I feel somewhat incapable of writing a preview of the Kings-Ducks series.

We’ve been waiting for this series to happen for far too long. I’m positively giddy with excitement.

This isn’t a “Freeway Face-Off”. This is a city-burning match-up. More than the Western Conference Finals are at stake here. Bragging rights for an indeterminable amount of time are on the line. Both teams have won a Cup now, this is the last domino to fall and we don’t know if they will meet again in the playoffs next year or in another 20.

Now… the main reason I can’t bring myself to write a preview, or any game articles for that matter, is my renown superstition.

There is a really stinky chevy logo white Kings shirt sitting on my chair that says I’m a little crazy. I was planning to sell a car a week ago… until I drove my new car during game 3. For the time being, I can’t sell it.

And I can’t write about the games. I screwed up with the prayers and didn’t do one for game one against San Jose. After that, it was too late and the hockey gods weren’t having it. So I stopped after game 3. The rest, is quite literally, (minus my involvement) history.

I’ll put the question to you. What do you value more, my writing or my superstition?

Don’t think I also don’t know that one of you isn’t allowed to put on underwear.

So, who’s going to every game this series? This is why we have credit cards, people. I usually condone financial prudence. Fuck that.

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  1. Surly, The gods are good with you at this point. All was reset with the game 7 on Wednesday. I am a long-time Kings fan, had season tickets starting when Gretzky first came to LA. We moved away in 1992, have moved around a bunch and now live basically in the shadow of SAP Center. I went to two playoff games in 2011, games 1 & 5 vs. the Sharks (losses). I missed game 2 which the Kings won. In 2012, I made it to round 3, game 4 and round 4 game 4, two of the three Kings home losses that year. Last year, I made it to all games at SAP (all losses, we high-fived after game 6, maybe 4) and game 4 vs. the Blackhawks (Kings loss). This year I made it to game 1 & 2 at SAP (losses) and couldn’t go to game 5 (Kings win). In addition, I’ve been to every Kings regular season game at SAP in the last three years except for the only one that they won in the midst of their very bad streak this year.

    So basically, I had to be cursed. I literally had seen every loss that I could have over that time. I was reasonably certain that Staples security was going to pull me aside the next time I tried to set foot in the building. I was similarly convinced that the Sharks were going to start sending me free passes to sit right behind the Kings bench.

    That curse died gloriously two nights ago. It was amazing to watch Sharks fans start their exodus with 6 minutes left in the game, down by two goals. It felt so good to leave the building celebrating while watching the knowing looks on the faces of so many Sharks fans. They know that their run of playoff appearances is coming to an end, and they know that the vast majority of people now wearing a Sharks jersey will never win a Stanley Cup. One of them might one day win one in a Sharks jersey, but not their heroes. Not the guys whose faces hang from street signs throughout San Jose.

    If I can bury my curse, yours is surely dead!

    • So, you’re trying to tell me I don’t have an active effect on the outcome of games? I can’t accept this.

      Congrats on being at game 7. That must have been awesome. Did you catch any major shit at the end? We were planning to drive up, but based on the two times I’ve been up there, we reasoned it was a lose-lose situation. Either the Kings lose and we spent a lot of time and money to be depressed, or the Kings win and someone stabs us under that bridge outside SAP.

      • When the Sharks took the ice after handshakes, a large majority of their fans in the upper bowl booed them as they raised their sticks. Thornton knows their will be no silver at the end of his career. I hope someone else picks up Nieto and Hertl. San Jose is a factory of sadness.

    • Damn Viper, you had it bad. I was 0-4 at SAP and kicked out of game 6 last year. All that was forgiven Wednesday night. Snarks fans from that night forward have no room to speak for indefinite seasons after that triumph. We have an argument-ending game 7 button to push now…

  2. I don’t have Game 5 or 7 tickets for Anaheim, but I did snag tickets for the first 2 games Wednesday evening – for cheap.

  3. I’m not a superstitious guy, but we might be screwed! Puck Daddy has literally pick against the Kings in every round of playoffs since 2012 when we won the prize. Every series for two and a quarter years that bitch has picked against us…until now…Fuck!

    Well, I guess it’s a good thing I believe in that stuff! Wyshynski can lick the free swinging nads of our favorite choneless fan!

  4. I do rather enjoy reading what you have to say, but to be completely honest with you I’d say your writing can take to the back seat like a $2 hooker and do whatever superstitious ritual you have to do. That takes precedence just like Hamburgular not wearing any chonies.

  5. How’s this one: I was disgusted after games 1&2, and couldn’t watch game 3. At 0-3 I decided I wasn’t watching anymore of the series. Then they win… so I taped the last three games and watched afterward. I was dying to watch game 7 live but held fast to the superstition. Helps that I’m a goalie and truly depend on such madness. My hope is that we reset with a new series.

    • Here’s to Superstitions Surly!
      We all have them..some more then others..
      and we beg and pled and try to make deals vwith the
      Hockey Gods.
      My car will stay dirty til way into June..
      I keep trying to temember what I can and cannot do..
      You are all so Eccited for this series..I am nervous..I am
      respectful..I am contrite. .anything to put me on the good side of the I go too such thing!
      Here’s to A Victorious Playoff series..

    • I feel that superstitions are like line combos/roster. Long as you are winning, you don’t change ’em unless you’ve got to.

  6. The superstition thing. My wife isn’t allowed out of the bathroom during the game. Even at Staples we score win she is in the bathroom. Ridiculous!

  7. Feel bad for her sometimes…

  8. Get your ass back in the bathroom!

  9. I have a superstition that if I continue to be my awesome self, then verytime the Kings win the Cup then they lose in the conference finals the next year. Then the next year, they come back from being down three games to one in the first round. I’m awesome

  10. 12 hours to go. Can’t believe how pumped I am. Barely slept. Gonna need a pre-game nap. GFKG\X/


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