There is no Rear View Mirror in the Playoffs

Bloggers and journalists are all writing about the history making nature of the L.A. Kings comeback against San Jose.

“Out of 173 teams…”

“In the entire NHL history…”

“Only the 4th team to…”

They all sound the same, reciting the same detail that they borrowed from what they heard or read.

Then you have the ones trashing the San Jose Sharks, as if that team had any control over our total domination of them for four straight games. Ever get into a fist fight with a pissed off grizzly bear? Me neither. San Jose did. We disposed of them because they couldn’t stop us. That’s not their fault.

Forget it.

It was fun enjoying the victory and even chatting about the amazing ride that led to it. Surly and I have a surprise for all of you, a little “project” we started working on today at the prior request of a certain someone, which we will reveal to you before Saturday’s game…no, you don’t get any clues.

That ride ended. We are off. Another ride awaits. Down I5 to Orange County where men are women and women are something else entirely. I live here. I am surrounded by them. The few that have merit are my friends. All of the others are enemies. And enemies we are to them, as it should be. Enemies who will invade their arena, drink their beer, eat their food and make their girlfriend, wife or mistress’ loins burst with flavor.

The Ducks are a good team. We shall be a better team. And the better team shall win. We shall Make Them Pay.

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  1. It really is interesting how so many blame San Jose for folding. They just can’t accept the fact that the Kings have been playing that well!

    • For some reason the media at large has a hard time making a story about the Kings. We basically got some stories when we won the Cup, but the rest of the time it’s more about how the Blues didn’t live up to expectations, it’s impressive just that the Coyotes made it so far, that San Jose can’t hang or that Sidney Crosby sneezed on a kid and now the kid’s face is worth $3 million.

  2. #makethempay2

  3. Your right, that was then, this is now. Let’s steal game 1 in their barn.
    Any word on #33?

  4. Damn i just bought games 2 and 5 at the pond and i got all 3 at staples….. my bank account will be depleted, good thing the lady is a big kings fan… we work and live in OC and listen to their stupid shit talking all the time. The fact is the Ducks will always have little brother syndrome. In time they will be known as the Los Angeles Ducks of Anaheim (that seems like blasphemy just writing it).

    Bobby I get the same shit 1 out of 20 Ducks fans is actually a real hockey fan who follows the sport can articulate an intelligent thought on the sport and think logically based on what he sees. These people are my friends and I will give them shit when we MAKE THEM PAY, but I will delight more in shutting up the casual fan. The guy that comes into work sees the Kings shit on my desk and starts saying how great the Ducks are but cannot name 5 players. This I will revel in. I will relish every minute.

    Interesting to me will be how the kids rebound. Will Pearson and Toffoli outplay Bonino and Smith-Pelley? Can Jake Muzzin really be developing into a legit top pairing defenseman before our very eyes? Who will take more stupid penalties Muzzin/Brown/Greene or Allen/Sbisa/Perry. At any rate this will be a chance for me to forget the Stadium Series loss. To forget that fucking asshat Martell who waived off the tying goal in the final LA vs ANA game at staples….

  5. I have watched the 3rd period and the handshake like 50x. It gets better every time too.

    • I keep watching dumbo joe with that head shaking, lost in disbelief, I don’t know if I should shoot myself or just cry in the corner of the shower in the fetal position look on his face……

  6. I’m enjoying your comments! Every one of you! You make me chuckle!

    The only thing that I’m a little concerned about, at this point, is the penalties that the Kings can’t seem to keep from taking. If they can stop taking the dumb ones they can do this. I know every team HAS to take some penalties, but they need to stay away from unnecessary ones.

    Go Kings!!

    • Exactly..What I have said for the last 15 games at least!
      Stat people. .anyone know whwre we rate regarding penalities..must be near the top of the list.
      We hit Hard..I think Refs get the memo to watch us especially carefully.
      Like players wirh bad reps get watched closer.

    • But don’t you also feel that a good kill builds momentum for us and kills it for them? And don’t you also feel like the refs are out if their minds?

      • I agree with you 100% on the momentum. By their 4th powerplay of the 2nd period SJ looked like they would rather just decline it. That really turned things in our favor.

      • That’s true, but it’s at the risk of –

        1. tiring the Kings when this series, and hopefully the next ones, will need them to play at a high performance level.

        2. giving the opposition excellent opportunities to score that they don’t deserve and we don’t want them to have.

        Giving opponents good opportunities to score is an unnecessary risk. It’s dangerous!

        The Kings can be satisfied with knowing that they have an excellent penalty kill. And IF they need it, for an occasional NECESSARY penalty, they can use their skillful penalty kill to defeat their opponent’s power play.

        But to abuse this ability by taking many unnecessary penalties is to stretch common sense to a point of lunacy. Let’s keep penalties to a minimum!!!


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