Shinny Hockey Behind, Game Two Ahead

The last time I saw an L.A. Kings game that shinny in the playoffs was against the New Jersey Devils, in game one of the 2012 Stanley Cup Final – except that was the first period of game one, not the whole game. Shinny games are difficult to put into words because they resemble many things and nothing at all.

The puck bounced everywhere.

Errant passes ended up in skates, boards and opposing player’s sticks.

There was plenty of hitting but it was more hitting for the sake of hitting as opposed to a deliberate attempt to separate the man from the puck in order to gain possession.

It was Anaheim Ducks hockey.

The elation we felt when we tied the game was palpable. The Honda Center erupted to the cheers of thousands of L.A. Kings fans. For those who did not attend, I hope you could hear and feel it. Jacob and I were proud of our brethren. If you have not seen the replay, look again. That was not an easy puck to bat out of the air and time five hole. That play doesn’t happen with Jeff Carter’s forecheck. Cause – Effect.

The overtime goal resulted from a Ducks’ turnover. Gaborik once again showed deft hands. That play doesn’t happen without Anze Kopitar threading a seam. Cause – Effect.

A will to win, to never surrender and never say die by every player on our Kings. Cause – Effect.

I am happy with the result.

There is much room for improvement.

Since we cannot do anything about Anaheim’s ice conditions, let’s focus on what we can control.

  • Shorter passes.
  • More skating with the puck out of the defensive zone.
  • Better support from the forwards in the neutral zone for the alternate pass if they attempt to close gaps on the puck carrier or first pass option.
  • Smarter passes. Protect the puck if you don’t have a lane.
  • More traffic in front of Hiller by the wings.
  • On the defensive side, better rebound control by Quick coupled by better home plate. If not for Alec Martinez’s impression of Rob Scuderi, this game could have ended otherwise.

The margin of error is small in playoff hockey, for every team.

We are a team that minimizes errors and maximizes punishing opposing teams for theirs.

We are a team that Makes Them Pay.

That Makes Them Bleed.

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  1. Yes, the ice conditions were marginal at best. The pucks could not be moved with sureness. Fortunately, regarding bounces, we got the bounces and they didn’t.

    Gaborik is a stud! I was reviewing the highlights and noticed how he was able to get the puck out from behind the net, to Martinez. He lifted it over Hiller’s stick, and it laid down nicely for Martinez! What hands!!!!

  2. #MakeThemCrt
    esp that Perry pos

  3. All good points Bobby. Especially the make smarter passes/protecting the puck. Short quick passes to get out of the defensive zone. Don’t force passes through the neutral zone if the pass isn’t there. Ducks are fast in transition and constant turnovers like that will just add fuel to the fire.
    More traffic in front of Hiller. Make him work, make him uncomfortable…..make him pay!

  4. I was wrong about AMart as a left wing. He is clearly better suited to tend goal.

  5. All great points Scibe. I was watching the game at home and also wished that when clearing the zone during PK that we saw more pucks be shot towards the fucking mouth of that “Douchbag”….(you guys know who I speak of)…..How many times did he say that in order to beat the Kings you had to eliminate and hurt our (as he put it) “quarterback”. Talking about Doughty. He said:….”Since he was already injured”. I don’t remember him ever saying that in order to beat the Ducks why not go after Ryan Gets-laughed-at. Start a scrum with him and then put a fucking fist on his fucking jaw.

    God I hate Hateward..
    I have one of his trading cards somewhere. When taking a piss on Thursday…look for it in one of the urinals outside section 315.

  6. I bashed Gabs during the last couple games of the season. I was wrong for doing that. He’s proving to me what I already had a suspicion about–that he IS a Sutter type player. The guy is clutch. Drown the ducks.

    • It is absolutely undeniable that Gaborik is happy to be a part of the Kings. He isn’t just collecting a paycheck. The last couple of years have been somewhat unfulfilling for him. Now, he’s on a team that appreciates him. And he’s playing beside Kopitar, where he CAN be productive and happy. He’s obviously giving his all to show the Kings that he IS an asset.

      Go Gaborik, and go Kings!!!

  7. If things go well for the Kings, in this second round, we’ll undoubtedly be playing Chicago. Minnesota has come a long way, but they aren’t good enough to match up against the Chicago machine. They’re just too good.

    I just finished watching their game two today. I just have to say that as good as Bryan Bickell has been, for Chicago, this year he’s even better. I think he could be considered to be among the top five best Power Forwards in the NHL. Certainly, Ryan Getzlaf is in the top five, and the Kings are playing against him now. If the Kings can find a way to slow down Getzlaf, they can do it with Bickell.

    Go Kings!!

  8. Hey guys what happened to the podcast? Thought it was awesome and would like to see it happen again.

  9. Hey fellas and sweeties, correct me if I’m wrong. Shultz? Please Campbell or McNabb. Up 1, it’s a series, I like the combo of veteran and youth. The kings have already stole home ice advantage. Sometimes you roll the dice and see what you got. Pearson for example. Think Nolan AND king…

    • Sweetie here. :-)
      I am excited anout McNabb..but next season…would be TOO much pressure to have him start his first game in the Playoffs. He cannot be fully indoctrinated to our system yet.
      Campbell..ok..but there must be reason Why Schultz over him.
      We must trust our coaches..esp the Manch ones.I think they have proved worthy over the last 5 years or so.

      • Yes, even though Sutter HAS pissed me off, he’s the one who’s getting paid the big bucks to make the right decisions. Let’s hope that he makes good decisions that will get this team another Stanley Cup!

        Go Kings!!!!

  10. Am I’m nuts?

    • Depends on who your comparing yourself with. Everybody has their own opinion on who should start in place of Regehr. Shultz has experience, Campell seems pretty solid yadda yadda yadda. I’ve never coached an NHL team let alone a beer league so what the hell do I know? I’ll leave that decision up to the man who coached this team to a Stanley Cup.

  11. It’s too bad Schultz didn’t get into at least one game earlier in the season.

    McNabb is a no-go. Hasn’t been in the system long enough. Ours is built now like the Red Wings system. The same kind of hockey taught throughout the organ-eye-zation so that anyone can slot in without missing too many cues. That’s why Campbell looked good enough in his debut, but I think he will be too big of a target for Perry/Getzlaf/Selanne. Schultz isn’t a great option, but he is the most prudent.

  12. Well…so be it. Go shultzie!

  13. The question is where does he play? I’m assuming Alec plays with Voynov which puts Schultz with Greene? Or does Greene ride shotgun with Voynov? Man, that’s a scary thought against Anaheim!

    If any team can handle adversity like this, it’s us! We’ll get it done like we always do.

  14. The Ponda was a sweat box Saturday. Hopefully they’ll remember how use the thermostat tonight. GKG!


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