight goals to tie. The teams traded one more goal apiece sending the game into OT. I think it was just a few minutes into OT that Devin Setoguchi scored the game winner, which completed one of the better tank jobs I have witnessed over the years.

    What bothered me more than Terry Murray doing absolutely nothing, but standing behind the Kings bench looking like he was constipated, but not a timeout or even a goalie change after San Jose scored 4 pretty quick goals, was Dumbo scoring in OT and then putting his finger over his mouth as to tell everyone to shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Yeah ok Dumbo!

    There is the old saying “Karma is a Bitch”, but I think Joe Thornton is karma’s bitch!

    Now I haven’t been trolling this blog for sometime but I did catch a beauty by our old friend Mrconscisemice or however you spell it who tried to show us all his superior hockey knowledge by once again being beyond delusional and wrong.

    See this MENSA has a bit of addiction or compulsion to post his thoughts and observations on a bunch of different blogs. Sadly many of the other people who also post in the same blogs as Mrconscisemice don’t call him out on his bullshit or very limited knowledge or understanding of hockey and the economics of professional sports (hockey) in a CAP world.

    Nice try DICKHEAD! Once again you don’t know fuck all about what you are trying to critique and then give your answer to what you see as necessary for the Kings to be successful. What did you say about Tyler Toffoli and how bad he is?

    One of his better long winded string of words where he tries to show everyone just how smart he is especially in his assessment of prospects and great trade proposals:

    “Mrconcisemice” February 20, 2014 12:16:10 am
    Only in our dreams will Pearson get 60-80 points somewhere else. Here’s the issue with our prospects.

    TOFFOLO: great shot, great hockey sense, pretty good hands (solid but he’s not a dangler), but only above average speed to go along with being very undersized and not strong on the puck along the boards.

    You can see how hard it is to score goals in the NHL, even someone like Carter who has it all only averages around 30-35 goals a year now. If Carter who is way bigger, way faster, and can dangle better only scores 30-35, how is the slower, smaller Toffoli supposed to put up 30+? Right now Toffoli is a 20-goal type of guy in the NHL who still needs to put on muscle because he gets knocked off the puck along the boards and hurts the cycle game when that happens.

    Do I still like Toffoli? Yes. He should be our #7 or #8 forward, always in our top-nine on what should be three scoring lines. But he lacks the elite speed and elite size of an elite goal scorer right now. And he’s the best of the three prospects.

    VEY: The second best prospect. Possibly best hands of the bunch, it’s close with Toffoli, okay shot, good hockey sense and vision, but only average speed and below average size. Like Toffoli, he lacks the elite speed and elite size of a true top-six forward in the NHL right now. He’s certainly an upgrade over Colin Fraser and Trevor Lewis, and he should also be playing the Kings either in the top-nine or centering a fourth scoring line (there’s no reason all four lines should not be scoring if you have the talent to pull it off. There’s no rule that says if you score, you automatically have to suck at defense. Vey has hockey sense, he can be responsible defensively on the fourth line and still have it be a scoring line), but you’re looking at another tweener prospect who might put up 15 goals and 40-45 points on another team at best, with Toffoli just ahead of him by 5 goals. Neither has the speed and skill to be an elite forward yet.

    PEARSON: The worst of the three, Pearson has slightly more size than Toffoli or Vey, but he’s by far the worst skater of the three and just cannot get any separation in the NHL. His hands are also the worst, he does not have a scorer’s touch. His one promising offensive asset is an elite wrist shot, but that’s it. We’re likely looking at a career bottom-six forward in Pearson because without elite speed, elite size, or elite offensive touch, there’s just no way you’re going to put up good offensive numbers in the NHL. Those are the qualities needed to actually get yourself into positions to use your great shot. He doesn’t have the skill set and this will likely go down as yet another overly conservative Dean Lombardi 1st round pick where they chose the safe guy who played 200 feet of the ice in juniors but didn’t have any offensive upside instead of the more talented players available.

    So if it were up to me, I would trade Pearson while he still has value as a recently drafted 1st round pick who played for Canada at the WJCs. Keep Vey and Toffoli because they at least have the hands and hockey sense (and above average speed) to develop into top-six forwards in the NHL once they fix their size issues (which of course doesn’t mean magically growing taller, but rather putting on muscle which should have a similar effect), but trade Pearson since he just doesn’t have the hands for it and likely never will.”

