Game Day – One Win Begets Two


2014, game 7, Versus Anaheim Ducks. Result = We advance to the Western Conference Final for the 3rd consecutive season.

2014, game 2, Versus Chicago Blackhawks. Result = We beat Chicago in Chicago in a statement game.

These are the circumstances in which we now find ourselves.

But as we have been told by one wiser than me, the circumstances do not make the man, they only reveal him to himself.

What do these circumstances reveal to our men?

That there is work ahead.

Shall we rise to its challenge?

We shall.

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  1. Is Quicks statement game tonight or Monday? Maybe both. The Blackhawks have been lucky so far. I can’t remember him stealing any games from them yet. Totally due.

  2. I re-watched game two against the Hawks. Basically, I wanted to see if the Hawks really just laid down in the latter half of the game. I have to say that the Hawks did play a solid first half. I wouldn’t say it was them dominating as much as it was the Kings’ not getting it done. In general, we let them control the game. Fortunately, Jonathan Quick held the fort, and kept the Kings in the game.

    Toffoli also kept the Kings in it, with alert stick-work, when he made a save on a puck that got behind Quick! He stopped a sure Chicago goal that would have crossed the goal-line!

    The Kings played better in the 2nd. They didn’t get any breaks, but they didn’t let the Hawks get anything either. Yes, because they were pressing to score, and their defense was getting into the play, Quick needed to be strong again in the 2nd. Then, at the end of that period, Williams’ effort got us a goal. He partially fanned on it, but he got enough of it to send it five-hole! You could see the shift in the faces of the Kings! They were no longer just trying to slow down the Hawks. They were going to win the game!!

    In the 3rd, the Kings continued to push hard. The Hawks WERE working hard, but they lost their Puck Luck. Hossa hit the crossbar on a nice shot. If that had gone in … that could have given the Hawks the win. The Kings, on the other hand, worked hard to make a break for themselves. And things began to happen for them.

    That Carter goal was a beautiful, highly skilled, tip in! The Kings had Kopitar AND Carter screening Crawford, and Carter got it with the shaft of his stick! That was great eye/hand coordination!

    Muzzin’s goal showed that he has grown as a defenseman. He looked off the D-man, and Crawford and suddenly through a wrist-shot at the top corner. Both Crawford AND the D-man bit on that fake, and they moved a step to their left. This gave Muzzin a little room for the shot. It was a beautiful effort by Muzzin!

    On the Toffoli goal, the second Hawks’ D-man, Leddy, was in too deep, puck watching. Toffoli saw that and he slipped into the seam behind him, so he would be ready for a pass from Pearson. Pearson, with his usual hustle, quickly saw that the puck was going to drop just behind the goal. So, he got to it, and made a beautiful pass out to Toffoli for the goal! Crawford WAS watching the puck. He saw it all the way! He just couldn’t stop that nice shot from Toffoli! Leddy failed to block the shot, and he may have screened Crawford on the shot.

    Carter’s second goal was just a beautiful, hard wrist-shot that beat Crawford!

    The sixth goal, for Carter’s Hat Trick, was as a result of Carter’s excellent play. His efforts got him the puck at center-ice. He didn’t hesitate to get that shot off. And it was labeled for the center of the net! That is NOT an easy shot to make, and he hit the net in the middle! It showed that Carter has a very accurate shot!

    Yes, that game was a strange game, but every game is going to be different. We’ve all seen teams refuse to quit, and make a come back. Some times they succeed in winning the game and sometimes they come up short. In this case, since Quick was able to keep the Hawks from scoring after the 1st period, the Kings were able to continue their hard work and excellent play in the hope that they would get some pucks behind Crawford. And they succeeded!

    The Kings have had many ups and downs this season. Even when I thought they were finally all on the same page, they stumbled against the Sharks and the Ducks. But they kept fighting. And they took those two series. Game two showed them, and us, that they DO have what it takes to win the Cup again! They know they can beat Crawford. They know they can play their game and stop the Hawks from playing theirs!

    Our Kings can and will beat the Hawks!

    Go Kings!!!!

  3. Watched the 2012 run again last night and just now with the family. Magical? Fuckin A it was.

    This is the making of a crazy script again. Down 3 against SJ. 4 in a row. Down again against anaheim. Game 7 slaughter. If we win this series we win another cup.

  4. Conditioning.

  5. Heroes tonight: the entire second line, Doughty and Mitchell. Not sure what’s up with Trevor Lewis. Can’t seem to settle down. Watch out for more mismatches in the next games when you have Muzzin v Toews in front of our net. Fun game to watch!

  6. I hope we begetting another win on Monday night.

  7. WOOT!!!

  8. Our local channel (6) NBC, had a local news story on for the whole first period. Looked good in the the second, and third…

  9. Dominated the third. Nice!

  10. I read a report once that said Pearson needed to work on his skating…What?!

    Golf clap to the boys!


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