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  1. Another frustrating game. It’s not like they didn’t get their chances. That rookie goalie played well. I think he got a little lucky on that Gabby shot plus the Toffoli point blanker.

    They boys seemed to be aiming quite a bit at their shin pads. Time to regroup and fuck shit up Monday. From the way gibson played he’ll be back in net.

    The PP was utter bullshit again.

  2. If you are going to drink the Jewish way, then it must be Manischewitz or its street name “Mad Dog”! However this would also include any and all alcoholic beverages which are Parev, which most beverage companies adhere to.

    Enough of trying to numb the sting and struggles of the past 2 games on home ice, after all why would the Kings try to do things the easy way?

    Its pretty clear that something happened to our offense these past 2 games. I am not sure what is going on, and why all of a sudden scoring a single goal is asking too much of our forwards and defense.

    Its also pretty clear that not having Mitchell or Regehr on defense has also seemed to have really caused problems with our defensive pairings. Matt Greene is trying, but that just not good enough. Greene is just a few steps too slow. Greene along with some of our other defensemen have also been out of position, sometimes chasing the puck carrier, when they should be covering their check.This has resulted in leaving Duck players wide open and pretty much alone to get a prime scoring opportunity. Schultz is trying but its still not enough.

    There is virtually no boxing out in front of our net.

    Doughty is trying too hard and when he tries to make an end to end rush, the Ducks don’t bite on his fakes or pull and drag moves which have led to out numbered attacks by Anaheim.

    Mike Richards, man he is just not effective and has been caught watching players in front of him, instead of covering them or tying up their stick so that player can’t have a scoring chance at close range.

    The forwards are not getting back in time to get to an open Duck, also leading to a good scoring opportunity

    The power play has become dog shit with too many stupid passes and not enough shots. There is nobody really in the goalies face causing a screen making the goalies job easy. Keep it simple stupid. Stop the over passing!

    There is no real attempt to disrupt the Ducks goalie, falling on him, bumping into him, nothing.

    Dustin Brown is pretty much absent. If he was hitting, or if he was scoring that would help, but he is not the agitator or a physical force out on the ice.

    The offensive line changes, haven’t really done much, so it might be time to put Toffoli and Pearson on the same line as Carter. Its time to put Jordan Nolan back in the lineup, they need his tenacity and compete.

    Put this game behind, and figure out how to take back control of this series.

    You know you can beat the Ducks, you have just done it twice, so get back to what was working when you beat the Ducks in games 1 and 2.

    Its a 3 game series now, get er done!

    • The Power play isn’t working for a few reasons and overpassing is a part of why. The pointmen are the QB’s who ‘see’ the ice in front of them and are supposed to make the right decision based on that. Drew is pretty good at that, Slava isn’t, and isn’t big time. He’ s not been playing well and that might be due to his first full season or growing pains. But that last play he should be when his confidence is wavering is n the Point on the 1st unit PP. He generally makes the wrong decision. the other problem is with Carter playing hurt (which won’t get better until the offseason) he should have less ice time ,not more. The ducks aren’t dumb, they have to know by know he’s not 100% But Pearson is playing very well, hungry and aggressive. He’s getting shots on goal, finding the lane. Put him on the 1st PP unit and replace slava.

      Disagree with Carter centering the kids, that line was exposed in game 3 badly and trapped in their end giving up scoring chances. A lot of that is due to JC’s injury. He’s not only m ore dangerous playing wing, but it’s a much easier job for him , in that he’s not the driver on the line, his job is to skate up that right side and wait for the puck. Game 5 is a must win and I’d put him on the first line RW with Kopi. The whole team played better in the 2nd and 4rd period last night, the best 3 periods that they’ve strung together. Richards was fine, I get that eviscerating him on a daily basis around here has become the bloodsport of choice, but keep in mind he has not been 100% since befrore xmas. And he was good last night in the 2nd and 3rd and fed Pearson several times and TP got off at least 2 quality shots that Gibson stopped. He’d center TP and TT fine. Roll the dice in the 1st, see how it goes.

      And that goal last night, that was the first goal MR has been on the ice for since game 3 vs the Sharks. He’s been fine overall in that role. He was only on the ice for 1 goal agasint in the first 2 games vs the Sharks when 12 went the otehr way on goal. That was better than most of the otehr forwards and he’s had a lot of positive plays defending. On that goal last night, IF Doughty did his job vs Perry behind the net, that goal doesn’t happen. MR was not the only one who made a mistake
      Sutter has mismanaged the bench all year, why would this game be different? TT should have been on Kopi’s wing all years, despite his ups and downs which all rookies have. Sutter screwed his confidence by bouncing him form AHL to NHL and line to line. He also mismanaged Brown and Richards and it showed. And no matter what players move on and what new ones come to the Kings next year, if Sutter is still behind the bench, he’ll still be mismanaging it. Stability is what forwards like on their line, the same limeades, working together, game in and game out. Sutter thinks that lines can be mixed up, that is doesn’t make a difference and has said that when asked. History would dictate otherwise, but that’s him, like it or not.

  3. Ma che cazzo vuoi? Drink up. So we wrap it up in six…….
    Ducks sold out tonight. Can they keep it up? We sure as fuck know the Kings can and will. This Kings team has character in fucking spades.

  4. Both Modcoop and Deirdre made some excellent points. There can be some differences of opinion on who should be playing with who, but overall, the Kings haven’t played well enough. Yes, Gibson was solid, but except for the 2nd period, last night, the Kings didn’t play well. Yes, the Schmucks played a decent game, but they didn’t play well enough to shut out the Kings.

    The Kings, except for a handful of times in the 2nd period, didn’t pressure Gibson enough. And Sutter’s line juggling has really pissed me off! What about all of the off sides calls against the Kings? What about the stupid penalties? What about the slowness of the players?

    I’m at a loss. They got a two game jump on the Schmucks, in Anaheim, and then gave those games back in LA! Maybe the Kings want a new record? I think they would be the only team in history to come back from a 3 to 0 deficit, in round one, and then lose four in a row, after winning the first two, in the second round!

    Frustrated!! :-(

    • Hope this “road team wins” trend continues.

    • Agree on pressuring Gibson. and the other thing that bothered me (and has) is Sutter line matching or lack thereof and TOI. In Game 3, Getz had 22 min, Kopi 16 . He’s our best forward, why didn’t he get more minutes. And they have to be more disciplined. Ducks have been scoring on the PP.
      And Greene is frightening at times. Schutlz has been good,, I actually feel better when he’s out there.
      THey were lazy in the 1s and gave up 2, but they pressed hard and played well (except for PP) in the 2nd and 3rd. Hopefully, they come out charging in the 1st and do what they did in game 5 vs the Sharks, put a full 60 in.

      • I’ve been out all day. I just now read your response, Deirdre. I agree with you entirely. Sutter is driving me crazy! I know he has a lot of hockey smarts, so what is his problem?! Is he getting senile?!

        With Greene, he’s had his best playing days. Schultz isn’t fast, but he seems to be settling in. He IS under a lot of pressure.

        The Schmucks and Kings are similar, but I still think the Kings are the better team. If Sutter can really coach, he needs to let them play. Which team will show up at Honda Center tomorrow night?! The team that fought back and won four straight games against the Sharks? Or, will it be the team that falls into funks and goes on losing streaks because of less than enthusiastic play?!


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