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I refuse to make a big deal out of game 5. We have played many game 5s. We have won many game 5s. We have won games that helped us move on to the next opponent in every round of the playoffs. We have won the Stanley Cup.

Game 5 is another hockey game. It is one where our men must bring focus, discipline and resolve, as they have done, they shall do again.

Let our stars shine, our men play to win, our team be one unstoppable force and our Kings be Kings.

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  1. Let Our Kings Be Kings. .nice!
    I will stay Humble.
    Respect your Opponent.




  2. 6-2, which is fast becoming my favorite score. I would like to inflict as much damage on the psyche of the Hawks as we did to the Sharks. Make them feel this for years.

    Let’s watch them scramble in the off-season trying to determine what moves that they need to make to compete with the Kings. I want to see the Hawks organization think hard about Ryan Miller and Mike Richards as the keys to their future.

  3. Chicago is a very opportunistic team that has the ability to ignite at any point during a game or a series for that matter. In addition, the Blackhawks are a proud Champion with 2 rings and strong leadership from Toews to Keith.

    It would be great if the Kings could close this series out tonight. I don’t want Chicago to get a sniff.

  4. Chicago is a team with 2 1/2 solid lines. Kings are deeeeeeeeeep.
    I’ve been holding off for 4 games now but……….. Chicago is kinda loose butthole. Kings are tight butthole. Tight > Loose. Go Tight Go \X/

  5. Anything good on TV tonight?

    • So you think you can dance?
      Season opener is tonight.
      Maybe you can watch that!

  6. The reason why this series is tough, but not dirty, is that these teams are part of quality organizations. They’re professionals. Both teams have class. But only one can win. The Kings can’t let up. It would be the worst thing they could do. They’re in a dominant position, but they know that it IS possible to come back from a large deficit in games. They did it themselves … twice! They must keep the accelerator to the floor! They must not give the Hawks any hope! They must win tonight!

    Go Kings!!!!

  7. I think this series has really come down to center depth. Many people would make the argument that Toews is a better player than Kopitar. But as a unit, top to bottom, Chicago’s centers just don’t compare:



    • I think that everyone will agree with you on this point. Chicago IS a very good team. However, now that they are battling an overall stronger team for the western conference championship, their deficiencies are showing. Should the Kings defeat the Hawks (and I believe they will), they will face the best team from the eastern conference in a battle for the Stanley Cup. I like the Rangers, and I hope they defeat the dastardly Canadiens, but I think that the Kings (my favorite team) are a much better, and more balanced team than the Rangers or the Canadiens.

      Let’s finish the Hawks tonight!!

      Go Kings!!

    • nice viewpoint to think on.
      I would put Stollamo up second..

  8. Not only do the NBC Sports announcers want to make sex with the Blackhawks, but more importantly, they want to double team Nick Leddy. What is up with the announcing this game? Any positive play by the Kings is actually a negative by the Blackhawks (not that the Kings made a great play), and it’s all Chicago all the time.

  9. Holy shitballs. I’m toast. To think just last year everyone thought the Kings were a boring team to watch. Please. Please. Please. Let us win this game. GFKG\X/

    • In this game … anything could happen! I don’t want the Hawks to get a burst of positive thinking! The Kings need to take this game!!!!

  10. Fuck me! Good game.

    • It was a GREAT Game in that by the time we settled down, and then resettled down..by the time Chi make their 1st period rush..and got tired..and same in third it was a game of equals. Could have just as easily gone to Us. I thoufht how many near misses did we have? But truthfully Chi had same. So Friday you peeps at Staples bring it!

  11. On to the next at Staples.

  12. That certainly WAS an intense game! We were all hoping for a win, because we didn’t want to give the Hawks hope. Well … they now have hope. What does this mean? Well … the Kings will need to play even better at Staples. They must get ahead and stay ahead! We don’t want a game seven in Chicago! Let’s take it in LA!!!!!

    Go Kings!!!!!

    • We know. .and the team knows they must shut them down in first 10 when they have the speed going.
      All about proper Forechecking. And hoping we don’t have poor Refing getting in the way!

      • Good point about the Refs! The Refs that worked that game last night did a pretty good job, especially in the OTs. A Ref can destroy a game. They need to let the players play their game! This is the playoffs! Don’t destroy the game by calling penalties on every little thing.

  13. I’m drunk but we can’t let in 4 goals and expect to win neta

  14. I can’t recall watching a better game! Holy smokes that was exciting! Competition at its finest!

    • That’s for sure! I’ve watched some excellent hockey in my time, but none were more intense, exciting, and well played than this one! It’s a shame that the Kings didn’t get the winning goal, but someone had to lose! We’ll get the next one!!!

      • Indeed. I wish we had won, but that was a game for the ages. My adrenaline is still flowing. Haha!

        It’s only fitting we close it out at home, right?

        • Yes, Kingnation13, that WOULD be ideal! However, we didn’t want to give the Hawks a renewed zeal for victory. We wanted to keep them down and leave Chicago with the western championship. We MUST see a victory on Friday night, at Staples, or anything could happen if the teams have to go back on Chicago ice!!

          And the Kings, who won two successive series by coming from behind, will be faced with the possibility of that happening to them in Chicago!

          The Kings need to totally dominate the Hawks on Friday!!

          Go Kings!!

          • I think we are the ‘fitter’ team, and chi will Not recover as well from that game. I also think
            that chicago knows they got lucky. They are not going to feed off that as any kind of Motivator.
            Wasn’t that kind of game. We have them rethinking themselves. Pysc advantage KINGS.

          • You have a point. They were very lucky to get that win. They got a two goal lead, but couldn’t stretch it out to make it a statement win, which could have signaled to the Kings that the Hawks were back. No matter what the Hawks did, the Kings continued to stay close, and even take a one goal lead. The Hawks barely got that win, which only just keeps them alive. The Kings could have very easily won that game. Now, the Hawks, feeling lucky to have gotten that NARROW victory, go on the road. And they have NOT been good on the road. The Kings need to do, in the sixth game, what they did to the Schmucks in the seventh game; take it too them, and not let up until the horn sounds!!!!

  15. What a game! Kings should have got this one, but then again this isn’t the Sharks we’re playing here. Looking forward to working my bar tending shift in the suites on Friday! :)

  16. Tough tough loss and of all the guys Handzus. We all knew the hawks weren’t going to just lay down and let us roll over them. Not surprised at all it went to double OT.

    Defending champs they’re playing for pride but I think were in crawfords head. Game 6 should be even more intense than this one.

    We shall overcome and prevail! Go Kings!!!

  17. Not really seeing much value in King anymore. He’s slow, barely has any moves and takes horrible shots from way outside. Maybe Nolan may be a better fit at least that guy has energy.

    • Yes, Hat Trick, King and Nolan have been disappointing. King did show potential, but he hasn’t been getting it done. And I haven’t seen anything at all from Nolan.

  18. King. I don’t know.


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