…the puck. Do so and we maintain possession. Do so and we force Anaheim to take it off our stick to get it back, which with our size, skill and forecheck is very difficult to do. Do so and we avoid turnovers, especially in the defensive and neutral zone. Do so and the Kings force them to carry the puck 200 feet to generate a scoring chance which, even if Anaheim does, is generally one and out with our solid defense that protects the home plate. The L.A. Kings are a puck possession team and puck possession starts and ends with puck management.

…our discipline. Penalties are avoidable. Penalties are unnecessary unless it is specifically and intentionally taken to avoid a scoring chance. While a penalty kill here or there may happen despite good discipline, there is a rare occasion that a parallel stick (hooking), stick in the feet (tripping), a free hand reach and grab (holding) or interference stop or start anything of significance. Our boys can play hard, fast and physical, all wrapped into great hockey and stay away from obstruction penalties. Our boys will.

Manage the puck. Manage our discipline.


Make Them Pay.

Make Them Bleed.

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  1. The Schmucks are a good team. Of course, we hate that organization, but that isn’t going to change the fact that they ARE able to turn this series around … if the Kings let them do it. They would love to win four straight against the Kings, and rub their noses in it. They would love to do to the Kings what the Kings did to San Jose. Ahhhhh … but will the Kings let them?! I believe, if the Kings play their game, they CAN squash the Schmucks! Make a statement Kings!! You ARE the Kings of west coast hockey!!!

    Go Kings!!!!!

  2. An actual good hockey article on ESPN:

    In case you need proof, it includes this quote from Dean: “I remember thinking, ‘That’s how do you do it. Stick it right up my ass.’ He was awesome.” Context is EVERYTHING!


  3. Ducks are ratchet ass bitches.

    • Ratchet? My 16 year old says that……I’ve asked her what it means and she looks at me like I’m retarded.

      • Gotta keep current chief. A girl that ratchets, twists her head while she gives you head. It’s not a bad thing really. It just means dirty. I google most things I don’t know. Pretty vague definitions of ratchet on the web. It’s pimp and ho speak pretty much.
        “Girl that weave is so ratchet”
        “Why don’t you get off your ratchet ass, and get it your own damn self”
        “That club last night was pretty ratchet”
        “Ratchet Fight!”
        I hope this was helpful. As you can see, it’s a pretty versatile word.
        GFKG \X/

        • Oh I see….it is a pretty versatile word. Like, Bay Area is a punk ass ratchet bitch. Or, OC King Hater ratchets like a champ…..
          Something like that ay?

  4. I need help people! I am going to game 4. Section 112. I know for a fact that photos of Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf in drag exist. I have seen them. I foolishly didn’t scoop them up when I had the chance. If anybody can help me get these photos, I will make sure they are taped on the glass where they WILL be seen. Minnesota fans got props for mug photos of Varlamov, this will be epic!!!! I have been scouring, may have to go deep. Not bluffing. Party photos of the boys all gussied up with makeup and slutty poses and everything. This must happen! I will check back frequently.

  5. I have it! Not Getzlaf, Lupul. From the Archives of this very blog. So thanks for that. My memory had him looking much happier than he is to be dressed as a girl. Either way. If he sees it…….. That’s good enough for me. I hope he tries to climb over the glass. GKG \X/ should I crop Lupul out?

  6. I rember hamburgar. Wayne Simmons revenge la kings news 2010.

  7. What a couple of tools. They probably got some play that night though…from Big Bubba

  8. Please God show that on tv tonight!

  9. But hey……. If you got anything more incriminating on any current Ducks players lets have it eh?

  10. There is a rumor that Cam Fowler can blow a duck call with his asshole.

  11. That photo is hilarious!!! :-)

  12. Refs tonight were totally loose butthole.

  13. Well … no one thought the Schmucks were going to roll over and play dead. We’ll get ’em on Saturday.

  14. Since these two teams are so neck and neck, ANY kind of advantage to either side is huge. That bullshit hook on Doughty really fucked us over. And Voynov totally failing on an empty net goal… I screamed by intestines out. Not to mention 2, maybe 3 calls that refs did not make against Anaheim…if you’re gonna call bullshit, at least call it on both sides for fuck’s sake. We need secondary scoring. Every goal has been manufactured by Kopi and Gaborik. Time for Pearson/Toffoli and Stoll/Kings/Williams to come through. Hopefully Hiller is in next game and they jump his ass. Time to drop the hammer, we can’t blow 2 in a row at home.

    • The 2nd Ducks goal was after a bullshit hook, like you said, even the NBC analysts were callings b.s. on that one at the intermission. The 3rd Ducks goal was scored after a blatant high stick which took Williams out of the play and helped create that odd-man rush. Fuck the Ducks! Fuck Kevin Pollock!

