Kings v. Hawks, Game Seven. Mettle and Merit. May the Better Team Win

Tomorrow, the Chicago Blackhawks play our Los Angeles Kings on their ice. Winner goes to the Stanley Cup Final and faces off against the New York Rangers.

Last season, the Hawks eliminated us in game five during the Western Conference Final.

Last season, we had injuries to key players. This season, we are healthy and Robyn Regehr is not a critical loss.

Last season, our offensive players were ice cold. This season, our offensive players have been red hot and we have added a prolific goal scorer in Marian Gaborik.

Last season, our kids didn’t contribute. This season, the kids have been great.

Last season, we fell behind in the series 3-1 and Chicago closed us out in game five.

This season, we led Chicago 3-1 in the series and could not close them out in games five and six.

The Chicago Blackhawks have proven their mettle and merit.

The Los Angeles Kings have proven their mettle and merit.

Tomorrow’s Western Conference Champion will not have stolen it, won it in an upset, gotten lucky or have caught the other team unprepared or unmotivated.

Kings and Hawks are the two best teams in the National Hockey League. If you are surprised they are going seven games, then you simply have not been paying attention.

Pay attention.

Jacob called game seven, “game only”. He is right. It will be the “only” thing for the losing team and “every” thing for the winner.

In game only, everything is on the line for the privilege to earn the Stanley Cup.

May the better team win.

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  1. In perspective. .
    Thank You for reminder

  2. I’m still a nervous wreck hurry up Sunday get here quickly! It’s Williams time baby!

  3. Usually, in the playoffs, the goalie is the difference maker. You CAN NOT make it to the Cup Final without a great goaltender. Both teams will go back and forth with scoring opportunities, and some of them will be quality opportunities. But if the goalie isn’t good, the game is lost. A forward or defenseman can make a mistake, and it can be covered by another player. If a goalie makes a mistake, the puck crosses over the goal line.

    I think the Kings have been playing fabulous hockey. The Hawks have also played extremely well. We knew this was going to happen. We knew that this series had a high probability of going to a seventh game. Now, it will. The Hawks are an explosive offensive team. We knew that. The Kings have shown the league that they’re not just a strong defensive team. They can score too!

    In last night’s game Quick came off his net again, on a play to the side of the net. And it cost the Kings again. Last night, because no one can keep up with Kane, even Gaborik, Kane was able to find an opening for a shot. And it cost us the game. Kane was able to do his magic in the 3rd periods of games five and six. Here’s hoping that the Kings will be able to do a better job of cutting Kane off at the pass, in the next game. They can’t just chase him. They need to have a player meet him as he’s moving through the zone. It’s like chasing a hockey puck around the zone. You’ll never catch it. Good positioning, and intercepting the puck is the way. Let’s intercept Kane! OK. So Kane beat us in the 3rd period of games five and six. Are the Kings going to let him do it again in game seven?! I certainly hope not!

    One more thing. Crawford is NOT as good as Jonathan Quick. In game seven, Quick will need to be the difference maker. If he can play like we all know he can, we will win that game!!!!

    Go Kings!!!!!!

    • Kane is a world class player and you’re right it is tough to cover the guy. Once he gets a step on you then it could easily cost you a goal. Someone needs to put a body on him with a heavy clean hit. It’s not easy because he knows how to allude hits very well but to get a good solid body check on him will make him think twice abou carrying the puck like that.

      Who’s gonna step up and be our Scott Stevens? Muzz? Mitchell? I know Doughty will. Gotta get a solid hit on that clown.

      • You are SOOOO correct! He needs to be knocked on his ass every time he touches the puck. The Kings mustn’t just chase him around the ice. If they do, they’ll lose!

  4. I just finished watching the game again (I’m a glutton for punishment!). Actually, I still feel that the Kings played another good game. However, the forwards need to correct some of their defensive assignments.

    On the Hawks’ 1st goal, Lewis was too high as he covered Kane. Then, Kane slipped inside of him and scored.

    On the Hawks’ 2nd goal, Toffoli, playing on the left side at that time, should have dropped back and covered for Doughty when he moved into the corner. I know he was looking for a pass from the corner, and maybe get a goal, but when a D-man jumps in, a forward HAS TO cover the point! So, Smith was permitted to skate unmolested all the way down the right wing to Quick. Toffoli tried to skate back, but was not able to catch Smith. Actually, when Carter saw Toffoli move into the play, he should have slipped over to the left to cover Smith.

