It is Not Revenge We Seek…

Last season, we limped into the Western Conference Final against the Chicago Blackhawks. Kopitar, Williams, Brown, hell, the entire team was on a wicked cold streak. Nobody was scoring goals. We had a rookie, inexperienced Jake Muzzin manning the blue line and playing in critical roles. Our defense 2-6 was a shell of itself. We couldn’t compete because we walked into a gun fight with a knife in hand.

We still remember defeat’s bitter taste.

We let its memory remind us why we hate it so.

May 18, 2014.

12:00pm, Pacific Standard Time.

Armed. Dangerous. Focused.

Prepare a dish of suffocating defense, an explosive offensive attack and goaltending that swallows pucks and leaves no seconds.

Prepare this dish, best served cold, and feed it to our opponent game in and game out until they gag on their last breath.

When they lay still beneath us and look up, valuing our mercy as they do their own lives, remind them this was not revenge we sought, for revenge is a kind of wild justice. No, this was more. This was a reckoning.

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  1. We’ve all seen flashes of quality play all season long, along with the not so good periods where the team was trying to find their way. Well … those flashes of quality play-making became the norm for this team as they moved into the post-season. We’re all very happy to see this happen for a group of men who have worked so hard to get it together. Now, they’ve done it! They HAVE succeeded in coming together! The first two rounds have shown the hockey world that they not only have the inner will to succeed, but they have the skill to take on the best teams and defeat them!

    The Kings WILL prevail!! Go Kings!!

  2. Bobby….that post gave me a chubby.
    This is gonna be a hell of a series. My cat Butters better watch out.

  3. I want revenge. Clint Eastwood style.

  4. Chicago’s 1st goal was from a penalty that wasn’t!!

    Chicago’s apparent 2nd goal was the result of Quick being pushed away from the post.

    LA’s goal by Toffoli was nice!!

    Clifford’s shot was released too soon! If he had hesitated a moment, he would have had a goal!

    LA’s taking to Chicago in the 2nd!!!!

  5. Just as expected, Chicago is just a bit better than us in almost all aspects of the game.

    I hope we can be the luckier team starting game 2. It really is our only chance.

    • And I’m not saying Chicago can’t be beat by any team. I’m just saying they’ve had our number for a bit now

    • Excuse me?! It didn’t look to me like Chicago is the better team! The first goal was a penalty that should not have happened! That goal ended up being the difference in this game! I thought it was a back and forth kind of game … very even. Too bad Toffoli hit the left goal post! He had an open net!

      • Exactly Persister. It was pretty even. I’m happy with the way our boys played, not happy with the outcome but hey that’s why it’s a best of 7 series. Toffoli makes that goal and it’s a different game…….game of inches ay?

        • So true!! The only thing that really irritates me is that penalty that gave Chicago a power play and subsequent 1st goal. I don’t remember who that player was, but he should have been given a penalty for going down so easily! Then, it would have been 4 on 4! Actually, Martinez shouldn’t even have been called for a penalty! Martinez only gave him a perfectly common push that all D-men do on every play!! If there were to be a penalty, it should have been to that Chicago D-man! Then, maybe the Kings might have scored on their PP!

      • we must have been watching two different games then.

        chicago controlled the pace most of the game and, frankly, looked better most of the game.

        • What can I say to that?! Some people see things differently. That’s why the world is never in agreement on anything.

        • They crushed us like little bitches the first 5-10m of the first (I kind of expected that until we settled in). They edged us out pretty nicely most of the third. We edged them out the second half of the first, and we mostly dominated them the entire second period. Sounds pretty even to me.

  6. Game 1 in the books. Chicago is good…..but we showed that we aint no pushover. We beat “the best goalie in history” last series. So this Blackhawks team ain’t shit. Time to regroup, reset & refocus.

