Every victory is an opportunity for another.

Momentum may not carry from game to game but doubt does and to place doubt in the hearts and minds of your opponent is just as powerful as any momentum we may carry forth.

Your opponent must fear being scored on as much as fear being well defended.

If you can attend, you must. If you can attend, you become part of history. If you can attend but do not, you only bear witness to it.

We do not attend these games to be entertained. We do so to elevate and communicate our uncompromising support for our Kings. We do that through decibels. Quiet support is the absence of support.

We will not pick fights. We will not give them the respect of even being noticed. We will look solely to cheer our boys on and will not allow ourselves to be distracted with fists or venom…I will try hard to take my own advice.

We have won. We know what it takes to win. There is a straight line between 1 and 16. There are no detours.

Monday. 7pm. Game two.

We shall Make Them Pay.

We shall Make Them Bleed.

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  1. Reys es apretado
    Patos es huanga
    Apretado es mas mejor de huanga.

    • Quien es apretado?
      Gaborik es muy muy apretado!!!

      • Diez mas compa. Estoy bailando a la mesa. VPRV \X/ Voy pinche Reys voy.

        • Baile compa baile!!!
          Estos Reyes estan jugando como los Reyes de 2012!!!
          Chingow que juego!
          Sabes que? Todo la pinche equipo esta apretado!!!!

  2. Just a note to anyone going tonight – the Angels are playing the Yankees tonight at Angel Stadium so traffic is going to be ugly!!!!

    Keep up the great Kings chants at the house of duck-yuck!


  3. Teemu is fair game. Give the old guy a big ‘ol smooch for me and my buddy Robyn, will ya?

  4. GKG!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I was thinking about the comments that some of us made about that idiot … Brian Hayward. I was happy that we would be meeting the Ducks in the second round, and even happier that I wouldn’t be forced to listen to Schmucks play by play. Now, I’m sick that Kings fans have to listen to Hayward on an NBC broadcast! Everything out of his mouth is about the Schmucks! He doesn’t know hockey. He only knows about the Schmucks!

    There is an alternative for Kings lovers. I have sometimes listened to the broadcast on radio and watched the TV muted. I didn’t listen to the radio for the first Schmucks/Kings game. So, I don’t know if it will be broadcast on radio (I hope so). I’m going to check it out tonight.

    I listen here:

    Go KIngs!!!

    • It’s funny, I rarely watch Ducks games because my distain towards those two announcers is equal to yours and most other hockey fans. But I must admit I love listening to those jokers when they play the Kings. I love watching and listening to that tool squirm when our team plays well. It takes everything in him to give compliments when warranted and the pain on his face while doing so is humorous to me. It give me pleasure watching those guys struggle. Haha!

    • You know what Persister? I was gonna do just that. Turn on the boob tube, mute it and pump 1150am through the surround sound!
      At least I can listen to Nick & Daryl!

      • Yeah!!! :-)

      • Oh well!! The Kings games were synchronized with radio, but the NBC broadcast is not! :-(

        • I’m not positive if the radio and TV broadcasts are synchronized. I know that I often listen to the radio when I need to leave my TV. Next season, I’ll check during a broadcast. The fact remains that we can’t listen to the radio and watch a silenced NBC broadcast on TV. There is too much of a time difference between the two broadcasts.

          • Yes that is what occurred a few years ago..last time I had to try.
            You win a Cup and
            wa la
            Now you get complete coverage with your announcers.
            Until you advance and get thrown to NBC ..ick
            on many levels.
            Least the East Coast game did not go to
            OT (sorry Rangers:( ) last night and cut into
            our game. GF in NO can only get CBS
            so she missed some of Sharks games when it happened. Plus 2 hour time difference.
            If I were living back East I would HAVE to subscribe to
            NHL would be a #1 Priority!

          • I’ve noticed that when a game goes onto OT, they’ll put the OT on the NHL channel. That way it won’t interfere with the next game.