    On the Hawks’ 3rd goal, Lewis didn’t maintain inside position on Keith. He was too busy watching Kane as he moved out to the point. Then, Keith moved around Lewis, on the inside, and received Kane’s pass. Lewis was out of the play the moment he took his eyes off Keith.

    On the Hawks’ 4th goal, Gaborik should have approached Kane directly. He didn’t. He moved low and Kane moved high. Once Kane gets ahead of a player, they won’t be able to catch him. Then, Toffoli could have done the same thing, but he didn’t. He played well off of Kane. Then, Kane, being allowed to skate freely, looked for an opening and scored.

    When a team is good defensively, it takes the whole team. We shouldn’t just blame the D-men.

    • Thats a really good breakdown of the goals. There’s been a load of criticism on Quick, and frankly, he hasn’t been outstanding in most of these playoffs. But it’s been the five man unit. Evidently from your comments it backs up what some others have said, that Lewis’ positioning was less than stellar. He also had a missed assignment in OT in Game 5.
      Seems to me that if you have a guy who is essentially and energy and d oriented forward, if he’s not gonna score then it would help if he gets it right more often than not regarding his assignments.

      • Absolutely. The reason Lewis is on the team is because of his good defensive decision making. He needs to play better.

    • Absolutely right it is all 5 men not just the D.
      They are overall quicker, but we are overall heavier. We must use that to slow them down to Our game. First period I saw that.
      By 3rd we were backing off continually.
      They played us with total gap control. We played them with zero gap control. We played their game. L.

      We are capable.

      I hope that Team plays tomorrow.
      That Team can and will be sucessful.


      • Yes. My son was saying the same thing yesterday. The Kings need to play their game. If they just chase the Hawks around the ice, they’ll be a step behind on every play.

  5. Sutter is being out coached by Quenville. Enough of the firewagon changes. You have a defenseman that can cover Kane then put that guy on the ice every time Kane is out there.
    There is no reason for Kane to be skating around and not on the bench or in the dressing room because someone hit the kid so hard he can’t play anymore.
    Sutter has not made the adjustments on defense and on offense if Kopitar is not going to fare well in the circle versus Toews then fuck Kopitar and put Carter and the kids as the matchup because Kopitar isn’t exactly scoring goals and he certainly isn’t playing well on defense.
    Dwight King scored a goal, other than that he’s pretty much a non factor and I don’t see why he is even playing if he isn’t noticeable out there.
    Williams needs to be put back with Kopitar and Gaborik. Brown can be more effective as a 3rd line player and he can be moved up and down, but Stick isn’t a 3rd line grinder and is being wasted playing on the 3rd line.
    I don’t know why the Kings aren’t trying to knock heads off the Blackhawks but they have been pretty soft except for the occasional hit, but not enough that having Shaw just stand in front of Quick and not be checked into the ice is not going to win this series.
    I stayed away from everything up until last night, when I finally got fed up with Sutter and his failure to match the Hawks.
    Patrick Kane and Brandon Saad are killing the Kings. They are on the same line. If you need to put Doughty and Muzzin on them, or move Mitchell or a physical defenseman with Doughty then fucking do it.
    There is no next game, and if Darryl is going to be a smart ass and avoid answering questions about why things are going the way they are, then maybe someone needs to remind him its because you lost to these fucks last year but you had an excuse, this season you have no excuse and for you to allow the same player again to kill the Kings, then that is just bad coaching.

    • Agree on the coaching :-(
      Kings sat back last night and allowed Chi to muscle them around.
      Every time we had the puck they were on us instantaneously.
      They showed Kings with more imo knocking us off the puck and on our asses as we scramble Counts.
      And all we did is DUMP DUMP DUMP..and chase..Chi has that figured out and they got to puck at least half the time.
      AMart had a goal but has been shit the last two games.
      King as well..useless.
      Agree Brownie and Stick should switch.
      And why the F*** are they allowing guys to plant themselves in front of the Goalie???
      I am just getting madder as the day goes on.
      Not taking Anything away from chi but I can’t accept losing when We did not give it our best.
      Oh and DD played least for him. I expect more as he has shown ..well we all KNOW how Elite he is.
      ahhhh.. :-(((

    • I have to also agree about Sutter. When the Kings have home ice, and Sutter doesn’t use having the last change to his advantage, something is terribly wrong. Now, the Kings need to play a game seven on enemy ice. And Sutter won’t have the last change. I’m worried. I hope God is a Kings fan!!!!