  7. Hawks had 5 days res vs Kings coming off a game 7 emotional win on Friday night and the Hawks were damn lucky they got the W. If the Kings hadn’t missed so many chances (like TT breakaway) and didn’t lose their legs to fatigue in he 3rd, a different game. Having seen a good deal of the Hawks playoff games, they haven’t looked like the team sired by Zeus from Mt Olympus that NBC, NHL Network and most hockey analysts make them out to be. If the Blues actually had a legit #1 center and line, they would have won, and Minny stumbled in the first 2 games and it still took 7. THe Kings are the best and more complete team the hawks have faced and even being more rested, they didn’t dominate as they should have.
    Kings will be rested and hungry on Wens and will play a better game and get the W. I though the Kings D for the most part, contained Kane fairly well. And the rested Kings will regain their puck possession and put more pressure on.

    • Yep, they didn’t give Kane much room to get up to speed. Two days off will be good.

    • So true, Deirdre. The Kings took half of the 1st period to get their legs, and they did look a little tired in the 3rd, but I still think they held their own today. Chicago’s 1st goal, which shouldn’t have happened, and better puck luck for the Kings, would have given them a win. Wednesday will be better!

    • Not to be nit picky but Chicago beat Minny in 5 games not 7. Regardless your point is still correct.

  8. Rich Hammond @Rich_Hammond · 3h

    And Kopidor. RT @wilw: Who is this Alex Martinez the NBC announcers keep talking about? Does he play with Brad Doty?

    That bothered me too, you’re paid a pretty good buck to be on National TV in a Conference Final, do your damn homework, learn to read maybe, or understand where the Kings roster is located since you don’t watch them.

  9. I have always liked the Hockey News, but it makes me sick to read this part of their report on today’s game:

    “The Blackhawks used a bad penalty by Kings defenceman Alec Martinez to grab the lead in the first period. Martinez pushed forward Brandon Bollig to the ice long after the whistle had blown, drawing a roughing call.”

    How could anyone, who wasn’t a blind Chicago fan, think that was a legitimate penalty!!!

    • Bollig sold it and the officials bought it. It was a shitty call but that’s the way it goes. Two guys at work, who are Chicago fans thought it was the right call (obviously).
      Guess we gotta park in front of Crawford, fall and flail when we get looked at cross eyed.

    • Because it wasnt. Maybe in some beer leagues but the nhl WCF? That shit is gonna happen and he fell like a soft ballerina. He was totally smiling whining on the ice as the ref took the bait hook, line sinker reel and rod.

    • The penalty was definitely BS, but the truth is we had 97 chances to clear the puck and we failed. I’m not mad at all but we could have killed that penalty. Opportunity missed by our guys.

      We’ll get them Wednesday!

    • Even the NBC guys said it was a bad call.

  10. We just need to bury our chances! Toffoli and Richards had wide open nets, and for fucks sake we need to score on the PP.

    We can beat this team, and we should have won this game. Hopefully game 2 brings the desired result..

    Ps it’s amazing how arrogant and obnoxious Hawks fans are my god.. Not looking forward to seeing them at Staples

    • They have every right, they are the defending champs. We just have to play our game and knock them off their high horse. They really didn’t impress me. LA kept them contained (pretty much) in the neutral zone and sustained a good cycle during the game.
      Next game is ours.

      • Hey TS, you still sporting that #99 jersey? I’d say that a #14 is a good choice!

          • Just realized I typed TS & not TK……my apologies! I’d had a few cocktails at the time. Kinda lessens the sting of the defeat. Think my next purchase will be a “Mr. Game 7” jersey.

      • The Kings will need to do better with turnovers.

        • Better with turnovers and on the PP but we all know Chicago isn’t gonna be a pushover.

          • I think everyone understands that this will be another very difficult series, but I think the Kings are well prepared for this series. And they will get three days of very welcome rest.