          • Well they got a lot of grief from us when they had the NBA playoffs (I think) pre empting us, then tried a split screen. Maybe they learned.
            I do not have a lot of faith in them.
            I just remember my NO friend texting me saying
            whatever game, it went to double OT. They
            kept on and she missed the entire first period.
            I don’t know what cable she has but it is not Direct.
            Guess that is what dependant on?

        • It’s like watching a Kung fu movie

    • All I have to say is I am glad I am not a king fan.

      That annoying Fox with his F%#ked up voice up and down. He’s a broadcaster and seems to only want to mention the Kings names, homer. God I would throw the TV out the window if I had to hear his voice. My ears bleed every time he speaks. And then the commentator next to Sean O’Donnel looked like he was ready to cry when the Kings were down 0-3.

      I was a kings fan for over ten years until 2003. When I watched the kings fans destroy the Honda center. They destroyed property, starting fights and were getting thrown into paddy wagons outside. If you have to be assh*&#$s stay up in LA where you belong. The Honda Center wasn’t even close to having that much Kings fans. Couldn’t hear your fans inside. The Ducks were louder and outnumbered the Kings fans.

      Only a kings fans would clock a woman: if you don’t believe it watch the video.

      If it talks s*%t, walks like S*%t and is a male king fan P*%#y who hits a woman, there’s where your fans get the reputation. GO back to Oakland with the Raiders if you want to be an idiot.

      I should make a t-shirt. Hey if I have an opinion of anything other than the Dodgers or Kings are you going to hit me blind sided and kick my ass into a coma or better yet decide to stab like the two marines in a bar trying to save an Angels fan from two dodger fans.

      I am glad to not be a Kings fan. I have heard so many horror stories of Kings fans grown men yelling at 4 year olds DUCKS SUCK!! Or cussing at teenage girls not just banter but nasty stuff. Those Kings fans lost their season tickets. I do not know of any Ducks fans doing that at the Honda center. I have been a season seat holder for over ten years and would like to know where all these “So called KINGS fans were before 2012”. I have seen Kings fans thrown out more than any other fan base in 10 years.

      Once the Kings go back into their comma like the Dodgers have been in the past 20 years your fan base will drop back down again.

      I was at the Kings Playoffs in 2000 vs Redwings when they were swept. Man I could have sat anywhere after mid way through the 2nd period due to all the fair weather Kings fans couldn’t stomach the sweep. Still a Kings fan drunk mouthed off to a Detroit Red Wings female, who with one hit knocked the gut 3 rows back and out. Best fight ever at a hockey game go wings. Funniest thing ever at a Kings game.

      • I used to live in O.C. And I sometimes went to Schmucks games, when the N.Y. Rangers or the L.A. Kings played. I was always amazed at how ignorant O.C. hockey fans were. They didn’t know their ass from a hot rock. I can understand why Kings fans get upset when O.C. fans open their mouths, but they should control themselves. We shouldn’t lower ourselves to open our mouths when it would be a waste of our time. Poor behavior, of course, is wrong. It doesn’t make any difference who they are or for which team they’re rooting for.

        You show YOUR ignorance by coming to Surly & Scribe to show us what kind of an individual you are. I hope that other individuals that frequent Surly & Scribe will not be too rough on you. Ignorant people like you can be found everywhere. And they love to show others how ignorant they are. That’s why you’re looking for a fight on Surly & Scribe.

      • To say all Kings fans are goons just shows how truly ignorant and immature you really are. I deal with narrow minded people like you on a daily basis. I’m sure if you saw me you’d think I was a tattoo artist or a ex-con based on your “if it looks like shit” attitude (being fully tattooed). Lemme tell you sonny boy you better think real hard about what you say before you say it because there are people in this world (me) who will call you on your bullshit. I’m a Kings fan….25 years and proud of it. Those select few who resort to being thugs are not Kings fans and do NOT represent my Kings family here at S&S. So to come here and try to tell me who I am just because I wear a Kings jersey is lowbrow and disrespectful when you don’t know the first thing about me .
        I’m an EMT/Firefighter who volunteers time at a local skilled nursing facility, so to try and call me a piece of shit Kings fan shows me how uneducated you really are. So remember that the next time you decide to open your mouth to another Kings fan. Come into my house again with that “Kings fans are assholes” garbage and I will make you sit at the little kids table.

