If Only…the Prelude to Far Too Many Sentences About Dustin Brown

If only. Words I use too much about Dustin Brown. Words that lead too many sentences.

If only Dustin went to the net more. If only Dustin moved his feet more. If only Dustin was stronger with the puck. If only Dustin back checked harder. If only Dustin would use his wrist shot when he had the shooting lane. If only Dustin would work harder to get open for the one timer. If only Dustin would stay on his skates along the boards.

If only…

I am rooting for Dustin Brown in this series. Has he lost his confidence? Don’t know. What I do know is he takes the Kings to a different dimension in each of the three zones when he is at his best. At his best, he makes the Kings unbeatable.

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  1. I’ve been saying “if only” about Brown for a long time now. Recently, he has shown more bursts of speed and hustle, but he still isn’t the player that he was before. Why?! If he can’t get up for the Hawks, he isn’t going to get up for anything. The problem is that the Kings need him now!

  2. Where is Düstįn Bröwn?

  3. He will Be Fine.
    I TRUST in Our Captain.
    And You KNEW I would say that :-)
    You’ve got too much time on your hands.

  4. Trade him before value drops more , not worth 5 mil+

  5. Like you said Bobby he can make the Kings unbeatable. We will find out tomorrow!

  6. Woulda shoulda. Why are talking about potentials? If Richards was on we’d be unbeatable. If quick was his 2012 form we’d be unbeatable. Stupid topic if you ask me. If the guy was playing better and contributing to this unbeatable factor then I’d be all for the relevance.

  7. Let’s hope he becomes relevant.

  8. SJ looking at Iginla. That sounds like the way they handle stuff. Let’s get another guy on this team who can’t and won’t get his hands on a cup. I’m gonna try not to start laughing, last time I got laughing about the Sharks I had to have my ass sewn back on. GKG \X/

  9. Oh my god. The answer was right there the whole time. It’s conditioning……. The hawks need to get goals fast and hard while they still have some legs. If we make it through to the end of the second period still in it, they are gonna wear out. 1-2-3-4-5-6, Carter hattrick. GFKG \X/ Statement game.

  10. Hawks are kinda loose butthole.

  11. What a turn of events!!! Those penalties, in the beginning of the 3rd, really turned the game around! Then … there was no turning around! Now, back to LA!!

    I loved that fake by Muzzin, prior to his goal!
    I loved that tip in by Carter, on Doughty’s shot!
    I loved that intelligent and alert goal by Toffoli!

    Go Kings!

  12. Woohoo! After a trepidatious and frustrating start the Kings show once again that they have the heart of a champion! The 70’s line keeps showing it’s moxie and Jeff Carter as its center showed that if you focus too much on Kopi and co, they will make you pay.

  13. I think Brown was relevant.

  14. Dustin Brown is a great leader, period. The idea that his is not moving his feet or trying to find a shooting lane is silly or driving to the net is silly.


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