  11. Was competitive… First goal came off a BS penalty with Bollig taking a page out of the Tommy Wingels playbook, and the second goal (that counted) was just a totally lucky bounce off a Duncan Keith shot where it was a left D shooting from the left point, really bad angle, far out, with no traffic at all, and fricken Lewis deflected it into his own net. I guess when you’re clumsy, stuff like that happens to you. We’ve seen it before with Lewis. Still, it was unlucky.

    So the opening goal, and then the eventually GWG, were both BS in a way. And the third goal, Muzzin is just trying to make something happen with four minutes left down a goal. Obviously it didn’t turn out well but that late in the game, you have to be aggressive and trade some chances, roll the dice, because if you don’t score it’s not going to matter anyway whether the other team didn’t score again either. They’ve already got the win in the bag if you don’t score.

    And Muzzin has been playing awesome lately so I don’t want to jump on him over that since it was late in the game. In a perfect world, if you can’t tie it before then, you’d at least like to take your shot with the goalie pulled only down 1, with that pressure on the Blackhawks that if they concede one goal it’s going to be a tie game, but even then your odds are still low. Muzzin was trying to prevent it from coming to that with four minutes left and I can’t blame him for that.

    Other thoughts:

    • Bickell is as dangerous screening the goaltender and deflecting pucks into the net as anyone right now. Has that width that really blocks Quick’s vision. Also has one of the hardest wristers in the NHL
    • Brandon Saad continues to be underrated and really the main catalyst in my opinion for the Hawks resurgence after losing Byfuglien and Laad, to go along with Crawford figuring things out and Patrick Kane getting in shape. But the Hawks lost to Phoenix in round one a few years ago after losing all their depth because no one replaced those guys. Only once Saad came along (and Bickell) do they have their depth back. And Saad has been better than even Patrick Sharp in many respects. He is a true top 6 forward.
    • Tanner Pearson has really turned a corner from mid season. He’s developed that extra burst in his step. No longer just average speed. Actually gets by people wide now. Beautiful play on the Toffoli goal. My criticisms of Toffoli still being the exact same player he was last year, physically, stand, but his hockey sense and his shot as our mini-Carter have definitely been important too. I also wonder if not noticing him as much earlier in the season could have just had to do with ice time. It’s simple but sometimes we forget if we’re not checking the stat sheets sometimes players just aren’t making themselves noticed as much as you expect them to because they’re not getting put on the ice much.
    • So I’m a big fan of the Pearson – Carter – Toffoli line. I was harping on the Pearson/Carter combination since the moment I saw it actually, but it’s surpassed my expectations because Pearson had either gotten better or just more confident/rested. His legs just look better to me.

    Lastly, I do want to see more of Carter offensively. Ironically, as Kopitar has finally picked it up offensively, Carter has in many ways become the new Kopitar. He’s solid every game, does well in possession, plays such an excellent two way game, but he’s just not taking over the game the way he’s capable. That goal against the Ducks in game 7 showed AGAIN, the way he flew by the defender (speed), the way he pushed by him (strength/size), the move he put on the goaltender (skill), that he has basically a superstar skill set. This is a 50 goal scoring talent who is playing the game of David Backes, basically. He’s playing the game of 20 goal scorer who is responsible defensively, when he could be Steven Stamkos and actually dominating games for us. I’m not saying he should throw out his defensive game, not at all, but he could be doing way more for us offensively. He has the speed to get more breakaways, but he needs to actually look for them and go out for those stretch passes. He just needs to attack more in every way because he’s capable of doing it in every way. We’re probably not going to beat Chicago with subtle, two-way Carter. He needs to start scoring like the star scorer he has the talent to be. Then we can beat them.

    • Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah Trevor Lewis, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah The Sharks, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah Robyn Regehr, Jeff Schultz, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

    • You suck at hockey bro…….

      • I know every time mr “concise” posts one of his novels it just makes me want to go and read a treatise on human suffering in Swahili.