      • I remember in 2010 a group of 6 Ducks fans, 3 guys and 3 girls, were walking up into my section so I booed them. One of the girls yelled “Yeah well fuck you too.” Obviously and appropriate response. So I responded, “I think your boyfriend might get mad if we start that up again.” So of course the boyfriend then tried to get right in my face to challenge me to a fight, until my female friend told him, “It was your girl cussing and running her mouth.”

        Only Duck Fans!

        In 2009 at the pond, a Ducks fan in front of us asked “When do they do they flying V?” Later he asked, “Why doesn’t he try a knucklepuck?” Of course later when the Kings scored he said, “Yeah well at least we’ve won a cup.”

        Only Duck Fans!

        When the Red Sox were in Anaheim in 2008, an Angels fan starting throwing peanuts at me and a friend because we were cheering for the Red Sox (a Team we worked for). Later he took to hitting me in the head with a “thunder stick” of course I asked him multiple times to please stop, where he said “make me.” Since I was not an 18-year-old trying to prove he was a “real man” I told him since I was an actual adult I did not want to fight and risk getting arrested. Of course he remained determined to try and start a fight so I went to an usher who told me to “handle it myself.” Great job Anaheim!!! So I told the usher, “Are you sure you want me to, because if I do any injuries I sustain and any legal issues I incure will be your responsibility.”

        Only Anaheim fans!

        Also, Anaheim is the city with a sports team named after a county it is not even located in, because the local fans are THAT SHITTY!!!

        Only Anaheim!

        Of course “Ducks Suck!” is yelled at kids, if a child is wearing Ducks gear then yelling that at them is doing them a favor, shit thats better parenting than their actual parent who let them wear a shirt that supports such a terrible team and shitty fanbase.

        So if you want to talk fighting, cussing, and fairweather Anaheim is also your place!

        Finally, you are making comments about all LA fans based on a few incidents, nice job Donald Sterling!

  6. I see Schultz is paired with Voynov. I hope he’s ready for some hard minutes. Makes us proud, Mr. Schultz!

  7. Consider me inspired. I just bought two upper bowl seats and I’m taking an Avs fan (neutral is OK too, right?)

    • If memory serves me correctly, the first playoff game you attended was the first win against the sharks yes?

      • That is correct, Game four, last series. I’ll be sporting a new jersey (I’ve been having fun with my grad money) and I’ve been saying this to everyone but Kings will win this series in 4 or 5 games. The Ducks aren’t even in the same conversation.

        • If you bring the team good luck like you did that night then by all means KingOfRedlands take whoever the hell you want to every game!!!

  8. Gaborik is my new man crush. I waited for years to see him in King’s sweater.

  9. Not sure if it matters but the Kings haven’t lost since I switched to my Kopitar jersey.

  10. I’m starting to get very concerned for our team’s health. Last year we limped into third round and paid for it. Chicago, again, gets a easier road to the WCF. We’ll need every once of this team, healthy, to beat Chicago. Not likely with how ANA is running players.
    Clearly, playing inconsistently during the season and not taking a higher seed is coming back to bite us in the arse! Again

  11. I’m putting myself out there with this one but I think Hayward is actually doing a better job of being somewhat objective in this game.

    • You ARE correct about that. I believe someone, with authority, told him to back off! :-)

      Also, I would like to say that Schultz is doing a good job … for his first game in the NHL, AND and important playoff game as well!! He’s a little tentative, but I can understand why!

  12. Because Brian Englom is a ding-dong. Kings up 2-0!
    Some things need to be cleaned up offensively, but defensively what a great game.
    Keep it up boys! 10 more wins to go!

    • I meant Brian Hayward sorry. Good showing by Schultz too.

      • SCHULTZ!!!!! “I everything, I hear everything, I stop EVERYONE!”

        • Schultz has made me a happy man! :-)

          • I meant “I see everything…”. But yeah not a bad display for a guy who’s been in the minors all year! :)

          • I’m not sure if he was lumbering around the ice, or if he was just not up to speed yet, but he did move somewhat slowly. Of course, he is a big man. He does have good reach, his positioning was good, and he used his stick well last night. I think, if he can play as well as he did in his first NHL game, this year, and in an important playoff game, he can only get better as he gains more experience with the Kings.

