The 2012 Stanley Cup Was Elation. In 2014, Our L.A. Kings Seek Validation

In the last series against Chicago, we didn’t seek revenge. We sought a reckoning. We received it on Alec Martinez’s game 7, overtime goal.

Now, we find ourselves in our second Stanley Cup Final in 3 seasons.

When we won the first Cup in 2012, there were over 40 years of emotions (for the really old guys) that came to a peak. For me, the three decades of fandom was all worth it. I went nuts. You went nuts. It was screams, hugs, tears, unbridled joy unlike anything I have experienced with 18,000 others at the same time, in the same place, for the same reason.

This one in 2014, we want it, perhaps even more so than the first, for different reasons.

Franchises like Pittsburgh, Detroit, Colorado and New Jersey have, in the last 20 + years, more than one Cup and the plus next to the one is the reason they are looked upon as some of the best ever. Go further back and you see the same with Montreal, Edmonton, New York Islanders and a select others.

In the history books, a second Stanley Cup in three seasons firmly places us within the same ranks. It also speaks a truth that the L.A. Kings did not just have a great playoff run or were an elite team, but are one, will remain one and Los Angeles is the franchise model for others to try and emulate.

I want that for my team.

I want that for your team.

I want to tell our children, when you invite me to that barbecue, many years from now that we saw one of the greatest hockey teams during our generation and we, as fans, were so blessed to have experienced history before our very eyes…by then, we would like a half-dozen or so Stanley Cup banners hanging from our rafters alongside retired jerseys of elite Kings players with whom we grew up, who were some of the best ever to play the game, who raised the Stanley Cup many times and we can still remember all of it like it was yesterday.

I want to cultivate the fanatic love for the team that my young daughter is building into something more special so she, unlike me before our first Cup, can gush with pride at more than our team’s then present but also its storied past.

I want for you what I want for me and I want for our Los Angeles Kings players, coaches and every person who loves this team the same.

I experienced elation.

I want validation.

Do your part at games. Cheer with an unmitigated fervor for our boys to do theirs.

Go Kings!

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8 replies

  1. That was BEAUTIFUL


  2. Gulp! Shut up! I am not crying!

  3. STILL watching game 7..I tend to pause..rewind..rewatch.
    Third period 10 min gone..Now we know the outcome..I still was sitting on coach getting a bit anxious ha!
    There were a lot of chi chances that were stopped/blocked/ missed..we could have been in trouble.
    Most fun is watching player’s reaction on bench when goal scored. I sure enjoy that!
    Once we tied we Pressed like nobody’s business…momentum definately swung to Kings.

    • I watched the game again yesterday! What was so nerve wracking about that game was the fact that it was somewhat like a “Rocky” fight. They just continued to trade punches!

      • Seriously not for the faint of Heart..
        But then KINGS are ALL HEART!!!


        • I’ve watched an amazing amount of fabulous hockey in my lifetime, and I would have to say that playing the Sharks, the Ducks, and the Hawks, three very strong teams, was amazing! Now, with the Rangers also playing fabulous hockey, this will be another amazing series! Should the Kings win the Cup again this year (I hope), they will have overcome four tremendous opponents to get it!

          Go Kings!!

  4. I not usually the sentimental type, but that post was pretty cool.

    This experience is great for me because when my daughter and I started watching games together (her being 7) we sucked as a team and really as an organization. To experience this time of excellence together is one of greatest moments/memories I have. She’s 19 now and there’s not a day that goes by that we don’t talk about our team in one form or another. It’s been and continues to be fantastic!

  5. It would be nice to have a legacy…then build a record worthy of a dynasty.


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