    Finally this is not hockey related, just another high profile college athlete doing something so ridiculous it really makes you wonder WTF he was thinking?

    Hey Jameis Winston shoplifting? Seriously shoplifting 32.00 of Crawfish and Crab Legs? To all ESPN and other sports reporters or journalists, he might be 18 years old, but that is no excuse. He didn’t get arrested, just issued a civil citation. So he gets to avoid being arrested and processed, I get it, young kid, high profile Heisman Winner also National Championship gets a pass (pardon the pun).

    Jameis goes into a store places an order for the Crab and Crawfish, then is seen looking at butter, put the butter back, leaves the store, returns to get his food, and walks out without paying for it or as they report forgets to pay for it.

    You get home with this food, knowing you forgot to pay for it and didn’t even attempt to contact the store to tell them I think you didn’t pay for the seafood so you wanted to go back and pay for it. No you just decided not to notify the store. Only problem is, you are pretty well known at FSU so thinking you could get away with that, and not be recognized well might not have been the prudent thing to do.

    Count your blessings, George Zimmerman wasn’t anywhere near that store, otherwise he might have busted a few caps in your ass!

    • I usually like your comments, Modcoop, but your comment only reminds me that I should try to keep my comments brief! :-) Although I should remember that some bloggers did have a long night last night, some because they live on the east coast, and some because the drank too much last night!

      I was one of the bloggers who got down on the Kings because of their inconsistency. And they deserved to be chastised. However, they HAVE come together. They ARE playing good hockey. And everyone is now on the same page! I can only be proud of each and every one of them for pulling together and giving their very best. I hope their fine play continues!

      Go Kings!!!

      • I’m guilty too. I get mad and curse this team when they don’t play to their potential. Even tho we all criticize the team/players we still have a love for this team that will never die!

        • Yes, it seems that we’re always ready to point out the problems. But we must also be prepared to praise our team when they deserve it! It’s the same with interpersonal relationships … especially our children.

    • I used to steal hamburgers til I got caught and humiliated by that dopey ginger clown.

    • Are you JT Dutch in disguise?

    • I disagree about Pearson. I think the kid’s gonna turn out to be something special in the years to come. He’s a bulldog. He’s fast enough and he’s got relatively good hockey sense. The thing that really stood out to me about Pearson is his fearless play. He just went out and played his game. Didn’t try and do too much and went about his business.

      That feed to Toffoli was a little lucky though. An couple inches or so and it woulda landed on the defender’s stick. But he had the sense to pull up and pass it to Toffoli yelling for it. He created that luck for sure. Toffoli would never have gotten that shot off if Pearson didn’t make that play.

      • I agree with you about Pearson. They’re both still green, but we can see that they’re progressing nicely. As for that pass being a little lucky, every pass has the potential of being tipped or blocked. Pearson saw Toffoli coming and he did the right thing! That was undeniably a good play. That was good for them and good for the Kings!

      • Kids are on the PP and PK. Totally ahead of schedule for Pearson. I like the chemistry between he and Toffoli. The pass he dished to Toffoli was the move he was trying to make, so luck…… I don’t know, he pulled it off and it’s never 100%. I think for what I expected he’s doing just fine. Kids quick and has good hands, and I agree he’s feisty. Steals pucks, battles hard on the boards. Nothing to complain about. The team has balance with them in it. More offensively threatening than Nolan in the mix. I feel our team is better prepared to compete with the Blackhawks now as well. Vegas has the Kings beating the Ducks. Kings have the tightest Fenwick in all the NHL. Ducks are loose Fenwick. GFKG\X/

        • Yes, those two are certainly playing their part in the resurgence of the Kings, Sr. Robaburguesas (that’s a mouthful!). They’re an important part of the machine. I’m feeling pretty good about the Kings now!