      Bring back Brian Hayward NBC, I like it when the color announcer is biased to the Ducks, not the refs!

    • That pretty much says it all, GKG! :-(

    • No question we got hosed on the Doughty call. Total bullshit then they completely look the other way on the high stick. Bunch of sorry ass bitches.

  15. Damnit!!!!
    Regroup and come back with a fury on Saturday boys

  16. Fuck this bullshit! Hate zebras!

  17. I put some of the blame on this on Sutter, and his line matchups. I felt the Kings were struggling vs the ducks most of the night. Getz had 5 mins more TOI than Kopitar, he’s our best player and should have played more. I can’t believe Slava missed that empty net in the 3rd, Schultz looked good again, made some good decisions and I would hope (pray) that when RR comes back, Schutlz stays in for Mitchell, instead of Greene.
    Richards is playing well, very well and working his ass off but keeping him on a 4 th line with Lewis and Clifford will result in ZERO goals for that line, no miracle is coming esp not w/Clifford. The only points he’s getting is when he’s OFF that line with players who have a higher hockey IQ and know what to do with the puck . I was hoping since Stoll played so badly last night, in the 3rd, Sutter would move Richie up to play on that line, with WIlliams. That would have given someone to work with that could score. Even if he played wing for a few shifts on that line and drop King (whose been pretty much terrible the whole playoffs) down to the 4th. Lewis , King and Clifford could crash and bang and make noise, which is the 4th lines job. You want Richards to produce points? Put him in a place with players that he can do that which iS NOT on the 4th line.

    Ducks had to win that game and they played like it. The Kings made costly turnovers, took penalties that cost them and didn’t concentrate and put that kind of effort in until the last 5 min.
    They’ll be better on Saturday.

    • I don’t think we watched the same game last night. King had some great shifts, where he single-handedly controlled the zone; Ritchie scored a goal & was second in TOI amongst forwards; Stoll won 75% of his faceoffs. Also, Lewis has amazing hockey IQ, just hands of stone.

      Ducks scored on a powerplay thanks to a phantom penalty and after a blatant high stick which took Williams out of the play and helped create that odd-man rush.

      Kings lost because they tried to play Anaheim’s speed game(and were chasing them just like the first 3 games against SJ), becuase they were trying to play the speed game they had to divide up the TOI more evenly which meant that the best players got less ice time, they did not bury any of Anderson’s rebounds, and got FUCKED by the refs.

      Next game needs to be more like the 3rd period, and parts of the 2nd period, where the Kings do what they are built to do: PUCK POSSESSION! Turnovers and penalties, like you said.

      • 6 wins in a row and not a peep about the coaching skills of Sutter.

        1 loss from our Kings and Sutter doesn’t know what he’s doing….?

    • I like Mike Richards. A lot. I want him to succeed. So does Sutter. I think if the second half of his career matches up with the first half, we’ve got a hall of famer in the making. That’s why he belongs right where he is. He and Carter are both mentoring players on opposite lines and doing an excellent job of it, in some pretty intense circumstances. We lost last night because unlike Bobby’s advice we didn’t manage the puck well. We managed it beter, but not well enough to win. Saturday we will make small adjustments in individual players games, and ask for more of the same from certain players, and we will win the game. If that was their statement game, I’m not impressed. Minnesota made a statement. Ducks almost shit their pants with 30 seconds left. Operation pretty pretty lady in full effect for tomorrow night. GKG\X/ section 112.

      • I agree that I think they will be a better team on Sat, but disagree in that Mike Richards makes the Kings better by playing with non scoring wingers who hustle and hit but won’t producing quality scoring chances, or goals, Not Saturday and not next week. Richards 3 points were produced when he WAS OFF that line with players who can produce. There is a reason Sutter plays him with 1 min left down by a goal. He’s the guy who bulldogged his way past Getz to hustle that puck to Gabby with 10 seconds left or no W in game 1. Not a shock that he was the guy who batted that goal in last night. He’s the guy Sutter turns to after 59 and the Kings behind because he knows Richards is clutch in those situations. Yet he buries him on a line without wingers wjho can score 5 x5 , therein, taking away potential offense. The only shot he has of contributing to the Kings’ offense is 4 x4 with Carter, on the PK with Carter or the short shifts he gets on the 2nd PP unit with Brown and Williams. Or in the last minute down a goal.

        Carter is mentoring very talanted top 6 young players and doing a good job.. Richards IS NOT mentoring anybody, Lewis and CLifford are 4th liners and not rookies. THey aren’t top 6 IQ or mentality or kids that need ‘mentoring’ nor are they goal scorers. They are 4th line crash and bangers, make noise in the other teams end.
        Trevor Lewis was interviewed b4 game 2 by John Forslund on NBC and was asked about their line’s role and he said they put pressure on the Ducks and to give the top lines some rest. That is how Sutter sees them and a job that SToll could do. Richards has a higher Hockey IQ and is more dangerous than SToll. He’d have a better chance of distributing to JW.

