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  1. Cartsy’s a disher now eh? I love the mic’d up stuff. It’s good to hear guys on the bench yelling “back door” like me on my couch. Both of my kids have gone to the back door thinking I was locked out of the house. GKG \X/

  2. Speaking of backdoor, heard Chi fans threatening the bla ckhawks will be back with a vaginaass, or,something.

  3. FuChi!!!

  4. That was a damn good video.

  5. That was sooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!
    I had to miss the last two games because I was on vacation back in small town New York and just getting updates on my phone….I have never been so crazy happy to have my phone keep pinging at me!!!

    So excited about Saturday I can barely sit still!!!


  6. “Why do you think I threw a muffin on net? I got a harder shot than that…” HAHA!

  7. I think it’s coming to the point where hockey fans see an LA jersey and there’s a sincere respect for the team and the organization. Of course Gretzky put us on the map playing for us but I think to really legitimize the organization you have to win a cup. And by doing so you’ve now joined a club that is only for the few. The squad and organization is now forever immortalized with their names engraved on it.

    Organizations like Detroit, Chicago, Boston and fuckheads Toronto and Montreal.

    Montreal 24 cups, Toronto 13, Detroit 11, Boston 6, Chicago 5. Granted these dickheads have been in the league longer than the Kings but my point is that they’ve shown that they had what it took to win all those cups and that they weren’t a one and done fluke. Carolina, Tampa Bay, Anaheim have all one a cup and I think TB has been back to the conference finals just once since they won.

    The Kings won the cup in 2012 in mind blowing dominating fashion that people are still talking about today. So many people could have written that off as “getting hot at the right time” or “a flukey series with all the bounces” or “riding a hot goalie.” If we didn’t make the playoffs the next season maybe but not only the playoffs the WCF.

    This is our 3rd Consecutive WCF appearance. When was the last time this has happened? That speaks volumes. The critics don’t have shit to say but these guys are for real. The culture that DL wants to instill in the organization and the one that we’ve all been waiting and hoping for may finally be here.

    Reading other teams blogs there’s a genuine fear and respect of our squad. Fuck the Philly West or Boston West stuff…bullshit! This is LA Kings hockey doing it LA Kings style!

  8. Ya well…….. There are 30 teams now. Not 6. So honestly any cup before 1968 doesn’t count in my mind. So basically NJ, Detroit, Edmonton and the Islanders are my examples of champions. Coming up on half a century now the second six. Anything that happened before then I’d have to ask my dad or google it. So ya……. Boston 1 Montreal 1 Chicago 2 Rangers1 Detroit 4 ( I think, google it), we should be well ahead of all these teams in 7-10 years. GKG\X/

    • Boston 3, 70,72. Those two barely count though.

    • You’re right. As part of that expansion come the LA Kings. Along with Philly, Pitts, St Louis, Minny North Stars and CA Seals.

      Philly has won 2 cups & 8 conf titles.
      Pitts has won 3 cups & 4 conf titles.
      North Stars won no cups in Minny until they moved to Dallas.
      CA Seals got eaten by sharks.
      St Louis 0 cups
      NY Islanders were added in 1972 and went on a tear in the 80s winning 4 cups and 6 conf titles.

      LA Kings survived all these years. 1 cup and 2 conf titles. Hopefully soon to be 2 cups and 3 conf titles.

      “So ya……. Boston 1 Montreal 1 Chicago 2 Rangers1 Detroit 4 ( I think, google it), we should be well ahead of all these teams in 7-10 years. GKG\X/” That’s exactly my point. We were never really talked about in the same conversation as these other clubs but that’s a different story now. And hopefully for a while to come.

    • Montreal has 10 cups since 1968, not 1.

  9. It’s game day….tee hee!


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