      • HAT TRICK.. you know Modocop was putting up an old comment by mr. microwhateverthe F***’s name is.. that was NOT his opinion. Modocop has really good Hockey sense.
        His comments are worth a read.( even if I did slam him becauuse I skimmed after I saw the
        first line a while back and didn’t realize who was bloging).
        As you others were saying when the team plays bad you start cussing and maligning them..
        1) blame the coach(s) .. depending on what is happening.. PP not good.. so and so..
        PK not good.. the other so and so.. freakin lines all fowled up.. mothersutter..
        I might point out a flaw.. but I am TOO loyal .. or blind ..takes me a Long time to accept
        that the guys get older and past their best..
        I am enjoying this day as it is all about Praise for the BoyS

        • I have to say that, when you read Modcoop’s comment, he certainly was doing what you said. BUT the way he wrote it left it easy for anyone to misunderstand him. That’s why I made the comment that I did. I have always liked Modcoop’s comments. It was that one, the way anyone could easily misunderstand it, that I didn’t care for. I know he wishes that he could have separated his comments from the individual he quoted a little better. Everyone of us have written comments, or e-mailed someone, or texted someone, and wished that we had proof read it one more time … or just waited a few minutes … until we could put together something that made more sense. It’s water over the dam. I’m not going to worry about it. I look forward to many more excellent posts by Modcoop! :-)

          • I am on focused adrenalin right now..
            Lack of Sleep..Derby Week..workplace drama..
            And my crazy Racing Chit Chat group….they made
            Modocop look easy in comparrison :-)

        • Ah shit sorry about that Mod…was reading a little too fast. I can’t understand how anyone can’t see the value in Pearson.

          • Welcome to the think I can speed read but can’t Club.
            Pearson..was So happy after looking at his Highlight reel when we drafted him..and was impatient waiting for his call up. Also know I am no development finally. He and Gabby both put that big grin on my face when they get the puck wirh open Ice. Don’t see that too much in the game thsse days.

        • Thanks for catching that! I was pretty fired up game 1 no doubt. Game 2 I was tripping even harder. The boys came through like we all know how they can play and it was awesome to witness for sure.

          One game at a time for me. It kinda feels a little like 93. Hey Montreal is still in it. :)

    • Hey Neil..I went to my second playoff game (first was ’93 game 3-L at the Forum that I do not remember too well)
      in 2010…game 5 . vs . Vancouver. .it was a spontaneous thing..had been in the back of my mind nagging at me all day..and after work I sped (and I mean SPED) to Staples. .parked and ran to box office..only had level 100..$300 ..I said. well P&J for me for the next month and purchased..just as game starting. .I HATE being late to a game. surrounded by waayyy too many nucklheads..they are the assbites…
      but I saw Fro’s one and only Playoff Goal..what a great memory!
      So where did you end up last night?
      the kid that stole crab legs..I thought it was a frat hazing..what a bizarre thibg to steal!

  18. And I don’t need to mention it, but this one counts forever. It’s in the history books now. Sharks can win 50 in a row next season and it won’t mean shit…no one will care or take them seriously. Not until they win a cup. And that was at the hands of their most hated rival… And our favorite team. They get to know that deep down….Priceless

  19. All I can say is WOW!!! Me n gf sporting our Kings gear in a bar full of sharks fans. So outta place and feeling the stares on the back of my head as we made our way in and muscled up to the bar. There we were behind enemy lines waiting for someone to try and start some shit. During the game we actually met two other lonely Kings fans in that shark infested water. We ate, drank & exchanged many a Kings memories, heartbreaks and that 2012 cup run. Heres to you Ian & Emelia……I am proud to be part of this Kings family with people like you.


    • You Rock dude! My buddy and i had to use a wheelchair to get to game 6. Hes had the tix forever. We went to game three and his back was totally spasming and it wasnt a very good night for many reasons. At that point the game 6 tix seemed like they may not get used anyway. As the team turned it around his back got worse and worse. So we called Staples and asked them if there was any way they could help us get through the game. The response we got couldnt have been any better. We got seats in the folding chair area in 106. Our seats were in 218. Plenty of room to jump around and scream. Plus the ushers and Kings fans couldn’t have been classier or cooler. It was one of the best games ive ever been to minus portions of the second period for officiating reasons i almost spazzed out myself. Total 180 from how i felt a week ago. My buddys back is still f’d, but the smile is still there. Rock on Kings and Kings fans. This is to be our next incredible journey. GFKG \X/

      • I’m happy that things worked out so well for you!

      • Sorry to hear about your buddy, but I know that he wouldn’t have missed that for anything! I love hearing stories with a happy ending! Hope he gets better and you guys enjoy many more games at Staples!