        You are happy with MR on the 4th line, then you can never complain about him or that line not producing, SUtter has determined that is not his job.

        • I can complain or do whatever I want it’s a free damn country. :) crash and bang doesn’t fly anymore. Rewatch games one and two of the SJ series for me. Those are the lines you want ya?

          • Priceless screen grab from a mic’d up DB post game 5 SJ courtesy of Player X.

          • The whole team played poorly in games 1 and 2, and MR was not the villian there, he was only on the ice for 1 goal going the other way thru the first 2 games which was far better than most of his teammates. that is his first and most important job as a center. But most fans are only concerned with offense, not defense, so that goes to the wayside. No those aren’t the lines I want, never said that. Just that MR on the 4th line doesn’t make the Kings a better team in that it doesn’t him in a position to create offense . And crash and bang will always fit, that hasn’t changed. Being physical, hitting and putting pressure on the other team is what that 4 line on any team does for their team Some teams have have success in who those players are and that the contribute. Lewis and Clifford are not those players, they ‘crash and bang’.

        • Deirdre, I have so much respect for your take on things, all I have to do is scroll down and read what you say. No offense to others, as there are some very good contributors here, but this woman ‘gets it’ as Pierre McGuire says.

          Makes such sense what you say about MR and the offense being stricken from his game essentially.
          I (and you), or you and I have said for a long time now, that eventually Dean has to do something about the bottom line(s). It’s tricky that, because while I do like Cliffy and I like Lewis, I’m not sure how easy it is to get thru teams like Chicago and even Boston in a seven game series with players on the ice who you know are extremely unlikely to contribute offensively.

          Was listening to a bit of on radio hockey talk, and they were discussing the Habs and Travis Moen.
          Then they spoke of what an extraordinary line they had with the Ducks in ’07 with Moen, Paulson, and Rob Niedermeyer. And of course Moen scored the game winning goal.
          Last year Boston got huge contributions from the likes of Paille and one of his linemates (name escapes me). I’m not sure what the answer is, but I think there needs to be one eventually, sooner rather than later.

          • I meant to say that Moen scored the winning goal in the cup winning game.

          • For the most part, I have enjoyed the input that many of the individuals who frequent Surly & Scribe commonly present. I have always loved hockey, and especially the NHL. But I have to admit that I have never gotten into the more technical aspects of the game. When people talk about running set plays, I don’t know what they are. That’s why I’ve enjoyed the very detailed analysis that I’ve read here. Not everyone is going to agree with all sides of the issues discussed. And everyone likes positive results.

            When I watch Richards and Carter NOT producing, when they are together, I tend to think that it might be a good thing to separate them. It’s undeniable that they have both produced, in many ways, not just scoring, since they were separated. So … what’s the answer? I don’t know. I DO feel that Carter has helped Pearson and Toffoli. I also believe Richards has helped Clifford and Lewis. What will this do for the team? I think they’ve been more balanced with these lines.

            Will the Kings win, Saturday night, with the same lines? And if so, will they make it to the western finals? Do they have enough scoring to win the Cup? I hope so! Sutter seems to have a good sense of the pulse of this team. I hope he continues to make the right decisions. It seems to me that he actually does know what he’s doing. I can’t stand it when he talks to the media, but I’m sure he’s better in the locker room.

            Go Kings!!

          • Persister, WHAT?!?! You can’t stand Sutter talking to the media? He is AWESOME!! The disdain he has for the process is palpable and his dry wit and sarcasm is hilarious. I LOVE his interviews!!!!!

            Anyway, Park and Ride.

          • As much as I don’t like to hear Sutter, I’m glad that he’s trying to stay with lines that are working. I still think he did too much line juggling this season. And it almost ruined everything for the Kings. But the team is functioning well now. Let’s hope their success continues!

            As for you enjoying his drivel, and calling it banter, good for you! Different strokes for different folks! :-)

            Go Kings!!

  18. The lines change throughout the game. Carter and Richards are together for 4 on 4 and PK, and at the end of the game like you mention. The whole one player thing I’ve mentioned myself. Richards wasn’t any more accountable than Lewis or Clifford. Nobody thinks Clifford Richards and Lewis is ideal for Richards, but it is ideal for Lewis and Clifford, so it helps the team. Bottom line. We are better with the lines the way they are, proof is the results. Haven’t seen it yet, but I bet you Sutter says we played the best game of the series last night. Just didn’t get the result we wanted. GKG \X/


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