      • I don’t always say things correctly, but I enjoy getting my feelings and ideas out about the fabulous game of ice hockey. Most everyone (this includes me) will struggle at times to get their thoughts out correctly. And of course, we aren’t always going to agree with each other. The only thing I don’t like is when people get carried away with bashing someone. Your “You suck at hockey bro” comment is fine, but some will go on and on about how disgusting or how stupid someone is. That’s when I stop reading.

        For the most part, I have enjoyed everyone’s comments. Even when I disagree, it will get my brain thinking about those alternative views. That’s what this blog is all about.

        I hope everyone will continue to share their thoughts on Surly & Scribe. I want to read the comments that all of you share!

        Go Kings!!

  12. I watched the game sober(fucking day game) so I actually paid pretty good attention to this one. We missed two glorious opportunities they didn’t. Muzzin pulled a boner on that pinch in, Bollig is a bitch, and I thought Crawford was fighting every shot off and was leaving rebounds. Except for the first 10 the game was pretty even. The kings seemed just a little tiny bit off on their passes. I feel good about game 2. Bring it boys!

    • Sober? Good lord man! I started @ 11am!
      It’s Sunday! The Lord made the 7th day for gettn boozed up!

    • Yes, the Kings will now have a nice break to rest up for game 2. I fully expect that they’ll be fired up, and have a very good game!

  13. Also hawk fans… I had the displeasure of sitting in front of like 10 of them last year. One guy was either retarted or really drunk, I couldn’t figure it out. Some other fuck head told my wife to sit down and shut the fuck up. So it got a little ugly. But the worst part were the ugly blondes chanting go hawks go. I swear one sounded like Clint Eastwood. Smoking kills bitch!

    • Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! That’s no way to talk to a lady! Glad you stuck up for your wife! No need for that! This is gonna be a damn good series, both teams are legitimate contenders. It’s gonna go 7. We all know what kinda magic we have in game 7’s.

  14. I agree. It’s going at least 6 or 7. I’m cautiously optimistic. The kings are better now than last year at this time and Quick almost forced a game 6 against a stronger hawks team last year. Kopi’s line is the key. Last year he struggled in the playoffs. Now he has got Gavorik.

  15. I think we all knew he would be good but he has excelled! Kopi finally got his LW . Even though he is a RW.

    • I wonder why a left handed winger would want to play on the right side, when the norm is for them to play on the left. And yet, he DOES have an uncanny ability to move the puck, shooting or passing, using his backhand!

      • Off wing guys like that option of cutting across the grain when they enter the zone. They then have a lot more options and the puck is now on their forehand.

        Off wing guys are usually danglers ie ovechkin. Same handed wings are more your power forward type guy ie shanahan. They can cut across the grain but it’s a little awkward even though the puck may be on your forehand getting a shot on net or pass is usually backhand.

        • Toffoli had difficulty using his backhand a lot when he was on the left. Hopefully, he’ll get better with his backhand.

          • No doubt it’s harder to receive a pass on your backhand than forehand but yeah once he can get that dialed in he should be good to go. His puck handling skills are getting more refined in this level. It’s just a matter of time.

          • I agree. He and Pearson are going to be on this team for a long time!

    • I think he’s more dangerous as a right winger. If he can enter the zone cleanly I can see him creating all kinds of time and space.

      • That’s something that I love about Gaborik. He can crisscross with with Kopitar and Brown. It doesn’t matter where he is on the ice. He can attack from anywhere.

  16. If we can take one on the road and then get two at home we’re looking pretty good.

  17. I love this site cause there is intelligent hockey being talked about.

    • Absolutely. A lot of folks on here really know their stuff and post some good reads as well as some funny shit! Modcoop & Deirdre post some fantastic thoughts.

      • Yes, I would also like to give kudos to Modcoop and Deirdre!! :-)

        • I have 3 words for Dierdre, Pearson, Carter, and Toffoli.

          • Yes, Hamburgular, I know! :-) Deirdre has made it abundantly clear that she has wanted Carter and Richards back together again. Like I said earlier, we aren’t going to agree on everything!


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