      1940!!! 1940!!! Oh … sorry! That was the 1994 Rangers. 2012!!! 2012!!!! :-)

      Go Kings!!!!

    • I’m not into dirty plays with the exception of someone near the goalie. Then it’s somewhat fair game. If they wanna get close to the kitchen then be prepared to get burned. Yes those guys get full on cross checked in the back, lower back to throw them off balance but i’m talking a little whack to the back of the calf or a little spear here or a little slash to the skates. Nothing obvious to warrant a call but to let them know that hey if you’re gonna play here it’s gonna cost you some rent because that’s how goals are scored by screening the goalie.

    • I had thought that Sutter’s coaching was just fine, but in reading your comments (Mod) I have to say that I agree with the idea that Brown might function better with Stoll. Because of the type of game he plays, he doesn’t really need a ‘set-up’ type of centerman’. He can just go to the crease. Whereas, Williams is more effective when he has line mates that can dominate possession better as well as getting him the puck in open areas. Not certain that would be a strength of either Stoll or King.

  6. Being so obsessed with this playoff run and especially this series we got some news that really brought things back into perspective. My grandmother GG just got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and it’s metastasized.
    When I asked her what was going through her head she replied “honey, this was the hand I was dealt. No use crying about anything that happened yesterday. We will just deal with whatever comes our way the best way we can.” Somehow I felt like she had the same spitfire attitude our LA Kings have. This little 84 year old lady is facing cancer head on, without waiver or fear. That gave me hope for our team….no use crying about what could have or should have been. It’s all about game 7.
    Play your hearts out boys, leave it on the ice. Whatever happens happens. We will deal with whatever comes when it comes.
    My grandma is playing her game 7…..
    Let’s play ours.

  7. I really find it disappointing that a team that went some incredible number of games without losing in a game where they led in the 3rd for some reason couldn’t manage to win either of two straight games in which they led in the 3rd when the money was on the line.

    It does make me wonder if that chance will come again tomorrow for a third time.

  8. “Tomorrow’s Western Conference Champion will not have stolen it, won it in an upset, gotten lucky or have caught the other team unprepared or unmotivated.”

    “Kings and Hawks are the two best teams in the National Hockey League. If you are surprised they are going seven games, then you simply have not been paying attention.”

    No truer words have been spoken! Both teams are worthy and both teams have played their asses off. This series has been breathtaking at times. I feel privileged to be able to watch such a competitive affair!

    I’m not here to knit-pick or give my opinion, I’m here to express my gratitude to both teams for a fantastic series.

    • You are SO right on Kingnation13! Both teams have made some mistakes. Both teams have made special plays. Both teams have given ice hockey a series that will be talked about as long as there is hockey. The team that is best able to make the fewest mistakes will win tomorrow! I hope it will be the Kings!!!!

      Go Kings!!!!!!!!

  9. This is an excellent, even handed article. Thank you very much for putting the situation in a very clear perspective. For what it’s worth, I honestly think this is a better piece than the Royal Half Article that’s floating around.

  10. From Jon Rosen’s most recent post on LA Kings Inisder

    The Kings also have a combined 70-7 record of Game 7 experience, which may as well qualify them as the best Game 7 team of all time. They’re 6-0 when facing elimination this postseason, and Justin Williams is a wizard who has maintained his two-points-a-game Game 7 pace. Mike Richards, Justin Williams and Marian Gaborik are 6-0 in Game 7s, with Jeff Carter clocking in with an impressive 4-0 record.

    70-7 is ALOT of heart, soul, balls and guts….and 3 of the L’s are RR’s, 2 Schultz
    SO since they are not playing, technically, I guess the Kings are 70-2 …IMPRESSIVE

    Player GP – G-A=Pts; W-L
    Matt Greene 4 – 0-0=0; 3-1
    Jake Muzzin 3 – 0-1=1; 3-0
    Drew Doughty 3 – 1-2=3; 3-0
    Mike Richards 6 – 1-4=5; 6-0
    Anze Kopitar 3 – 2-3=5; 3-0
    Marian Gaborik 6 – 2-3=5 ; 6-0
    Kyle Clifford 3 – 0-3=3; 3-0
    Justin Williams 6 – 6-6=12; 6-0
    Trevor Lewis 3 – 0-1=1; 3-0
    Dustin Brown 3 – 1-0=1; 3-0
    Colin Fraser 1 – 0-0=0; 1-0
    Slava Voynov 3 – 0-3=3; 3-0
    Alec Martinez 2 – 0-1=1; 2-0
    Jarret Stoll 3 – 0-0=0; 2-1
    Willie Mitchell 3 – 0-0=0 ; 3-0
    Robyn Regehr 6 – 0-0=0; 3-3
    Jeff Schultz 4 – 0-0=0; 2-2
    Tanner Pearson 2 – 2-1=3; 2-0
    Jordan Nolan 0 – 0-0=0; 0-0
    Tyler Toffoli 3 – 1-1=2; 3-0
    Dwight King 3 – 0-1=1; 3-0
    Jeff Carter 4 – 1-2=3; 4-0

