It is…and isn’t

Good to be up 2-0.

But that isn’t the series.

Great to see our fans take over Honda Center and convert it to Staples Center South.

But we must be louder and better in game 3 on Thursday.

I am excited too and I may never forget how much fun Jacob and I, along with friends, had on Saturday and Monday at the games.

But this isn’t our first dance. We know about the moment and where we, as fans, must live, as our Kings do.

There are no games 1 and 2 anymore.

There is no game 4, not yet.

The moment is game 3.

Make Them Pay.

Make Them Bleed.

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  1. Super fucking stoked for Thursday and Saturday.

  2. Sí…… Jueves.

  3. Chingen los pinches patos!! Off to Vegas to represent…. Ceaser’s will be a Kings hang-out on Thursday night I expect… (hope?) GO KINGS! Take their ass down!!!!

  4. Hextall Flyers new GM. Congrats.

    • Now that Ron Hextall (sleeper agent for the Los Angeles Kings) is in place as the GM of the Philadelphia Flyers, Dean Lombardi can enact his master plan to correct his error during the 2006 Draft and trade Trevor Lewis for Claude Giroux.

      • I don’t think that will ever happen. Lewis will never be a hot goal scorer, like Giroux, but he is solid in every other aspect of the game.

        • This was, of course, a joke. I love Trevor Lewis, he’s a good bottom six player and fits well with the Kings. It just stings a little bit to think that a top line all-star like Claude Giroux was taken lower in the draft.

          • So, Kostamojen, does that mean that you were only half-joking? :-)

          • If Every Player on our Kings team Played with Louie’s Heart ..
            The League would start an investigation of Suspicious
            He may be ‘StoneHands’
            but he is a Good PK and 4th line energy and pesk :-)

          • Persister. Fully joking in the sense that it will never happen. Not joking in the sense that Giroux is clearly the better NHL talent. Doesn’t change the fact that I like Trevor Lewis, and his contributions to this team.

          • Yes, we all wish that Lewis was a better scorer, but that will never happen. It’s nice to see him contribute an occasional goal … when he gets lucky and actually hits the net with his shot! But he does contribute in every other way.

      • That is not going to happen.
        But since we are daydreaming could we get
        the Nightrain back as well :-》

      • I’ve thought about that too, what could have been. But then I think 21 other teams passed on him too. And you think how the hell did they all miss on this guy? Its weird how sometimes these guys’ skill sets haven’t shown up yet at draft time. Especially late rounders, Datsyuk, Robitaille…
        Shit Dean could have taken Giroux then still been able to pick Varlamov.
        Would be awesome to have the yr 2020 sports almanac like in back to the future 2.

  5. It’s quite simple: The Kings must continue to pulverize buttholes.

  6. So…back to Thursday. Who puts Perry on his ass?

  7. Come on Red Dog!

  8. Off topic: I just saw the archive link, so I started looking back at old topics of conversation. You all started this blog on the 12th of September, 2009. My initial comment was logged on the 21st. Shoot, I’ve been around since the beginning. I didn’t realize that. I’m OG, baby!

    What ever happened to Waves? He was a cool cat with exceptional knowledge.


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