Willie Mitchell may be ready to go for Wednesday, Game 6?

So says John Hoven of Mayor’s Manor. Not 100% but odds appear very good. This is contrary to what Sutter has said. John is very reliable. I believe what he states.

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  1. Whutchu talkin bout Willis????

  2. Who’s the most likely to sit in the event of Mitchell’s return? Schultz? Greene?

  3. Sutter’s right if Mitchell hasn’t skated in two weeks and he’s just getting on the ice now he’s gonna be so outta whack timing wise that he’s gonna be more harm than good.

  4. I think DS might go with the 7 d-men again and use WM sparingly in situations like PK and defensive zone faceoffs.

  5. 7 dmen. My least favorite Sutter line concoction. Nolan sits. Or…. This would be classic Sutter to sit AMart and play Schultz and Greene. May as well have Big Bird and Snuffleupugus man the back end.

  6. Look I don’t care if Mitchell needs a motorized wheel chair to play, Matt Greene is horrible and he can’t play any longer in this series.

    Is McNabb even eligible to play or did he have to be put on a playoff roster if they were to dress and play him? Seriously if he can play, you have to use him, because Sutter has nobody else to help on defense.

    Dwight King is another guy who shouldn’t be playing he’s a soft piece of bubble gum who doesn’t engage in hitting and doesn’t drive to the net. He floats out there just like Penner did.

    Mike Richards sorry, you don’t have anymore mulligans or excuses to tell everyone just how he shows up in big games. This guy has nothing right now, other than trying to run into guys and then bouncing off of them like a pinball bumper. Sorry but Richards is a liability not an asset.

    I have no idea what Martinez was even thinking last night, but whatever it was, probably was the reason why he was a healthy scratch many times this season.

    Dustin Brown fuck it, he gets all upset, and does fucking nothing, he’s not hitting, he’s not scoring, he’s falling down. He’s always been really good at that.

    Greene -3

    Richards -5 seriously and I don’t want to hear about his defensive play because he isn’t getting that done either.

    King is a -1 but since he just floats out there, I would rather have Jordan Nolan who is a -3 at least Nolan isn’t afraid to get dirty because some of these Kings players are showing no signs of trying to intimidate or get the Ducks off their game.

    Clifford also needs to be scratched he is a -2 with 37 PIM

    There is no tomorrow. The Kings have to win to even entertain a tomorrow and they can’t have these
    specific players playing because they are not putting up points, are not getting it done on defense and taking too many penalties which the Ducks are exploiting.

    • Richards had 9:50 TOI last night. THAT is fucking pathetic for a guy who’s supposed to be super clutch come playoffs. Can someone explain to me what the hell is wrong with this guy?

      • Maybe too much party. He does have a bad rep with the nightlife and adult party favors. Maybe he’s gone Darryl Strawberry. You ever notice he’s all plugged up and nasally?

        • Could be allergies. I just think he’s lazy. He likes to fish ya? Me too. What a lazy ass hobby. It’s basically drinking beer in a skiff. Or if your MR, drinking beer in a Boston Whaler. My allergy and tattoos combination always get me the stink eye. God forbid I trip on a crack in the sidewalk, most people will just cross the street and call the police. I kind of feel as Mike goes the Kings go. Whether we produce the wins we need or not, seems like more offseason work needed this year than previous ones. GKG \X/ all I know for sure……..is Dean better sign Gaborik. If it means losing Mike I’ll be okay with that.

    • So glad I didn’t read any blog yesterday. .just wasn’t up to it..I was feeling a bit resigned.
      Shame on Me!
      And Mod you Know I respect you.
      So now to read kind of what I saw..but our Boys Just don’t quit!!!
      I do believe Greener will be done..but He is leaving it all on the Ice..Like I said before ALL HEART!
      Brownie-My CAPTAIN..Solid Solid..I isolated him on severeal PKs..excellent.
      Cliffy♡♡♡ what a Difference when he is out there.
      bang bang bang went the suckduck bodies.
      Stonie aka #22..he is getting rewarded for trying 110%.
      Even Schultz managed to do his part..he makes me uncomfortable.
      J Will must be hurt. Watch him skate back to our end if not a desperation move needed.
      Prob like the suck who has been taken down by us several times..Perreault.
      What a Game!!!

  7. We can hope!

  8. Its contrary to what Matt Barry knows and Matt Barry knows injuries and Matt Barry said Willie Mitchell wasn’t going to play and Willie Mitchell didn’t play.


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