    Jonathan Quick 3 – 3-0 record / 180 MP / 1.33 GAA / .957 Sv%

    I think they’ll make every fan proud tonight and putt in the best 60 min since the Cup finals. I think they will have a strong 1st and get a 2 goal lead. I think they’ll win…really feel good about this game.


    • Each team has had their share of good and bad breaks. Each team has had their better players show why they are great players. Both goalies have had their spectacular saves and goals that they wished that they didn’t let in. That’s why this series has gone to a 7th game! These ARE the best two teams in the league!

      Everyone on this Kings team needs to step up and answer the challenge. This must be a Kings game that will never be forgotten. It will pale next to the 7th game victories in San Jose and Anaheim!

      Being a Kings fan of many years now, naturally, I hope the bounces go our way today. Nothing could make me happier than to see the King’s grouping together with smiles on their faces at the end of a well played game!

      Our Kings WILL find a way to slow down Kane! They WILL get goals through on Crawford! The Kings WILL win!!!!

      Go Kings!!!!!!!

    • Those are some amazing numbers. Much respect to Chicago but this is WAR!
      Bring it boys……let’s scalp some injuns

  11. Let’s get ready! They can do this. Believe in our boys!

  12. Give ’em everything you’ve got LA!!!!! Go Kings!!!

  13. I’m gonna need a diaper for the 2nd

  14. A bouncing puck is like a bouncing football! :-(

  15. 2-0. I was gonna shit myself. 3-2 is much better. Everyfuckingthing went against us. That bounce? Things will balance out. 2 bad bounces actually. Damn the hockey gods! You owe us to balance this shit out!

  16. Zebras…hate them.

  17. Kings win!!!!!!!!!!!! Pour me a drink!!!!!!!!


      • Fuck yea GG, that was for you!!!!

        • FUCK YES! That was all HEART baby! That’s our boys….. NEVER giae up despite the stupid ass bounces and horrible over officiating…. WOW!!! So this is what heroin feels like??? Bring on those bastards from New York! Oh and why did the announcers sound so subdued?? Do you think they would’ve sounded like that if Chicago had won??? Fuckin assholes. Why are they even paying Engblom’s sorry ass?? Miss you Bob and Jim!! GO KINGS GO!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

          • Yep..hard to Enjoy Sports with the
            bias prejudged mother whoring cannot adequately described officiating of those refs.
            F them to HELL big time .
            Destroys Sports in this hard Life.
            ♡♡♡ KINGS

        • YEP!!!

    • SomeONE SomeDAY Will show how to post a Pic.

      Excellent Champagne!!!
      I pledged to Whomever ANYTHING to Win Thus..We SO deserved!!!
      Funny Farm..who cares!!!
      Oh FUCK!!!
      Once again..The Plane. .too much
      cannot drive!!!
      SHIT!!!.LLive them..ok..
      I pledge to be sober for next plane return!!!

    • CHAMPANGE!!!
      Forgot about return to LA
      damn..would have been at airport..
      but responsible Parent. .
      SO♡♡♡our KINGS!!!

  18. YEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! How bout this Fucking team right here!!!

  19. Kings win! Kings win! OMFG I’m delerious!!!
    What a game!

  20. Milbury just said, “It’s hard to say LA deserved this…….” WHAT????? This son of a bitch needs to be put out of his misery. What a true BOSTON ASSHOLE!

  21. Here’s to the boys. Maybe I’ll actually sleep tonight. When I saw the puck behind the line I can only describe the elation I felt in very graphic sexual terms, so I will spare you. GKG \X/ WWTC!!!!

  22. #14 is “Mr. Game 7”. Kane ain’t got SHIT on him!
    This guy is MONEY when it counts! Good job boys! What a fuckin ride!!! WOOOOOO!!!

  23. Is it nice to sleep with a smile on your face? Fuck yeah Milbury!

  24. Hahahahahahaha!

    As I said before, this series was breathtaking! Best pure hockey series I’ve ever witnessed.


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