Willie Mitchell is the Glue. We Need Glue.

If I have to watch another game with Jeff Schultz trying to do…well, fucking anything, I may lose my shit. And I am generally a pretty calm guy, as Surly will attest.

And that goes double for Jake Muzzin in this series.

And triple for Slava Voynov.

And Matt Greene, Jesus Christ no wonder we can’t take away a passing lane and we turn the puck over like it’s a slutty drunk bachelorette who wants to make a memory.


I take nothing from that third period as a positive. They got the lead and they sat back. They are morons. We have lost three in a row because we are bigger morons. Morons who don’t have any answer to their neutral zone pressure, morons who seem to think the puck should find its own way from stick to stick, morons who believe a 1-2-2 forecheck accomplishes anything other than the play going the other way.

A little birdie told me Willie Mitchell may be back on Wednesday.

It’s the only thing that has me looking ahead. It’s the only thing that gives me hope. Because Jeff Schultz, Jake Muzzin, Slava Voynov, Dustin Brown, and Mike Richards have me exasperated.

And what the FUCK kind of pass was that by Alec Martinez? FUCK!

We have two game 7s coming up.

Give me Willie Mitchell.

Or give me a glorious death.

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  1. You gotta give credit to the Quacks, they’re crashing the net and getting those greasy goals. We need more of that..
    Greene is sooo done after this season. I can’t see Lombardi bringing him back. He looks done :(


  2. & kings fans at the pond > kings fans at staples… Staples has been to quiet lately..

  3. 7 mins does not a hockey game make.

  4. The last time we lost 3 in a row we came backs with 6. So we got that going for us.

  5. Loss for words. Just depressed.

  6. The Kings deserve what they’re getting. Yes, the Schmucks have skilled players who are playing well. Gibson is also playing solid in their net. But the poor play of the Kings have permitted the Schmucks to get good leads. It’s difficult to overcome a deficit when your opponent is playing good hockey and you haven’t been. Sometimes, an opponent get get a lead based on lucky bounces. In those cases, if your team is playing well, it IS possible to make a comeback, with hard work. This has not been the case in the last two games. The Kings played poorly against a strong team. Even though they certainly played much better, last night, in the final thirty minutes, it wasn’t enough. They ran out of clock.

    Now, the Kings are in the unenviable position of needing to win game 6 and 7 against a team that has been playing solid hockey, and has a very good young goalie as well. Quick is good, but he can’t play shutout hockey every game!

    It’s certainly looking like the Kings will be the first team in history to win 4 games in a row after losing the first 3 games of the first round; and then win the first two games of the second round, and lose 4 in a row. If they don’t want this record, which would probably last forever, they need to come up with some kind of miracle. Is it possible? Yes, anything’s possible, but is it probable? I’m not feeling it!

  7. It depends on the dmen not turning the puck over. Also Greene and Shultz have done ok. Which is a problem ok doesn’t get you to the western conference finals.

    • Getting very far in the playoffs, requires a complete team effort … with skilled players. There are offensive teams that have a weak defense. There are strong and balanced teams that play 200 feet of the ice, but have weak goaltending. The Schmucks have it all … like Chicago, although Gibson is looking much better than Crawford. The Kings have had their hot streaks and their cold streaks. Sometimes the defense is strong and the offense is weak. They’ve had good goaltending, but that’s only one piece of the puzzle. The Schmucks are exposing the weaknesses of the Kings. They’re playing a complete game while the Kings are playing their inconsistent, up and down, game. This is now being exposed by the Schmucks. I despise that organization, but there’s no denying that all of the pieces are in place on that team. The Kings have, for the most part, kept games close, but a narrow loss is still a loss.

      We were all hopeful when Gaborik arrived in LA. And he HAS been playing his ass off. But that one player isn’t going to change the deficiencies that exist on the Kings. This has only been accentuated by the losses of Regehr and Mitchell. Regehr and Mitchell are nearing the ends of solid careers. Greene is finished. Muzzin, Voynov and Martinez should be good for the Kings, but they’re still refining their skills. They still make their share of mistakes. So, when you only have one highly skilled D-man, Doughty, opponents will focus more on him.

      It will certainly be interesting to see if any positive adjustments can be made for game 6, at the Staples Center. I am a Kings fan, and I’ll remain a Kings fan. I hope Sutter can create some positive changes that will help the Kings win game 6 and 7.

      Go Kings!

  8. I always enjoy: “WAKING UP WITH THE KINGS.” Jon Rosen always gives, in my opinion, a good wrap up of the Kings’ games.


  9. Excellent takes, Persister. We are totally getting exposed. No doubt those orange puke bastards are more balanced than us, but what kills me is the TOTAL lack of consistency from our team. I mean DAMN. Really Alec?? And the STUUUPID penalties, I mean, what the…?! They KNOW that they’re killin us on the PP, right? Idiot hooks, trips, interference, etc…VERY undisciplined. And I don’t wanna hear “heat of the moment” shit either. Those are just plain jackass moves. And good night! – Muzzin is a damn liability when he has the puck. Remember Sydor? Geez. Now Greenie is a stud and I take my hat off to the man, but his speed and mobility limitations are evident. Voynov? What the..? Looks like this young Russian got the fat contract and kinda just relaxed because he’s had a totally sub-par year, and his mistakes in the playoffs have been too many, not to mention his lack of impact. Schultzie’s trying but he shouldn’t even be out there. We’re THIN, man. I agree that Mitch coming back MAY help, but he’s got a LOT of miles and..I don’t know…hopefully he can mend the PK unit somewhat, we need it. I think they should just eat Richards contract and let him go, way too laid back in Manhattan Beach. That is unfortunately pretty obvious. He’s not the first to get sucked into that lifestyle. #14 has disappeared and what happened to Dwight King? Man, he was having a “most improved” year and then BAM…nothing. Hope we don’t go out at Staples man, that would be nauseating. We need to take this series back to the filthy pond and then anything can happen. We’ve proved that regardless of who’s on the ice for us, we can be a wounded, dangerous and experienced animal who has the heart and the will to produce some CRAZY comebacks. I love that about us. We have HEART. Let’s hope that we see a LOT of that character on Wednesday AND Friday night. GO KINGS GO!!!!!!!

    • You are correct on every point. There isn’t one of us who has ANY idea what’s going to happen. It IS possible that they could take this series to a game 7. It’s doubtful, but it IS possible, if the stars align! Maybe they could take a magic potion. I don’t know! This team is like Jekyll and Hide. On one night they’ll show us power and skill. And on the next night, they fall apart. Which one will come to game 6? I was hoping that they could get it together for one more Cup run before they need major infusions of new blood … similar to what is happening with Vancouver. Will they succeed, or will they continue to fail? Who knows?!

  10. Couldn’t give you WM..really that was wishful thinking – delusional. .but No gloriousdeath either..
    it was glorious. .I can Attest to That.


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