“Remarkable, Incredible, UNbelievable!” and What Awaits…

Have you heard Nick Nickson’s call of the game 7, overtime winning goal? It is one for the ages.

That was Sunday…and Monday until nearly 4am when I returned from the airport and collapsed.

I have read what there is to read, watched what there is to watch and find myself hit the Reset Scribe button that can be found at the tip of my…

I am not quite ready to let go of the glory. Since the wife recorded the game (and I had forgotten to), I just put it on and intend to watch it relaxed for one last time.

Then come the memories ahead. What awaits?

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  1. That was great! I recorded the 3:30 hours of game 7! I’m going to watch it again on Tuesday afternoon! :-)

  2. Weren’t there a few here saying that we have little chance against the Blackhawks if we meet in a series? That our defense sucks and they’re too fast for us, too much offensive skill that our squad can’t handle it?

    When the boys killed that 5-3 on that bullshit cross checking call that’s when I knew we were gonna win. In regulation, 1st OT, 2nd OT, 9 OTs didn’t matter. You kill off a 5-3 against the hawks in a game 7 WCF is the hockey gods saying they’ve blessed you now go out and finish the job.

    I definitely was a little concerned about game 7 no question and then going down 2 didn’t look good. Weird bounces came both ways. Sharps goal was extra freakish. But you can’t play scared, can’t play back on your heels and they proved to the hockey world that the Kings are, like someone on the hawks said, dangerous. Fucking A they are!

    4 more boys! Go Kings!

    • I too was nervous. I mean game 7 at the UC? Where they were almost unbeatable their whole playoff run. Two wins in a row to tie the series to force a game 7? Yea I was a wee bit nervous. Going down 2 I started drinking heavily. The more I drank the better they played. Well, at least through my Vodka goggles. Needless to say I got shit faced and we won! Although somebody stole my “caution kids at play” plastic man holding my Kings flag.

    • I was Very Anxious but also Ok.
      I was trying to keep focused on my Love of
      the LA Kings. That I would not trade with Any other
      team if given the Chance. That the Kings are not perfect, but Special!
      That they would give 500%. And I would be Ok with that.
      Then we got 2 goals. .Then we Tied it up..Then I went Crazy..again.
      Met a neighbor yesterday. She and husband live across street. Came over to introduce herself.
      Said has seen my King Flag and plaque on house.
      Has heard me scream..oh my..that is with Door
      shut. Yes I guess I can Represent :-[
      Her husband is from NY. I said game on!
      Maybe next year will invite to one of my
      Hockey parties..but No Bad mojo in
      My house now!
      And my flower bulbs from last year..the
      Purple Giant Dalias..first one Popped on Sunday.
      I knew it was a sign.
      (if I knew how to post a pic on this site! )I would show you all..ahhhh


  3. Nick is awesome. Who was papoohing him 2 yrs ago?

  4. Hope Wifey got a Nice TY
    I am watching and recording to DVD right now.
    I have got my Newspaper clippings cut and stapled and in Order awaiting a New Scrapebook of Memories.
    Been a Nice 48 hours.
    Next Up all the Media coverage..
    Who needs Sleep..I allot mine to our Boys.


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