Good. Can Be Better.

I agree with Coach Sutter.

On how much better Los Angeles can get for Game 5:

As I said, we’re going to have to play a hell of a lot better than we did tonight. [Reporter: Coach, can you just expound on what maybe you’d want to see better?] I think our five-on-five play, certainly we can be better at it. I know we can be better than we were tonight. [Reporter: Is that it?] Yeah, that’s a lot. Most of the game it is.

Special teams won this game.

Doughty was a beast.

Mitchell was all world.

Muzzin was a weapon.

Our forward depth. Wave after wave…

I liked our defense until we sat back and protected the lead.

When we press the skinny pedal to the right, we are damn hard to slow down. When we gain momentum, we are damn near impossible to stop.

More gas. Less neutral.

Enjoy tonight. Then refocus. Reload. Onto game 5. Bring your scowl.

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  1. WTF Sutter!!! You were downright cheerful for that presser. You better tighten up and buckle down for the next one and stop yuck in’ it up. This isn’t the regular season. This is the Stanley Mother Sutter Playoffs!!!

  2. Nice way to finish off a beautiful weekend!

    Happy Memorial Day brothers and sisters!

  3. Nothing much to add except this about matchups, character and chemistry : It’s clear now that the Kings have the advantage in terms of forward matchups because we have an obscene amount of depth that the Hawks can’t compete with at center. The wings, in a news hockey-writer way, tend to favor the Hawks. The defense, likewise on paper tends to favor our adversaries, and when it comes to goalies, we win.
    There are one or two things that cannot be quantified even with the most analytical of minds: character and chemistry. The construction of this team (due in most part to our chief arranger, monsieur Lombardi), and it’s composition (artfully directed by Sutter et al), is, when not mortally injured, a beautiful symphony of powerful grace. Ever listen to Wagner? No? Well then you should ’cause that’s what the mothersuttin’ Kings sound like to me!
    On to Chicago and, with knowing confidence, the rest!

  4. I’m very happy that the Kings are playing well. And as long as they stick to their game plan, they CAN win. But every team knows that you can’t take your foot off of the neck of a Cobra. That Cobra will bite you! Well, the Kings DID take their foot off of the neck of that powerful Cobra last night. And it began to bite back at the Kings. Chicago wanted to make a comeback. And they have the ability to do it. The Kings can’t permit that. They must put their boot on the neck of Chicago and crush its throat!!! Don’t let up!!

    Yes, Sutter WAS too light hearted at the post-game news conference. He DID acknowledge that the Kings’ five on five play wasn’t good enough, but that wasn’t good enough. He should have been very serious about the fact that the Kings had eased up on Chicago.

    Go Kings!!!

  5. IMG_4007.jpg

  6. PP struggles all season long and now it’s finally coming together. Hopefully it’ll stay together throughout the rest of the playoffs. I think the PP turning point may have been game 7 against the schmucks when they were moving it around so well then Gabby buries it. That was swagger.

    I found the first goal totally fitting to the series. Crawford gets a face full of Carter’s ass as Muzzin buries it top shelf. That shot could not have been more perfectly placed.

  7. One shift at a time and all that……….. But jeez these East coast teams suck. GKG\X/


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