Eat Your Enemy, Take His Power

The Kings drop three to San Jose. Play through the neutral zone, a sharp transition game and a deadly ability to score off the rush sends the Sharks a game away from the second round of the playoffs.

The Kings respond by shutting down the neutral zone and taking shots off the rush away from the Sharks.

They win the series.

The Kings carry momentum through to two close wins against Anaheim while mostly being outplayed. They proceed to lose three in a row, unable to contain the Ducks’ surging powerplay and ability to strike multiple times quickly with “greasy” goals.

The Kings respond with a sharp transition game and deadly scoring off the rush, neutralizing the Ducks sloppy game.

They win the series.

Chicago takes game one with puck luck. They charge to a 2-0 lead in game two with a dominating puck possession game and utilizing their sticks like they have a team full of Willie Mitchell’s.

The Kings get a greasy goal to cut the lead in half. They charge out in the third with a surging powerplay and exhibit the ability to strike quickly multiple times. They follow that up with a few more goals through sharp transitions and deadly shots off the rush.

The Kings have voodoo on their side. They have sized up their opponents, slain them and eaten their hearts to consume their souls and gain their powers. The other team’s strengths are merely but a lesson for the Kings, a measuring stick they rip from hopeful hands and use the smack the next team that challenges them on the wrists.

I never want to see a game like that again.

I want to see many more third periods like that.

Crawford is human. Kane is neutered. Confidence comes in to question.

But never for the Kings. A more resilient team I have never seen.

What just happened? I forget. How soon is Saturday?

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  1. :)

    Daddy like

  2. I was beginning to wonder what was going on! Then … pow, bang!! What an ending!!

  3. The resilient royal raptors bared their fangs yet again. This team has heart and balls unmatched. What a comeback
    Biggest play of the game (and the one that might have turned the series ) is Quick’s save on Seabrook , Hawks go up 3-0 ad it’s a different game.
    Crawford crapped the bed…and I hope it stays in his head. I want the 1s period Sat to mirror this 3rd period. Every player winning their shifts.
    And hopefully Sutter keeps Williams with Richards.
    Sutter is epic on the post games…90% of the media is terrified to ask a question. Too funny.

  4. Last year they were talking about Crawford’s glove as being a weakness. After this game they will be talking about his blocker side. Another great show of resiliency boys. What character! Unreal…

  5. On a side note Mitchell and Greene have often been exposed as being too slow. Yes Greene makes up for it occasionally with some strong physical play, as Mitchell does with his magic stick, but those guys need to step it up a notch if we’re gonna win this series.
    Thank the hockey gods for the 70’s line (or should we call it the 777 line as opposed to a certain Luciferian number?). As much as Chicago tries to tie up the KGB line (I know, I’m pushing it), they can’t find an answer to this one. Not to mention our “bottom” 6.
    I love this team: depth, resilience, wisdom. That is the Kings’ real motto.

    • I’m not worried about Mitchell’s speed at all. He isn’t the fastest defenseman, but he is a great skater (which Greene/Schultz are not) and between his smooth stride and stick work, I don’t feel his speed has exposed him. Hell, half the shifts out there he is making Kane invisible.

      Greene, nothing you can do about his speed. His game is all about protecting that home plate and plastering guys to the boards when he has the chance.

      • I agree in general about Mitchell but it seems to me like he’s lost a bit of that speed/gap control in this series. Mind you he’s just back from injury so whatever. I guess I’m just nit-picking.

  6. A little late but WOOOOOOO!

  7. This season is so damn amazing no matter how it ends. I still wish we’d done more at the deadline because I feel like we could be guaranteed another Cup if we had, whereas now it’s still up in the air.

    But no matter what happens, I’m so proud of this team. And if they can keep developing, Toffoli and Pearson, man, never going to be superstars (at least not Pearson) but they are such big pieces for us. I was really worried earlier this season with Hertl emerging for SJ (and Nieto), and the Ducks just stacked with young players… I felt we were too in a sense but our guys were not developing the same way, and it was causing SJ and ANA to make up ground on us.

    But Pearson has stepped up to help that. Hertl still probably has the highest ceiling of the bunch, but still. Pearson has been huge.

    And the way this team just keeps coming back is amazing. Just amazing. Carter also stepped up on demand today, amazing. Game was kind of out of reach at the point he did most his damage, plus one was an EN goal, but a hat trick is a hat trick.

    Anyway Im so proud of the team. I’m sure I’ll be critical again in the future if we don’t win the Cup this year (Or in the offseason even if we do because you always have to be improving since other teams are always catching up to you), but I just wanted to say how proud I am of this team. And I know not everyone here likes me, but I also wanted to say how much I appreciate having a place to post my opinions on the team here, and that it’s good to see other fans who love the team here. We may not always see eye to eye, but we all want the best for this team. And as much as I’ve made salient points in the past, I was also gunning for Lombardi’s head just a couple weeks ago. And Sutter’s. I wasn’t the only one, obviously, and one playoff run doesn’t undo all their mistakes, but hey, they came back against SJ. They accomplished that. They came back against Anaheim. They salvaged the series today by coming back. It’s not a great sign that they keep falling behind, and I feel lucky that we’re 1-1 right now considering the Blackhawks have skated circles around us for 80% of the series so far (in my opinion), but… they came back. And they keep coming back. It’s just been an amazing ride. Here’s to it continuing all the way to a Cup.

  8. I have a Blackhawks buddy that was teIling me early in the Ducks series, that he hoped the Ducks would prevail over the Kings. I told him he was stupid. The Blackhawks have recently owned the Kings and the Ducks would hold home ice advantage against the Hawks, but not against the Kings. He said he didn’t care. That the Kings scared him. I still thought he was wrong.