          • New phone software update..did not sync S&S..oh brother.
            Wish it would better the auto correct.
            Every blog attempt I make has a typo.
            And I try to proof..:-/
            I would have said I tried several years ago to mute when we were forced to watch game via Prime Ticket channel and listen to the baffons.
            But the Radio lagged. Sometimes I just watched in silence.
            I am glad to see they have now synced up the radio to SFW feed if that is what you are saying. I Love Daryl. Nick is ok. But I choose
            Bob and Jim over Everybody!
            Amazing game again last night!
            Quick-So in the Zone.
            The D..SOLID. Shultz-fit right more comfortable as game went on.
            Very Proud and Happy for Our Team!

  13. KingOfRedlands you are a damn lucky wabbits foot!!!

  14. The best thing for me is that we got another win despite not playing our best all around game and missing two key D-men. Also Jeff Carter has yet to show up offensively, though he’s played a great defensive game. Toffoli and Pearson are reaping the results!

  15. My Palffy jersey has a perfect record so far :D My heart dropped when I saw Drew limping off into the dressing room!

    Shultz played pretty good tonight.

    • I think Shultz played well enough. He doesn’t crush guys like RR but he’s a good stay at home D man that gets the job done and that’s all we need right now.

  16. Cinco de mayo muy bueno!

  17. Cinco de Marty! 2-0 is good. 3-0 is better. Don’t mean shit until #4 is done. Better than being down 2. Time for some more duck hunting.

  18. I enjoyed your comments; many good points.

    The thing that scared me about last night was how the Kings only had a few shots in the 3rd period. In the last half of the 3rd, they were only playing defense! Naturally, when you only toss the puck into your opponent’s end and wait for another attack, they’ll spend a lot of time in your end! The Schmucks had tremendous scoring opportunities. Yes, the Kings played great defense, and Quick was fabulous, but they were certainly pushing their luck! I hope I don’t see that again! It’s just too risky!

    • Total “prevent” defense. #55 filled in nicely. Good positioning and he made a couple really good plays to chip the puck out using the boards. Still playing with fire by sitting back and defending.

  19. What’s up with Stoll? He’s playing like he’s been smoking bath salts!!! That hit on Perry? Good Lord almighty! He almost knocked him into game 3!
    Note to Stoll… time you see Perry doing the asshole shuffle in front of Quick, knock that bastard outta his skates!

  20. Just a note on Boudreau. Before the playoffs got started I mentioned his tendency to unravel in the playoffs. Again, not the coach you want to have going in. If you read his comments, on Hiller, Winnik, and his top players, he’s calling them out. I’ve had my issues with Sutter, but I really love the way he handles the players. He’s truly a players coach. Players win games, coaches win series. Boudreau doesn’t even know his team as well as the reporters, or most Kings fans. He knows he needs to get to the net, but all he cares about is goals for…….
    Getzlaf is mad, Boudreau is depressed, Boudreau says he doesn’t know how to make them do what he wants. I just say go to the net….. Maybe it’s cause the Kings are so good……. Fucksake! I’d kick his fat ass outta the lifeboat. Park and ride dude!!! Kings got this. Going to game 4. Love to see a handshake line. Never seen that live. I will cry. Like a big fat bald baby.

    • I like how you think, Hamburgular! :-) Yes, Boudreau was not being kind to his players. Sutter, as much as his personality irritates me, he handles his men in a special way. He treats them like adults.

  21. Hayward is a fucking douchebag! Can barely contain yelling at him through the tv.

  22. If Kopitar doesn’t win selke some MF getting paid off.

  23. Go Minny!!!
    Wear Chi down..We want a LONG series ;-D

  24. Brief, accurate, and to the point!! :-)

  25. Assdick hayward is making me CRAZED!
    Where is that Hitman..
    this biased prick needs to be silenced…how can this be allowed?????

  26. and where is our FuckinForecheck????


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