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  1. Will be attending again tonight. I think the Kings are going to startle the Ducks tonight but with Gibson as an option in the net, the Ducks are a little scarier. Hopefully we just see Hiller the rest of the series.

  2. I’m wondering how tight Boudreau’s collar will be around his neck tonight. Dude needs to remeasure

  3. Boudreau looks like Kirby lol.

  4. Got my crazy family geared up for tonight’s game. We will be representing here in central Cali.
    Rally the troops, be loud, be proud!!!

  5. Ducks are loose Boudreau.

  6. I think this game is more important than game three. Yes, the Kings wanted that game, but this game will tell the Schmucks that they’ve bitten off more than they can chew! If the Kings win, and do it decisively, they will have created serious doubt and anxiety within the Schmucks’ locker room. Then, the Kings will be able to roll over them, and move to the western final.

    The Kings need to take it to them, and not let up!

    Go Kings!!!

  7. For fucks sake!!!! Pull out all the stops, crash the net, get mad….make them bleed!!!!

  8. Sutter was certainly angry with the Kings’ play in the 1st period! He put in Jones for the 2nd! The Kings played really strong in the 2nd, but Gibson was better than the Kings! The Kings need to play another 2nd period in the 3rd, except they need to get results!! Crash the net!!!!!

    Go Kings!!

  9. Seems like the Ducks want it more. LA is playing like they “deserve it”…..ain’t shit guaranteed in the playoffs. LA keeps this kinda play up and it’s gonna be a short series.

  10. Shutout by a rookie who probably doesn’t have hair on his sack. What’s it gonna take? Game 7? Get it together mother fuckers….

  11. Kings in 7

  12. It’s a series…

  13. Throw Nolan in there. We need a guy chomping at the bit to play.

  14. The Kings apparently didn’t read today’s memo. Kings in 9.

  15. What a dissapointing game! The kings blew their load on SJ. Hopefully we can still win this. GKG

  16. SO Dissapointed :-(((((
    Lines F***d Up!
    No Forecheck
    Back to Friggin Puck Dumping with zero follow up.
    Wimpy pussyfooting around..
    no second chances on rebounds..
    took Gap Control out of their vocabulary.
    Did Not play KINGS Hockey.
    Staples sounded like a morgue..no energy


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