    Until tonight.

    This team is fucking scary as hell! They are like a rabid dog when backed into a corner.

  9. Resilient

  10. Wow, Chicago, after handing us our behinds for the first 40, just folded after facing a little adversity. That’s great news for us.

    Way to hang tuff, men! Way to represent, as usual!

    • It is encouraging. While I don’t remember Chicago taking a beating quite like that in the post season over the last two seasons, they haven’t won two Cups in four years by not having their own measure of resilience. I don’t expect this game to have a huge impact on their psyche, but it doesn’t open a door for the Kings. I care more about how it affects the Kings’ game positively than how it does the Hawks’ negatively. Chicago will come out hard on Saturday and the Kings need to keep rolling and stick it to them. Show them their surges mean nothing and that will go more towards putting them down than their having one awful period.

      • Absolutely, Chicago isn’t going anywhere, but it reminds me of Balboa drawing blood from Drago.Huge confidence builder for us and a chink in armor of invincibility for them.

        These tools are just our nightmare “style” matchup. Any advantage will be taken with a smile no matter how small

  11. What is Q talking about towards the end of his post-game presser when he calls the two Kings PP goals “nothing” goals?

    • I think he means they weren’t dangerous plays, his way of calling out his team for giving up two weak goals. He’s kind of right, the Muzzin goal was terrible for Crawford. The Doughty/Carter goal was impossible for Crawford, but I guess Q thinks it was an innocent wrister that should have been blocked. I didn’t take that comment as a slight against the Kings really, more an indictment of his team giving them up.

  12. Hopefully the odds stay with the Kings on Sat. Since the 2009-2010 playoffs right thru the last series vs miiny, the Hawks have only won 2 game 3’s.

  13. Great comments!

    We can start calling our Kings “The Heart Attack Kings!”

    Go Kings!!! :-)

  14. Quenville has volcano face like Dave Tippett. I had as much fun watching his reactions to the goals as the goals themselves.

  15. After going down 2-0 I felt my heart sink. After Williams scored I felt like a comeback wasn’t out of the question. When the score was tied 2-2 I knew it was ON!!! That 5 goal 3rd was just what LA needed to fire up that big block again!
    bwap bwap bwap bwap

    • Yeh, Deadendcruiser, the team says that it doesn’t need an emotional lift to play better. They always speak of maintaining a steady course until the end of each game. Well, I feel, they’re human just like me. It’s good that they can stay strong and not get down when things aren’t going their way, but this game HAD TO BE an emotional lift. That game WILL give them a boost that will fuel them for the remainder of this series and the next!

      Go Kings!!!

      • Absofreakinglutely!!! It’s a HUGE emotional win for LA. Chicago has pretty much owned the Kings over the last few years. With this win, in their barn, it’s saying “we will NOT die easily” and now the seed of doubt has been planted!
        Can’t wait for Saturday!

        • Chicago will come out strong on Saturday. They’re a proud team. But the Kings can certainly handle it!

          • are the Ranger fan yes?
            Forgive but I have too many people in different
            interests..and I am good with faces..bad with names.
            Got home in time for 3rd period.
            Fun to watch the two teams and think who we have the possibility to face in a couple of weeks.
            Marty St.Louie was a good trade. Not sold on Richards at all. I was/am a fan of Brandon Prust. He is a similar player to Brownie, except he likes to drop the gloves.
            I see both he and Weiss out for Montreal.
            Plus Pacioretty..he is a good player.
            Nice to see Kreider coming along. For a time he was going to be Trade bait when he was with the whale.
            And I always rooted for Zucarello. He was always in
            Tortarella’s Doghouse.
            Have to think this team is a lot happier this season.

          • Hi Hockeyjockey!

            Yes, I’ve followed the Rangers ever since I was a teenager; back when I lived in upstate NY.

            I really like the chemistry on this team. In one way, they’re a little like LA. They’ve had their problems jelling this season. They came on later in the season, and they’re playing well in the playoffs. Both teams have an incredible starting Goaltender. They have some speed and some toughness. I agree with you about NY’s Richards. He’s had his problems just like LA’s Richards has had his problems. Maybe, if these two teams do play for the Cup, the Richards that plays better will be the difference in which team will win!

            As for Marty St. Louis, I’ve always liked him. I didn’t like Tampa, so it’s nice to see him in NY!

            As for Tortorella, I kind of liked him for awhile, but he’s too much of an ass. I was happy to see him go to the dastardly Canucks. And I like Alain Vigneault; he’s good for the Rangers.

            IF the Rangers and the Kings do meet, naturally, I’ll want the Kings to win. However, I’d like to see a long, well played series where both teams will be able to shake hands at the end and mean it.

            Go Kings!!

          • Well that game was a heartbreak :-(
            Montreal with the late goal off a Ranger skate (how many times have we seen that. .Slava)
            Rangers come back to tie with 30 secs left off a Canadian skate..
            Then OT..uugghh
            Torts..yes an ass..the more you got to know him the more his true colors came out..he really
            F’d with Fro.

          • Yeah, the Rangers should have had that one. Well, the Canadiens DID play better, but I hated their temperament. They were doing some dirty shit. They really began to piss off the Rangers. I almost started to like them a little, because of their quality play against the Bruins, but they aren’t shit against the Rangers. After today’s game, I hope the Rangers win the next two games!

          • Dirty=Subban

  16. This is a Kings site right? Suppan is the shit, though. I like his relentlessness. That’s a long word


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