In Kings We Trust

Jacob called me last night. We chatted about game 6. I told him I feel nothing. Not high. Not low.

He was pinched by emotion and he took the loss a little harder than I did but he has bounced back quickly.

We talked about game 5 and how Chicago activated their defensemen and forechecked with the D1, in addition to the forwards. It’s aggressive but also high risk. We talked about how with better gap control and a more aggressive stick check, those same forwards and defensemen will get caught too deep and our Kings will have outnumbered attacks the other way which will result in goals and, just as important, a lesson to Chicago to keep their D back.

Jacob and I talked about the last change and its importance. Darryl Sutter was rolling 4 lines in game 5 and he didn’t care who matched up against who. That is mostly because he didn’t have the last change. He does at home and, akin to games 3 and 4, we will see Sutter get the mismatches that he wants. The 70’s Line of Pearson-Carter-Toffoli will get Chicago’s bottom 6, which should work out nicely for us. Doughty will get the match ups against whomever Sutter wants, including whoever is playing in front of Saad.

Jacob and I agreed the Kings will treat game 6 like a game 7. When the pressure has been on, our Kings have performed.

Veteran players like Kopitar, Gaborik, Carter, Stoll, Williams, Richards, Doughty, Mitchell, and Greene have played their best in such situations.

Dustin Brown is finding his game and confidence and we should not expect and demand anything less than an inspiring performance from him in game 6. He still has much to make up for and much to prove.

I look to Alec Martinez to be reliable on D, break out of our zone with speed and efficiency and do what he does best – be an offensive juggernaut.

Our kids in Toffoli, Pearson and Muzzin have performed and have found ways to contribute on a consistent basis.

Lewis and Voynov must look in the mirror and know the burden is also on them to bounce back.

Clifford and King must be more than there. They must perform at a higher level in all three zones.

Jonathan Quick must be better and you know, if you trust history, that tying goal against in the last game, on the bad rebound, should thrust him toward an elite performance in game 6.

I accept my role in this as a die-hard L.A. Kings fan that takes the success of my hockey team very seriously and to heart. The Kings are important to me. I care about every one of the players. Jacob shares this belief, perspective and feels the same. But that is not all we have in common. We also trust each and every one of our players and our coach. We don’t take such matters of trust on faith but experience. They have earned it.

We trust our Kings

Trust your Kings.

Shall we earn this victory?

We shall.

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  1. Come on Crawford, the Kings are on fire,
    Can’t deny they have one true desire,
    You’re just a fool, and can’t stop this tide,
    Open your pads and let the puck inside cause…….

  2. The Kings know, as good as they played overall, they made several defensive errors that gave the Hawks more goals. And Jonathan Quick gave up uncharacteristic rebounds, which turned into goals for the Hawks. That changed the game from a probable win into an OT loss. It’s difficult to play a perfect game. And if you make a mistake against the Hawks, they WILL make you pay for it!

    In tonight’s game, Sutter has the last change. That’s important against the Hawks. If key players can play better, and the Kings keep the pedal to the metal (not let up), they can make a statement tonight. They CAN wrap this up tonight! And if they can beat the Hawks badly enough, it will not only make the Kings stronger, for the series against the Rangers, but it will give the Hawks something to chew on during their off season!!

    I, for one, believe!!!!

    Go Kings!!!!!!

  3. There’s a certain amount of calm that I’m feeling right now. I can’t really be upset about Game 5 because it wasn’t really a bad game. They were one shot away from going to the Cup for essentially two full periods and it’s not like they weren’t getting chances. Their gap control has only been OK and it’s still giving the Hawks fits which is what we like to see. I think this Game 6 could be one of those blowouts we never saw coming. (June 11th, 2012).

    I am scared for this Hawks team because the first 20 minutes of this thing is going to be a Kings onslaught.

    Lets win this one and hit the reset button.

    Go Kings Go

  4. Cmon boys time to get Medieval on some Chicago chumps for a closeout!

  5. Crawford is a drama Queen!

  6. And it is the Fri nite F me traffic..
    But Radio on..T shirt on..lucky necklace on..
    Saw firdt goal before leaving work..Screamed on a room of 500..

  7. This one stings. Fuck the hawks. When is someone gonna level the shit outta Kane? See him against the boards and just drill his ass. Knock his ass into the third row fucking a.

    • Crushed..catatonic. .so Believed We could do it..
      on autopilot to work. .it will be awful..
      hope you Mooks have said something to lift my spirits..tears coming out..damnit.

  8. FUCK!!!!

  9. This is what I was afraid of. The Kings lost two in a row. Now, the Hawks are feeling pretty good about their chances of doing to the Kings what the Kings did to the toothless Sharks and the Schmucks.

    I just don’t know how the Kings could let Kane skate unmolested! Basically, Kane beat us in game five and again in game six! The Kings were able to get those goals back in the 3rd, but then gave up two more! This sucks!!

  10. YOu need a whole team to show up and play well and that didn’t happen tonight. 1st line was MIA and how do you give up only 3 goals in the 3rd and 2 of them go in???

    And Keith’s GWG , the Hawks had 6 men on the ice and the Zebra’s went blind. That really sucks.

    You have a team down 3-1 and you need to cut the jugular, you don’t let them take the series over.
    I want to belive their game 7 magic will be in full force on Sunday but this doesn’t feel like the other two.
    ANd Quick has to get his mojo back…

  11. Kings in 7. Kinda goes with their playoff thing…

  12. They are the ultimate underdog!

  13. Count us out.

  14. Fuck you!

  15. One of the worst officiated games i have ever seen. The offsides whistle at the end i almost had an anuerism.

  16. We didn’t

    We failed

    I blame Surly for changing his jersey

  17. I am down here in downtown Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I am on my way to the oil pipeline. I have taken one on the chin, and delivered five across the eyes. Go Kings go.I have engaged with the troglydite local, about how Crosby could not tie Kopitar’s skates,and is a defensive liability, and have walked away with my wallet, dignity, and all my luggage. live long surly and scribe. I expect no less than I am a complete idiot. I will take that moniker and run with it. Go motherfucking Kings Go!! S&S has been excruciatingly, and well represented.I left a penguin bar less marked up than I left them. Whhhhooooooo!!! GKG \X/

  18. Respect to Sutter. Guy impresses me more and more. Game 7 indeed. GKG \X/

  19. Had to record the game and I just saw it….the perfect chance to finish them off and they fucked it up. Now game 7 in the second city. All the momentum and confidence is with Chicago. One last dance on Sunday……I’ve become an alcoholic and I’m hypertensive because of this team.
    Fuck me sideways I’m gonna puke


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