      • My Daughter and I ended up sitting in the Handicapped area just above the 100s.. where the
        2 KNX radio giveaways are for one game a few years ago….( we had started in the 300s.. and I fine up there..get a Great view of plays unfolding..
        but this group of about a dozen 10 year old girls sat behind us just prior to game starting..They were fine, but the two stupid bitches that were chaperoning them started yapping.. not HOCKEY.. I got pissed real fast.. my daughter gets up and leaves.. she went and talked to Usher who moved us.. And there is a ton of room there you are right.. no drink holders.. prob because people in wheelchairs have their own..
        It was Very nice of them to accomodate us.

    • You are braver then I would be.. and I know if I tried that and got a drink or two in me and
      someone said something I would go CRAZY and get myself thown in the Clink.. I can scare myself..
      But GOOD FOR BOTH OF YOU…and cool to be able to share memories.. that is the Best!

  20. AMAZING COMEBACK – That wicked shot for our first goal by DD was vintage..LOVED his reaction! lol And that pass from Willy to our fearless leader (#11) for the sweeeet backhand was a beautiful thing…but the Manchester boys stole the show with that 3rd goal! (daaaaaang!) lol That wasn’t luck, the kid’s skill set is high (and improving rapidly!) and #73 knows what to do when he gets the puck in from that deep…..STILL..too many damn STUPID penalties by our boys..we can’t be doing that shit against the stinkin quacks..NO &%$#&! GIFTS!!! And props to Greenie for gettin it done when most Kings fans (including myself) were holding their collective breath…LET’S TAKE AT LEAST ONE AT THE FILTHY POND!!!! Can’t wait for Saturday!!! ;-)

  21. Hey all sorry for not separating my post which included a portion of a classic “Mrconcisemice” rant which just proves how clueless this person really is.

    The opinion and his personal scouting report for Toffoli and Pearson even Vey were words which would have me laughing so hard, I’d start coughing and probably pull some abdominal muscle even give myself a sports hernia or is that a lower body injury?

    I laughed so hard when I read this classic observation/opinion while I was doing some research on Mrconcisemice after Hockeyjockey inspired me to dedicate a few brain cells and thoughts about where our friend have been. I guess he has stayed away from S&S because the people who read this or contribute to this community aren’t your novice or average hockey enthusiast or fan.

    The majority of the people who post here are pretty smart and knowledgeable about the Kings and hockey in general. We all seem to have a lot of fun on S&S, while appreciating each others sarcasm. Some of us are more passionate than others, some have a drier or darker sense of humor, but for the most part we are one big happy dysfunctional family.

    Through my brief research into Mrconcisemice, it was pretty clear he follows S&S, but has learned some bit of restraint, or censorship which is why you don’t see him posting here as frequently as he once did.

    I also believe he knew most of us were on to him and were not going to allow his sometimes delusional articles about this player, that player or his philosophy which at times was plagiarized from someone else’s post on another blog to go unchallenged or debated.

    I was really amazed that some of his outrageous opinions and critique of certain players often were being praised or viewed as gospel. In a way that is very scary to believe that he actually has a flock who accept him on his words.

    Hopefully this will clear up any confusion about my earlier post which I used a Mrconcisemic post. I should have just stuck to pointing out my opinion and prediction about Dumbo Thornton, Marleau Thomas and the San Hose Eh Sharks series vs the Kings when we knew who the Kings would face in their 1st round of their playoffs.

    I am also not afraid to admit I am wrong, which I was after they were embarrassed by San Hose Eh in games 1 and 2. I did say if the Kings had shown some fight in games 1 and 2 or were decided by 1 goal, I wouldn’t have been so disappointed or angry, to the point of looking forward to next season.

    Some of the players finally woke up, and started to contribute, and the Kings showed push back, starting with Quick. We know our team is resilient and can pretty much overcome almost any situation, but for Pete’ sake don’t start out a series 0-3. You have already shown you are the only 8th seed in todays modern NHL history to beat the #1, #2, #3 seeds in the Western Conference to become the Western Conference Champions, represent the Western Conference in the Stanley Cup Finals and beating the Eastern Conference Champion New Jersey Devils to capture the very 1st Stanley Cup in franchise history.

    Oh and that 16-4 record during the entire Stanley Cup playoffs wasn’t something to sneeze at!

    • Now, that’s a Modcoop comment! :-)

      I think we have a lot to feel positive about, regarding the play of the Kings. I’m anxious to see game #1 of round #2!!

      Go Kings!!


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